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Contact Whirlpool assistance and support

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Whirlpool Australia is a user web site of Australian broadband and was created in 1998 by Simon Wright. The cause of the Whirlpool is to give an accepted destination; hardware sellers and vendors use Whirlpool as a non-official support and communication route totally.

Some features present on other community forums such as signatures, avatars and in-line images have been excluded by design to keep carefully the site "clean". Whirlpool constantly looks for to anticipate the near future by discovering the boundaries of technology, taking a progressive approach to bring you the most intuitive and intelligent appliances possible.

Whirlpool treats beauty of ergonomics and appearance as inseparable, creating features increased by elegant lines clever, to make our appliances more enjoyable and simple to use. Whirlpool's moderation coverage is that whenever threads and articles are erased or shifted.

This is not the same as other community software, where removed threads may vanish from view simply, and content may be edited by moderators unbeknownst to users. Our quest identifies our concentrate and what Whirlpool does to make value in a different way. Whirlpool Australia is a company of men and women captivated with creating loyal customers. Please contact Whirlpool for more details in the following contact number 1300 363 344.

Whirlpool customer service team is available from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm AEST

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