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Waze Navigation Contact Technical Support

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Waze Australia is a free app that is used for navigation and is available on smartphones that are equipped with GPS. The app is quite useful as it makes it easier to navigate through the road networks in the whole of Australia. Given the expanse of land covered by the road in Australia as well as the amount of road journeys made in the country, this app really comes in handy.

The app is not owned by a particular company or an individual but is in actual fact, a community of people in which contributions are made from time to time. With Waze Australia, you get regular traffic reports, toll road avoidance, regular gas prices, spoken street names and turn-by-turn direction which helps you navigate the road easily. Also, there is room for individuals to provide contributions to the map available in the app in order to provide regular updates and reports.

There are no specific employees but just a group of people helping each other out in road navigation. However, there is room to find out more information through forums whereby you can ask questions either concerning the app or latest traffic news but there is no designated Waze Australia phone number and neither is there a specific Waze Australia customer service station nor a contact us option.

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