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UBER EATS Contact Customer Service

contact phone number
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UberEats is enjoying a lot of popularity in Australia because it solves the problems of people in Melbourne looking for food that is out of the ordinary. UberEats is about to celebrate its one-year of business during which time it has done much to change the landscape of the vibrant food scene of Melbourne. UberEats has become the conduit that connects hungry Melbourne residents with the best restaurants in Melbourne. Thanks to UberEats, customers can now savor the best food without physically having to eat at one.

There are multiple options open to those who want to get in touch with UberEats:

  • The first option worth checking out is to call UberEats by phone. This allows you to speak with a staff member of UberEats who will help you with your concerns including learning how to download their app. The staff members are also ready to provide help regarding payments and in addition, they are there to provide whatever other assistance you need.
  • Second, you can also get in touch with UberEats by sending them an email message. Simply compose your query and email it to eats@uber.com. Once your message has been received, you won’t have to wait for more than forty-eight hours to receive a reply. The team at UberEats will do everything in its power to answer all your enquiries. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate in asking the UberEats customer care service for help.

Uber Eats Customer Service

UberEats Contact Numbers

UberEats Australia has different ways to be contacted by customers. You can call UberEats contact number so that to speak with Uber Staff team, the will help you with any concern about how to download UberEats app, setup it, include payment information and much more.

You can email Customer care team, find here the offcial email account: eats@uber.com. In less than 48 hours, staff team will try to answer your queries. For further information, always feel free to contact UberEats customer care services, staff is focused to offer a good service and feedbak to their Australian (Sydney and Melbourne) customers.

If you would like to be contacted by phone, then make sure you not only provide your contact phone number but also remember to specify at what hour of the day or night you wish to be contacted. If your issue is more pressing, then it may be a better idea for you to pick up the phone and dial their helpline at 1300 091 272.


UberEats Customer Service

At the moment, UberEats is only available in the heart of Melbourne in places like Fitzroy and Brunswick as well as Elwood, and more. Keep in mind that when you want a question answered, you can always call the above-mentioned UberEats helpline number which will put you in touch with a helpful staff member of UberEats. Whatever questions or concerns you have will be answered, especially in regard to payments and downloading the app. It certainly makes sense to use the given phone number because you will get instant help and assistance from a helpful and knowledgeable staff member of Uber Eats Australia.

Of course, if you are not in a hurry to get a response, you also have the option of using the email address of Uber Eats. Simply compose your message and make sure you provide all your details. It helps if you provide your first and last name as well as your phone number. The more information you provide about yourself and your issue, the easier it becomes for UberEats to resolve your problem.


UBER EATS Australia Information

First, UberEATS is related to Uber, thus being powered by the Uber app. It is an on-demand meal delivery service. Founded in August 2014, it has partnered up with restaurants so as to deliver food in minutes, perhaps even seconds.

Although, it might be in selected countries, it is still working wonders on people who either love to eat or are always on the go. Further, if you are using the Uber app, delivery might be ten minutes or less. At first it was launched as UberFRESH in Santa Monica, which later on became an on-demand food taxi service, hence changing its names to UberEATS. It later on expanded its services to Barcelona, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington D.C.

It has teamed up with a couple of local restaurants in specific location offering a range of cuisine to their clients. Also, they have partnered up with celebrity chef who does not have restaurants so as to promote their food, such as Michael Mina. In conclusion, the meal options make a daily rotating menu of 2 to 4 different meal options, and they range from dinner to brunch options. Keep in mind that the food may be delivered by couriers, which may be cars, foots or bikes.

i need to reset my uber accout or delet it and start all over
My coworker and myself ordered lunch on Ubereats account and have been charged twice for the same item how can we correct this charge.
Hey how you doing today I was charged twice for my uber eats meal yesterday in my account. for 18.06.. wanted to know why
How can I get 2016-2017 payment summary Thanks Yi An Wang
I have just taken over a cafe and tried changing my account,login and password details. As a result of changing my password and login details, my staffs and I are unable to login Ubereats to view the orders. I have tried calling your customer service line, can someone call me at 0434226 378 urgently? We cannot login and cannot receive the orders.
Pls call me asap this is a joke I have an account but my credit card expired & I updated but now I can't order
A delivery was incorrectly delivered & left outside my business premises this morning. As I have I unsuccessfully attempted to find a phone no to speak to a person at Uber eats Adelaide, I'm afraid the person who ordered rice, order no 26093 will go hungry.
I have an ubereatsVy2SV charge of $37.50 on my visa card for a service on 30 dec 2017 I have never used ubereats delivery service. Please call me to explain this mystery charge. 0414314277 thankyou
I was charged and received a ubereats delivery today however I never placed an order on my ubereats app. I’m very concerned that a random order can be charged to my account???? Please contact 0419629557
I have been charged on 4 seperate occasions when I haven't place and order one being over $70 how can I get in contact with UberEATS so I can get my money back?
I ordered food two days ago and I was never delivered my good.I went to the restaurant to enquire and they did a follow up with Uber Eats and the respondent replied that I would be refunded the sum but I haven’t got back my money.How do we contact Uber Eats?
pls cont me tyepe with us your company my cont no 9819398953
I own a fine dining restaurant in Surrey Hills Melbourne a few doors down there is a fish and chip takeaway where they have UberEats The drivers are constantly walking into my restaurant to pick up delivery I tell them does this look like a fish and chip shop often they are looking down on there phone and don’t acknowledge to what I say most of the time there appearance is untidy and even my clients have made comments this suitation devalues my business Can YOU PLEASE TRAIN YOUR DRIVERS TO LOOK AT THE CORRECT ADRESS OF PICK UP !!!!
Why does over eats continuously take money out of my account even if they haven’t delivered food this is ridiculous and it’s happened more than once
I got charged and recieved Macas which i didnt even order! Git charged $19 for a fries and sundae! Please refund my money!
I’ve been charged twice for a order that went through once
i ordered food from a business only 5 minutes away it took your driver 47 minutes after pickup to get here then food cold not edible i have sent emails and phone messages no response
2pm Uber eats driver of White Toyota Corolla DNH 49H with Uber sign in back of car illegally parked in residential parking while delivery next door in Drummoyne near Lyons Road. When she returned to car I was polite and friendly explaining that signs clearly say residential parking only. Uber driver was nasty and dismissive. Had to ask her to leave many times as she was argumentative. Finally apologised but was still aggressive. Next time will film and put on youtube to add to increasing level of complaints about Uber Eats and Uber in general.
My name is Ross from Roscos Pizza in Kilsyth. We have partnered with you but to date we have not had confirmation of going live. Could someone please give me a call to advise on 0481175233 . Thankyou.