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Viagogo Australia Customer Service

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Viagogo is famously one of the world’s largest sources of live sports, music and entertainment industry tickets. It’s currently spread in over 163 countries worldwide and sells their tickets in nearly every language in the world through multimillion-dollar partners like Index Ventures and Atomico.

If you wish to get through to the Viagogo Australia customer care service to get assistance with regards to the sale and purchase or any other general enquiry, their customer service team is available through Twitter, Facebook, or if you much prefer you can call Viagoo through their toll-free numbers.




To speak to the Viagogo Australia customer care service regarding ticket sales and any other general enquiries, you can easily get through to them through the toll free number 0-800-8620-226 from within Australia.

Alternatively, you can reach the Viagogo telephone number customer service through one of the following listed numbers: 0845 862 3670, 0871 508 4849. You may, however, be placed on hold for about 10-20 minutes as Viagogo Australia attempts to connect your call to the next available customer care service attendant.

If you are unable to reach the Viagogo customer service team through mobile or landline, you can also contact them through the direct service on their website. Viagogo Australia has a direct service that offers almost immediate resolution of opened issues. It can be accessed once you are logged in to their website.

The email to send your booking request to is corporate@viagogo.com. For customers interested in participating in Viagogo affiliate partner program, they are to send their inquiries to the following email: affiliate.team@viagogo.com.

Once your issue has been opened and submitted to their team, it will then proceed to be taken care of and they will get back to you for confirmation of resolution.

Viagogo Australia Social Media Pages: the Viagogo Australia company is also quite active on their social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) and will be able to address whatever complaint in the shortest amount of time possible. They are available through either one of the following addresses:

  • Facebook : viagogoAustralia
  • Twitter: @viagogo



Viagogo Australia help center requires customers to sign in to contact the client service using the help facility provided on its website. Each client will receive help according to country and language, and customers are to indication their details by sign-in to the help feature.

In the other hand, Viagogo provides a phone number for those users prefer to speak directly with a customer representative and receive assistance with their concerns.

Viagogo.com Australia also provides FAQ for customers to have answers to specific questions they may have. The FAQ is listed for buyers and sellers, and clients are to choose which one best describes their need. For corporate and professional busy customers, Viagogo.com Australia provides an email service to attend to their ticket booking need for specific events.

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Firstly, your contact number is wrong. Secondly, the ticket I received was purchased at $111.99, and you charged me $194.58. Also nearly $45.00 came out as a fee after I booked the ticket!!! How can you justify this?!!! I am going to be sharing the shit out of your website on facebook , instagram, and I have many friends who will be sharing it also. I agree that you need to take some sort of fee, not $82.54!!! You are daylight criminals and I am contacting my banks' fraud department and Ticketmaster with comapints about purchases by R. Smith
Have you had any luck getting through to these guys? I have just had exactly the same problem and would love to get in touch with these mongrels
Purchased 4 AFL tickets and did not receive them as told . After paying an outrageous booking fee you would think the service would be there but after emailing for over 48 hours all I get is an automated pile of shit. These are leaches that now have card details so tell your banks.
this is a major issue, I just gave this website to my niece to purchase her mother and herself tickets to see the bodyguard musical not only did she pay over $400 but it may cost her even more, why is this happening she is now dealing with her bank hopefully they can help her. these people/company should be hunted down and locked up forever, hope you can sleep at night
Did you get your tickets??? I have done the same thing for bodyguard
My situation is unique as my partner trying to be nice and surprise me with concert tickets typed in the wrong email address. Payment cleared but we obviously can never receive further info on our purchase or even retrieve our tickets or anything. I've sent sooo many messages via viagogo webpage and get NO response! I even jumped on their fb page and unboxed them our issue stating we rather clear issue then dispute our payment.. someone opens the message and STILL doesn't respond . This is nuts no legitimate" company I've ever dealt with is ever as difficult to contact as these guys. Shifty af!
I was also ripped off by Viagogo I purchased 2 tickets to the Green Day Concert in Perth W.A. for the 30th April 2017 I purchased my ticket on my MasterCard in Perth for the Perth concert but got charged in Euro Dollars ???? WTF ??? It ended up costing me $484 .66 I was charged $72 .50 Booking Fee and a further $25.70 Delivery Fee on top of the ticket prices which was also more than they were selling for at Perth Arena Im going to do exactly the same as R.Smith but I will also go further and Report you to Consumer Protection and I will be Contacting A Currant Affair, The Project , Today Tonight and 60 Minutes about my story on how Viagogo ripped me off and overcharging me for an Event Furthermore I will contact the Commissioner of Police to make a Report of Viagogi's Criminally, Fraudulent and Thieving Customers over purchasing concert tickets through them and DEFINATELY spread the word around to Alk my family, friends work colleagues and through my children's schools as well as post it all over Facebook about your Thieving Company
I've also been ripped off and charged double what I should have been for the tickets Also false advertising saying there were only 30 tickets left but AFTER my purchase this INCREASED to 34 Of coarse there is no way to actually contact anyone to talk about this
Hi To whom it may concern. I would like to make a complaint about the viagogo concert ticket booking service. I did a web search and viagogo web site came up. I missed the Ticketmaster website. In the viagogo website the price of 2 tickets was indicated ($185.41). IN the purchase process I discovered this was for 1 ticket. Then after purchasing the tickets VAT of $57.71 (AUD) was added that was not disclosed and added after purchase. (See below) I checked the Ticketmaster website and the tickets were$ 79.90 to $149!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is dishonest and inappropriate. I could not cancel the tickets. Also their pop us indicating “500 other people are looking at this” “3%tickets left” are totally inappropriate. I know you are not viagogo but Steve is associated with this dishonesty. I don’t know if anything can be done. So to be clear 1 could have paid just over 300 AUD but ended up with 488AUD Please communicate with them. I will also send this to viagogo. Regards Steve Hackett Wednesday, 02 August 2017 19:00 The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia Section: Reserved Seating Notes: Guaranteed to arrive in time Unrestricted view (what's this?) What does this mean? You'll have a clear view of the show. + Over 18 Ticket Ticket price AU$ 185.41 per ticket Number of Tickets 2 Subtotal AU$ 370.81 VAT and Booking Fee VAT is mandated by law in your country and is used to fund public goods and services. Booking fee is what allows us to provide you with our great service. It helps us verify your tickets are valid, ensure safe and secure delivery of your tickets in time for the event, and provide prompt customer service if you ever need it. A$57.71 per ticket Secure Ticket Handling A$0.99 per ticket Total Price AU$ 488.20 My reply to them I gave them a 1 RATING with the following Your VAT and Booking Fee is absurd. It was not disclosed before purchase. I will never use this site again and I will ensure others know about your inappropriate web site and booking process.
I also purchased tickets through this site but will forever tell people NOT TO! My credit card was charged however I never received any tickets and was told via email that they had no record of my purchase. This is such a dishonest company.
Same story .. Charged 1074.95 for 4 tickets that should cost 72.00 Tickets are not in our name. We cannot get a reply from company Will go to consumer affairs and media if no response
Bought tickets as gifts. I hope they come up with the goods. Felling scared for just under $1000 though. Feeling pretty foolish
Can't understand how this company works - bought Geelong Hawthorn tickets - being from the country not aware of any on selling etc - tickets advertised at $88 ended up paying $111 then find extra $35 added as it was an international transfer - what is Tiketek doing about this?? - up rise everyone, make sure everyone else doesn't get caught - can I use these tickets?
Can anyone on here please call me who has dealt with viagogo I bought $3000 worth of ed Sheeran tickets would I received them ? Number 0424160385 please any info would help
I have also bought tickets. They won't be released by Ticketek until the 30th Jan 2018 so you'll just have to be patient and wait until then. I'm feeling the stress of it all too. I have emailed them and informed them if I don't receive my 'product' I have bought I will be expecting. A full refund. I got no reply to that email.
i purchased some days ago and delivered properly. good service
wanting to purchase tickets to Jimmy Barnes' final show in sydney wed 12/4/17... Ticketmaster site SOLD OUT... some how got onto viagogo.. purchased tickets ... double $ plus international trans fee!! tickets emailed ... with someone else's names on them .. so original purchaser couldn't go to the show .. on sold them through viagogo ... received further emails from viagogo that all is good and hope we enjoy the show. On arrival at the State Theatre ... tickets would not scan !!! Ticketmaster advised they were fraudulent ... Ticketmaster then went on and said they have reopened ticket sales ... so we purchased more paying $100 per ticket ... once in the theatre i went to the seats that i had purchased through viagogo ... people sitting in my seats had walked past the theatre and said cool let's see jimmy tonight, and purchesed (my) their tickets at the box office !!! how can this be ???? Again the Ticketmaster website told me SOLD OUT !!!! and then to have viagogo take my money and not honour what they promised !!!! so there was no drinks or souvenirs purchased bc all my money went to purchase more tickets on the night, bc all of a sudden there are more tickets available !!!!. might add had travelled from interstate and paid for accomodation too !!!!! Have been trying to get an answer from viagogo .. no response... "sorry! either there are no orders on this account or your timeframe for submitting this query has run out" try again .. really quickly... same answer !!!!
Same problem. Bought two Alice Cooper tickets for Brisbane Convention Centre @ $314.99 each which came to a total of $629.98. On top of that they charged $181.50 in fees and taxes for a grand total of $811.48. The fees breakdown is not shown in the purchase confirmation email but they charged VAT which is a UK tax and not applicable in Australia. Also not shown on the purchase confirmation are seat rows and numbers. I just want to cancel or resell the tickets but who would want to buy them with no seating details. I've sent messages via Facebook - no reply. I've tried all their so-called Australian phone contact numbers but none of them work. I spoken to the Bank and they said it's too late to cancel the transaction but to get back to them on Wednesday if I can't get a response and they will open a case to investigate. Last hope!
I've been reading up on all people's comments about airgogo. I'm so worried about my two ticket's I bought for Alice Cooper in Brisbane convention center now. I was charged $387.83 per ticket & charged booking fee of $110.ea. Title cost for floor tickets come to $1047.00. There have been some positive responses about airgogo but alot of bad ones. I just hope I get my Alice Cooper tickets without anything going wrong,it's my daughter first concert & my second time seeing the coop. next time I will be reading into the terms & company whereabouts. PLEASE AIRGOGO don't stuff this up for me & my daughter.
Did you end up receiving your tickets?
Yep same deal, i purchased tickets on 4th May to AFL game in Tasmania, site said only a few tickets left so grabbed some , drove down to Hobart and received mail saying tickets cancelled but the crooks still charged my credit card $185 for 2 general addmission tickets . We still went to the game bought more tickets at the gate for half the price and the stadium was only half full. I think someone has to get these rogues off the net but i don't know who to contact.
I wish I had read these comments before purchasing my partner a footy ticket to this weeks game Carlton and St Kilda. I thought it was part of Ticketmaster and received a ticket in my email with a different name and it was for a child after paying AUD 66.10 for it. The invoice stated cost was in RUB 2,856. There is no help line to follow up. Never again!
did your tickets still work or did you have to purchase new ones?
I also have a problem with this company. I purchased 7 tickets for my grandchildren to attend the Frozen Disney on Ice concert and THOUGHT I was using the Ticketek website. I saw that there was a $37.50 fee per ticket on top of the ticket cost of $49.50. I admit I was in a hurry as there were only 2 seats remaining after my 7 were purchased, as well as my time almost being up, so I hit "complete the order." The amount I was billed is $1,222.00 - $175 per ticket!!!! I have contacted Ticketek who are unable to provide me with any information.
I thought I was on the website to buy tickets to bodyguard in Australia. Apparently I wasn't,, 2+ 112$ tickets cost me 300$$ tickets are meant to be emailed to me 3 days prior,, and now I can't find any information to contact them all numbers disconnected. I hope my bank can do something ????
My bank said I couldn't do anything because I had to give them a chance to honour what they sold me.
I paid for 2 tickets to see Bonnie Tyler Crown Theatre Perth WA 13/2/2107 via VIAGOGO coped a bill of $509.33 on my credit card RIPPED OFF BIG TIME concert is tomorrow still no tickets. DO NOT USE VIAGOGO cannot get in touch with anyone as to the whereabouts of my tickets. NO TICKETS, HUGE COST, LESSON LEARNT
Has anyone actually managed to get hold of or successfully email this crowd? I just purchased 4 Ed Sheeran tickets the total price was in excess of $1000 they added a $60.00 fee to each ticket and apparently I can't even get my e-ticket until 3 days before the concert. I need to travel from Tasmania to Melbourne and need to know the tickets are legit before I spend more money on flights and accommodation can anyone help me?
I also bought tickets, mine for My Fair Lady in Melbourne on the 10/6. I've actually got e-tickets emailed to me this morning, but don't know if they are genuine or if they've been sold several times over. I've contact Mariner Group and they can't help me. All I can do is go to Theatre on the day of the event and check at the Theatre box office. My bank can't do anything either until Monday when they would start a search by their Dispute department. The credit card payment is already listed on my account, but will not be finalised for a few days because of weekend, they can't stop payment. So I'm all up in the air also. There is a lot to be said for the old cheque way of paying for things.
Were your tickets valid Joan? I am in the same spot! Regent box office staff are not able to validate tickets until the day. I may need to buy new tickets next week for the show!
Hey mate I done the same thing I purchase sydney ed Sheeran tickets spent almost $3000 buying them for friends so we wouldn't miss out I'll be happy to speak to u on this issue I'm andrew 0424160385
Hi Andrew We brought tix for Paul McCartney. Have we done our money?? Any suggestions Thanks
I also got ripped off and saw the tickets I purchased for Disney on Ice through Ticketek for half the price and have been trying to contact these rip offs but all numbers are not connected or in service. Are they a genuine company?
I am also trying to get in touch with these people about tickets all the numbers are wrong please help me if anyone has had success
I believe I might have been ripped off purchased a ticket to see Bonnie Tyler in Sydney, was charged $190. Through viagogo received my eticket via email today (29/05/2017) it has the wrong name, wrong price & also the wrong purchase date& the wrong order #. I cant get hold of anyone at viagogo or ticketek, to confirm if my ticket is valid. I hope when I get to the theatre on Thur 1st they will honour my ticket. I wont be using viagogo to purchase tickets again.
My partner purchased Elvis tickets for 10 June in December 16. And paid $249 each for the tickets.The booking fee was $124.50 !!!. I just printed the tickets and they are only worth $131.35 each !!!!!!!!! So angry. We paid a total of $627.45 including booking and handling fee ! Thats over $ 230 more than we should have paid. This web site needs to be shut down !!!
I purchased Paquio tickets this JULY 2017 for my dad and i. Unfortunitely due to my dad will be undergoing surgery sometime soon. I had to cancel the tickets and sell it back to this useless sight Viagogo. I successful managed to get a buyer for the tickets back cannot get Viagogo to release the tickets to me so i can upload it and send it to the buyer. The phone number above is useless and there is no proper sight for this Viagogo company. I want my money back IMMEDIATELY im out of pocket now for $550 and i cannot get in contact with anyone from this ticket company. i have already recieved an email if i do not upload the tickets due to the laps of the deadline, i will be foreced to pay a fee for dishonouring the agreement with the buyer.. I have not dishonoured anything as i have not even recieved an email from viagogo as i was told that it will become available three days before the show. OMG i am going to file a dispute with this ticketing company. NOT HAPPY!!
My wife and I purchased 2 AFL tickets through this site and after we headed off to the game on saturday night we were told the Tickets were (scanned invaild) however we were supplied with 2 other tickets free by Gold Coast Suns Management. We are trying to recoup the monies owing to us but all the Phone contact details are incorrect and the website does not lead you anywhere.
I have paid over $700 on 2 criss rock tickets for the Perth show 23/06/17 , today is the 23rd and i still have not received them.
Alice ,Viagogo did you a big favor by not sending you the Ed Sheeren tickets, could you imagine having to listen to him for an hour or two. JJJ forever.
Brought tickets on Saturday 24/6/17 to see 'The bodyguard' on Saturday night 24/6/17. Found out when I got to the Sydney Lyric Theatre that the tickets sold to me were invalid and I had to buy new tickets. The original tickets cost over AUD$300 because of the VAT charge. I was told that the tickets selling on 'VIAGOGO' and being on-sold to unsuspecting customer like myself, were stolen tickets (or tickets purchased with a stolen credit card). Now I cannot get in contact with anyone at 'Viagogo' even though they have a 'guarantee' regarding refunds for tickets that are not valid. It seems that most of the tickets sold on 'Viagogo' are not valid tickets and everyone should stop using this site. I'm extremely disappointed and tomorrow I will have to contact Consumer Affairs to see if anyone there can help me. 'Viagogo' gives an address in Switzerland but no telephone number.
The tickets that 'Viagogo' sent to me were invalid and I had to buy new tickets to see the event. Brought tickets Saturday morning for 'The Bodyguard', went to the show Saturday night and were told the tickets had been previously purchased with a stolen credit card; and therefore the tickets sold to me were invalid. Apparently, there are a lot of these tickets up for sale via 'Viagogo'. I am having a lot of trouble trying to find a valid email address for 'Viagogo'. They give a guarantee but I have to contact them within 48 hours of the event.
Bought 2 tickets thinking they were going to cost $115each got charged $473 .tried to contact them not a chance what a rip off . Don't know what to do next .will l get tickets that's the question. !
I was going theough the purchase fase of getting tickets for a show .. i went all the way through then saw the price so released the tickets - i didnt purchase them - i then went theough all the questions of why i wanted to release etc chose my answer and have since been charged $201 for the tickets for the show that happened last night 01/07/2017 i want my money back as i didnt purchase these tickets nor did i recieve them and further more i released them so another buyer could have them !!!
I paid $425 for 2 tickets cost $99 for Horn and Manny Battle of Brisbane fight.. what a scam!! I bought my friends their tickets obviously they have paid me already. At the venue today , they were denied entry. The staff said that viagogo is illegal! ! They bought another tickets.. Please help me get my friends hard earned money back ..
I bought 3 tickets in May to "My Fair Lady", Sydney showing in August for $249.67each. I was charged a booking fee of $79 on each ticket. My credit card was then charged $995.56 plus an international fee attached. It just does not add up. It is outrageous. I listed the tickets to be resold. 2 of the tickets have been sold, but no money refunded!!!!!!! Viagogo claims that money will not be refunded until 5 days after the event.
I have purchased tickets to U2 in Amsterdam and received an email the other day saying they have alternative tickets. I have emailed viagogo twice with no response. We are traveling OS in a few days and I need to know if we have tickets
I purchased 2 tickets to take my grandaughter to Disney on Ice on 9.7.17 as Hisense Melbourne. I was shocked to find a booking fee of $75 was not disclosed upfront with the already exhorbitant price of $135.00 ea. I now find Ticketek selling same tickets $121 for 2 tickets and NO booking fee. I will never use Viagogo again.
I didn't see but does anyone know how to contact them?
I purchased 2 tickets for State of Origin Brisbane for my husband and young daughter. They arrived at the venue only to be told the tickets were not valid. They had to purchase 2 more tickets. Also my credit card was charged twice by Viagogo. I have tried to contact the phone numbers
The website promoted tickets for The Body Guard in Brisbane at the Lyric Theatre and the price of the tickets charged was $468.80 for 3 tickets when it should have been less than $300 for matinee tickets. The price charged to my credit card was $615.36. This website promotes a number to call for assistance 1902257918 and after paying a fee of $2.20 plus to call this number I was advised that it was for booking.com and they had nothing to do with viagogo. Why is the website allowed to operate as it is obviously a sham. I have contacted my bank who is going to dispute the charge and I am praying that I get my money refunded. Has anyone else been fortunate enough to have their money refunded when they realise they have been ripped off?
I am in the process of disputing a purchase I made yesterday, will let you know how I go.
i got ripped off as well I purchased two tickets to the wiggles concert in Melbourne they charged me in $ euro dollars wtf? the tickets were $130 eackh plus $73 booking fee $4.95 handling fee they took $341 out of my account and are going to take another $341 out $680.00 whejn I only purchased two tickets its outrageous they need to be shut down
Has anybody received any tickets they have bought through Viagogo??
I purchased 4 tickets for the NRL grand final and was charged before I knew it for VAT and a booking fee. I paid over $1075 for these tickets & can't even get notification where these seats are located. I have tried numerous times to contact Vioagogo but don't even get an automated reply. I have paid for flights & accomodation in Sydney but do I get the ticekets I paid for???
Hi - i have bought tickets through this site and now have been blocked from my email address used. I cant sign in as did not register. Does anyone have an actual phone number of a person to talk to to get these sent to another email? thanks,
I paid $522.45 for two tickets for the Crows Pt Adelaide AFL match. I thought I was getting the best seats at Adelaide Oval. NO! i have been issued $97.05 seats. I have tried contacting this Company, no phone numbers exist. Don't use these people, its not right for them to get away with it. Are my tickets valid?
I too was looking at Viagogo for last minute tickets for KD Lang but opted out when I saw the ridiculous increased amount for fees. The screen asking why I didn't want to proceed popped up & I indicated the fees were too high & released the tickets and popped over to Ticketek and bought them there. Almost immediately I received an email confirming my purchase through Viagogo for over $415 -on top of the price I had to pay for Ticketek. I emailed, explained and DEMANDED A REFUND but no joy. They DO respond to my emails but am not getting anywhere as they refuse to acknowledge that I released the tickets and insist I confirmed purchase. My husband & I were doing it together and both know we did not. I emailed at customerservice@orders.viagogo.com As advised by my bank, I cancelled my credit card the next morning but the transaction was already approved so my bank is now involved and lodging a dispute.
I know people that have use them successfully... I don't care what I pay just want to know if anyone has got into a venue using their tickets??
I bought the tickets for sigur ros the transaction was done but viagogo sent me a cancellation without reason but never refunded the money back, I have tried to contact them but has been impossible!!! HOW CAN I GET IN CONTACT WITH VIAGOGO?
has anybody managed to get viagogo to answer a contact number, at all, bought tickets for Adelaide crows vs Sydney swans match for my 19 year old for his birthday, both my boys get to the match to find that their seats are already taken, I paid a huge amount for these tickets, they couldn't even see the match properly from where they were told to stand due to the double selling of the tickets, same happened to people sitting next to them. both boys were so excited about attending this match, first one my son had been able to attend due to work and footy commitments. I sent them a message straight away, and still no joy, I have demanded a full refund but still nothing. HOW CAN WE CONTACT VIAGOGO
Hello Viagogo, It's an urgent issue, someone stole my credit card and made purchase from your website, I need your help to stop this transaction!!! Could u pls provide a customer service telephone number?? Thanks!!
I have bought two tickets to Katy perry for my daughter's birthday next year. Charged nearly $50 on top for booking fee. Six weeks later and no tickets and can't contact them . I'm so angry. I have a really upset child and at $455 I'm so angry. How do we contact these liars and cheats?
How do I call and speak to someone? I am in Perth Western Australia.
Could someone please contact me from Viagogo
Please contact me on 0437 884039 or email hilarycovell@iinet.com.au. re: tickets purchased recently. I am totally outraged and more than annoyed. If you do not call me or email asap I will take this to News programmes in Perth and Newspapers and more!!!! I have contacts in both so please believe I will act on these statements.
Can you please contact me on 0408831199 or barbara.doukas@gmail.com
Can someone contact me from Viagogo please?! My contact number is 0423169421nor sonjagosheva@yahoo.com Thank you