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Western Power outages phone number

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The Western Power Australia is the major supplier of electricity around Australia. The people are using their services from the very beginning. The reason is that they have been providing the best supply of the energy at an affordable cost. This means that have been made it possible for people of all classes to afford the basic need of electricity.

The Western Power Australia has been serving the people of Australia since 1995. They have grown into the major service provider only because of the reliability and safety of the services. They have been connecting thousands of people with the help of electricity.

Here is the list of services that Western Power Australia has been providing to their customers.

  • You can get the latest updates about the projects that Western Power Australia is handling
  • All their services are available 24/7 which means that you will not have to deal with the shortfall of energy
  • You can get the free consultation and advice from the experts
  • They will provide you with the services of submission of meter readings
  • They will provide you the perfect guidance about material you should get regarding the electricity project

Western Power Customer services

There might come a time when you are having issues with your electricity supply or you want the services of Western Power Australia for some kind of major project. In this case, you can get the required information from the customer support team. For the ease of the clients, the customer services are accessed on the following platforms.

You can call Western Power emergency contact number at 13 13 51 and for the general enquires you can utilize their contact us form for. Another contact option is to send and email at enquiry@westernpower.com.au

In the other hand, you can send Western Power a mail at the following postal addresses:

  • Main Western Power Mailing Address GPO Box L921, Perth WA 6842
  • Western Power Complaints Team Locked Bag 2520, Perth WA 6001
  • Meter Reading Services (Self-Read Meter Cards) Reply Paid 8285, Perth BC 6849

They will meet all your requirements quickly. The customer service team of Western Power Australia has been trained to never disappoint the customers.

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