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Xbox Australia Technical Support contacts

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Xbox is a gaming console that is produced by Microsoft and it has the capacity to run quite a number of games. It is a product of interest in particular to young adults that have a knack for playing games and considering the impulse among young adults particularly when things don’t go their way, the company deemed it fit to put in place a customer service team in order to provide the necessary support that customers might need.

Xbox is a video gaming console brand owned by the Microsoft Corporation and headquartered in Microsoft Redmond Campus, Redmond, Washington, United States. Xbox was launch on November 15, 2001 and serves in markets worldwide (21 total).

Xbox is headed now by Phil Spencer. Xbox support may be reached on their website. However, to manage one’s subscription, Xbox redirects customers to sign into their Microsoft account. Xbox’s page offers a step by step troubleshooting guide depending on what issue you may be having. Step one features picking what you are having trouble with and features options such as:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox on Windows 10
  • games
  • billing
  • account
  • legacy devices

From there, you continue narrowing down topics until the appropriate solution is recommended by the Xbox website. Xbox remarkably also has an Xbox Feedback page in which customers submit their ideas for the Xbox console, or vote for existing ideas.

Xbox feedback also features a frequently asked questions page, which covers inquiries including rules for posting, the posting process, the voting process, and ban issues. Xbox feedback states that they do not offer compensation for ideas that were green lighted and eventually implemented. Xbox can also be found on social media: Facebook and Twitter.



The helpline number for Xbox customer service is 800-469-9269 and it is the number that users of Xbox can call in order to ask questions, make complaints or relate any issues they might be having with their Xbox product and they can be assured that the issues will be well attended to.

Xbox Australia customer service has been provided with the necessary equipment needed to attend to and resolve any issues customers might been having. This is why most times, the calls are recorded and monitored so that there can be a review that will allow Xbox to check the quality of its services so that necessary improvements can be made.

Live chat option is also available for customers that prefer to chat rather than call Xobx Australia.



Xbox Australia offers a high level of support for the customers who have concerns related to products and services that they have purchased. One of the ways available for a customer to contact Xbox Australia is to use the customer support portal that can be found in their official website.

When you initially visit the customer care site, you will be asked to select the specific device that you have. When you select the device, you will be asked to select the exact concern out of the list. As the third step, an appropriate solution to the issue that you are having would be proposed. In fact, they propose a DIY solution to the customers with their concerns. If the DIY approach cannot be followed in order to figure out a solution, they would be asked to post it on the community support forum. The support forum is equipped with friendly individuals who can help you with the concerns.

Or else, you can chat with one of the team members from Xbox Australia. The number of people waiting on the live chat is also notified through the customer service chat box for the convenience of people who contact.

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Hi. I have linked my bank account to my 12 yr old sons Xbox one for his xbox live subscription. All has been fine until I received notification that my 4 yr old son has spent $59.95 + $6.95 + another $6.95 for something on roblox. I do not think it is good that a 4 yr old can buy things on the xbox so easily. I am wanting to know what I can do about getting a refund and returning what he has purchased. Also how to unlink my account for reccuring subscriptions so I can just pay when the live membership runs out from now on. Thanks