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UBER AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

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Uber Australia is not a cab service, It is an app that is designed to help you make your way to your office or to the airport or even to head out of town. Uber is ready to connect you with a reliable ride that arrives to pick you up within minutes of your placing a request. All you need to do is use the Uber Australia app and then with just one tap you can get a vehicle to pick you up.

The nice thing about using Uber Australia is its drivers know exactly where to go and you can complete your ride and pay for it in a completely cashless manner.

If you want to use Uber Australia but you don´t know how, contact Uber phone number and ask for info about how to be a driver or how to be a customer, uber customer service australia will help you with all this matters. If you want to be an Uber driver you need to get in contact with Uber, also if you want to be a customer first of all you should download Uber app and sign up.

customer service

Uber Australia is a division of the American worldwide online transportation network that has its major headquarters in San Francisco, California. The transportation network is made possible through a mobile app known as UBER; it works by allowing people with smartphones to send a trip request that is then passed across electronically to an Uber driver nearest to the location of the person that sent the request.

If you are a driver and needs more information about requirements you can reach Uber Australia contact number, prices are made based on distance travelled and rather than make payment to the driver, consumers make payment through the mobile app and the service is rendered to them appropriately.



For those with inquiries or for people who need more information, there is a Uber Australia contact us option on their page which can be utilized through Uber Australia phone number that has been made available; there is also a structure in place that allows users to be provided with excellent Uber customer service.

To contact Uber customer care, you can give them a call through Uber helpline number which most likely will get you an automated response which is why Uber recommends dialing 911 in case of an actual emergency. If you have enquiries about Uber service, then Uber Sydney phone number can be of help but if you really want to talk to someone, you might need to log in to help.uber.com as this will allow you to make queries or complaints.

Apart from calling Uber Australia or logging in to the help portal, you can also make use of the live chat option which will guarantee an instant response to your queries as you will be able to talk directly to an Uber customer service representative. However, this option is only available for 7 hours a day for each week.



If you want to contact Uber Australia, you can, if you are living in Brisbane, pick up the phone and dial 1300 091 272. This dedicated telephone number is available for driver-partners throughout the Australian state of Queensland.

Uber Australia is desirous of making every trip with them a hassle-free one. Uber Australia is always there to help you out whenever you need some help and assistance. It is easy to contact the Uber customer support team 24x7 at theIR website, where you can visit the HELP section.

No matter that you are on the road or even if you are on vacation, it is easy for drivers to contact Uber Australia for support whenever they need to. When you need a question answered or if you want to report an incident, you can contact the Uber agent for help. It is easy to call Uber Australia at any time and mostly, you won’t need to wait for more than two minutes to be connected to an agent.



In order to get in contact with the Uber Australia customer services you can use the following methods:

  • For the quick response, you can call Uber Australia contact number and customer support team will help you with your general queries
  • In case that you have to file a complaint against the driver, you can email the Uber Australia customer service
  • Make sure to check their FAQ page for the solutions to your issues.
  • There is a special online form that you can fill as well to get the answers that you have regarding their services

If you want face-to-face conversation, then Uber Australia is ready to provide that as well, they have Greenlight locations throughout the country and these include Greenlight hubs as well as Greenlight spots. The former is dedicated to helping you speak with an Uber Australia expert in person, this facility is available for new as well as current driver-partners.

Residents of Melbourne can get in touch with Uber Australia by visiting a Greenlight hub in the city. In addition, it is also possible for you to visit the help section of their website or you can also get help by going to HELP in the Uber driver app.

Uber Australia riders can also contact the company by visiting the HELP section of the Uber Australia website. There, they can choose a subject on which they need assistance.

Alternatively, they can also use the Guide to using Uber Australia and learn how to request a trip, take a ride or what to do after the ride has been completed. There is also help available at the site regarding signing up including to create a rider account, downloading the rider app.



Uber was originally founded as UberCab by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp back in 2009, Uber is a smartphone app that lets users organize transportation through their mobile device. Uber is based in San Francisco, and offers services in 66 different countries, with close to 250 cities falling into that jurisdiction.

Uber technologies Inc. was actually formed some 7 years ago and also began operations accordingly but Uber Australia started some 4 years ago and since then has been rising despite the initial complaints made by the taxi industry.

Their consumers have continued to increase in Australia particularly at a meteoric rate. Drivers need to have the basic requirements which include appropriate age, health condition, and ability to drive as well as passing a background check.

Datos empresa
I have a new credit card expiry date and CSV . All attempts to update CSV on line have been rejected but expiry date has been ammended
I have a new credit card& I want to provide you with the new details, but all attempts have failed. please let me know asap how I can do this.
I have a new phone & attempts to "sign in" have failed. I believe I may have used the wrong email address when initially installed. Ben2270@gmail.com may have been originally quoted when benw2270@gmail.com should have been used. Mobile number is 0419775708 Australia Thx
I left phone in uber last night and I have attempted so many times to reach out to Uber and the driver but no response! This is so unprofessional....!
I would like a info pack sent out to me on how to become a driver ... as much info you have would be great ... eg pay contract agreement cheers julie .. jubes73gmail.com
Just wanted to know when uber is coming to my town Townsville QLD would like to sign up as a driver,can you advise me on some details etc my email karinasnape@westnet.com.au
Can someone call me?
Cannot find how to book a ride on my lap top vista, we do not have a smart phone, please HELP 0419684011.
I would like to know where is the next uber meeting at the sunshine Coast ???? before the Australian Day ?????
I want to contact uber in Sydney. Please contact me
God knows how one can contact you ! I need to report that one of your drivers appears to have had a call from my mobile while I was driving this afternoon on the way home to Whale Beach from the city. I did not call him but there may have been an accidental pocket dial though I have never used my app in the past few weeks. The driver said that I needed to call you asap to report this otherwise I may be charged. As I am prevented from talking to a human being how do we resolve this please. My phone no. is 0407170539.
Tried to register for Uber ride on computer. What is Promotion Code? Phoned customer help line, could not hear a word they were saying and hung up. Also Submitted our email address which was not accepted. We are in Perth W.Aust. Could phone us on 08 9583 3195 or mobile 0409 293 807. Thanks.
Was recently in the USA. When I arrived I changed my Australian Sim to an American Sim, then tried to change Australian mobile number in Uber Setting to my new American number that came with Sim. This was not successful,as it would not allow me. Do I have to change number when I have original Sim in or why would it not allow me to change number with American Sim installed ?? Please reply to 0427681531
I have two deductions on my credit card charges for uber Sydney. I don't have uber on my phone, and I do not use your service, so how can this be? My contact number is 0403196313.
there was estimate price from Delhi to condell park $42 - 46. How come you charge at last was $63.82? From Bonnie, 0431308993
I have to travel in uber with 2 year old baby. Do they have facility, or they charged extra. I am in Melbourne
how do I remove recent rides /trips from my phone
The customer support service in Perth Wa Australia from uber is shocking & non existent. I got through to someone who immediately cut me off. Dreadful service do not use. If anyone can assist me, my email cleobryan@iinetp.net.au. Michelle 0408222858
I am unable to successfully create a new account on my Uber app on my phone. I get stuck in a loop after putting in a password and mobile number then I put in my name then it goes back to create a password. SOOOOO frustrating. My husband found this to happen to him as well -we reloaded the app twice to no effect. I have a crappy iPhone 4 whilst hubby has an iPhone 6. What is going on? I would like to use Uber tomorrow night but without the app I can't !!! Kristina 0432 834 580
After receiving an email offering a discount on my next three trips by using a promo code, I did exactly what was requested but received the reply "Promotion code is not valid". No matter what I did on both my account online and the app. I still received the same message. Could you please help. Thanks. Bob. My contact is bobathorn02@hotmail.com and 0432880788
Uber Australia needs to reimburse all of its partner drivers that pay tax on ubers fee that are deducted on each fare, this is money that we don't keep at all. This is very unfair on all Uber drivers in Australia.
My Commenwealth Bank Account have three pendings from uber on 10,April,one is 86.69 AUD at 5.18AM (Sydney/Melbourne time), one is 21.8 AUS at 6.46AM (Sydney/Melbourne time), and another 109.46 AUS at 11.06AM(Sydney/Melbourne time), both on Monday10 April 2017. The problem is that I did not authorise these transactions, and I did not even register Uber, I did not use Uber on 10 April at all. I do not know what is wrong with my account. My card number is 5217 2918 2539 1645.(commenwealth bank)
Please tell me if this has been sorted out? I have similar unauthorized charges amounting to $125. Cannot reach uber at all. If you hve advise kindly email me at karenmejos@yahoo.com
Can you tell me how you went as the same has happened to me?
Taxi Services claim I have not submitted proof of identity documents. This was done at the Medical as requested by Uber. Please advise. Regards Theodore
How do I delete a credit card and put in a new one - I have tried saving new details but nothing happens.
I do not have a uber account, and have never had one, but in two days my card was used to the effect of $1392.78 of uber fares. How do I request details of the trips so I can claim a fraud? Why is there no email service or complaints department? This is so frustrating and unprofessional. Contact me on email - goatboy0078@gmail.com so I can sort this out.
I was a passenger on a uber ride share from Enmore to Fairlight and I accidentally left a book in the vehicle, the person regestered has tried to contact you - I want my book returned please or replaced, there was my note book as well with all my work and technical details of my work Please contact me on 0414919434 or my email thetubeoflight@gmail.com my name is Peter Taylor
Last year I apply to become an Uber driver in Sydney, then A few month later, I got a reply from Uber office saying that my police check doesn't look good so I cant become an Uber driver. I never have any criminal record or commit any crime. I can prove it from Federal Police record . it so funny the company don't want a driver just come up with an excuse
Can you please call me 0470019781
An Uber driver delivered food next door to my sister's house. When he drove off he scraped the driver side of my parked car yesterday afternoon around 3:15 to 3:30. He never informed us of what had happened (the neighbour informed us of the incident). I am filing a formal complain that the driver be located and pay for the damage he had done to my car. Can you please call me back on 0414 199 483 asap as I would like to sort this out, and for the record I have filed a Police report of this incident. Please let me know if you need more details Looking forward to hear from you soon. Regards Gwen
I have been wrongly charged for a ride today that i never ordered
i booked an Uber driver from Canberra today and didn't even get into his car and trip meter was running...when I called the driver coz I see him going all over the place, he mentioned he didn't know where the Uber stop area was and he will be there very soon...after 10 minutes I decided to cancel the trip and get a normal Taxi..pls be aware of this scam.i still got charged $12 for not even being in the car!!!!!!!!!!
Can i please get a phone call on 0402296561 i have a problem with my uber account
I have the same problem,I have a account and updated my details but cannot book a trip help Phone 0412703562
How do I contact UBER about activating my account??
A freind and I caught an uber and I left some items behind in the back seat. As we were driving there was a girl passed out on the road so we asked the driver to turn around so we could help her. When we got out of the car I left my items in the back seat and the driver drove off. The driver will not answer the phone as we have reported lost items and no one has called us regarding the matter no matter how many emails we send and how many times we have called the lost item page. Could I please have some assistance in getting these items back as they are worth over $150.00! I am very disappointed as I have used uber since the start, and the company was fantastic, except now I am finding it is now turning into just another taxi company.
I have been a great supporter of Uber and Uber Eats. Now so very angry I cannot make contact with last night's driver, Alicia nor with Uber Australia as I left my phone in Alicia's Corolla last night. The loss of the is not important however my contact numbers and photos of my parents who both passed away in the last 18 months as well as my daughters wedding 5 weeks ago. I must say Uber are very hard to contact when you need assistance.
Uber is impossible to contact. Not long ago, someone hacked into my Pay Pal and charged to Uber trips to my Pay Pal. I have NEVER in my life used Uber, I advised Pay Pal and they credited my account. Today, Tuesday 16/05/17, I received an SMS stating 'Your Uber confirmation code is 7882' - Again, I have never used Uber - WHY DID I GET THIS MESSAGE? I am very concerned about this! Thank you
I put my phone in my bag this morning (22/5/17), it means that I did not book Uber. However, when I took my phone out of my bag, I saw the code and cancel, so I pressed the cancel bottom. Then I received an email about the payments within 2 seconds. Actually, I did not book Uber and the depart place and arrival place are never used before which also very close to each other. I did not book it, I did not catch it, why charge me with high rates. It's unfair. I've tried to find the Uber customer service number, however, it's hard to find it and I called Uber Phone number few times and nobody picked it up. So I am so disappointed.
Hi uber i have been sent an e mail for a free vehicle inspection i plan to use my brothers car Tony Teuma he has already been driving with uber melbourne mazda 3 WVB625 does that mazda still need a vehicle inspection Ronald a Teuma
uber i tried to sign in to drive for the first time . i have been informed that iam ACTIVE when signing in i was asked to upload my documents when i have already done this and told i was ACTIVE and ready to drive. why is this so Ronald @ zapanco@bigpond.com mobile 0423583406 mobile email ronaldteuma@gmail.com Thanks
Is there a place in Cairns to have my vehicle inspected, and what other requirement are required to drive as there are new laws in place. I use to be a local bus driver.
I want to know why it's taking so long for my paperwork to be processed? I am renting to buy a car ( which is costing $163 a week) which I went through the uber app to get and now you're taking your time to process my paperwork. I need to work to pay this car and nothing is happening. This is really a joke and more than likely the car will be repossessed before I even start. The other thing also is that there are repairs that need to be done to the car and no one is getting back to me about this yet I still have to make payment every week. I am extremely disappointed in uber that they can make people get into such debt and they don't care. Extremely upset.
We used uber to go to a restaurant in mordialloc vic it cost $ 64.34 to get there and $20.56 to return to same place how can there be a $40 difference went exactly same route.?
Funny thing this automated money withdrawal system you have going. I joined Uber as I was told it is financially safe and simple. Well my first trip cost $175 and the return trip cost $70. When submitting an online enquiry, I was told to contact my back, well, it seriously has nothing to do with my back, your driver added the option of surge charge of X2.7. Great first experience with Uber. Guess I will be returning to the use of convectional taxis, might let all my friends know about this and make sure they check there charges all the time. Thanks for the professional manner in your resolve to this query.
I have used your service twice and on my bank statement I have been charged an extra $5 each time This charge does not appear on your emailed invoice, what is this charge for, what are you playing at???? Maybe it is to bring your charges up to conventional taxi pricing! I won't be using your service until this is resolved so get back to me.
Used uber on 8 June 2017. Was taken 68km rather than the 30 km. Have never been charged like this before. Am really unhappy with this ride
Hello I am considering taking up Uber driving but I need some advice. I lost my licence for 12 months and will be eligible to have the interlock taken off next month. Obviously I will have conditions on my licence. Will this driving history prevent me from being accepted as an Uber driver. Thank you
i am currently a partner for uber eats as well as uber x, i recently uploaded new documents for my kia cerato 1iq2rj after i used a toyota. some of the documents should be in the uber system, my friend Mathew webster has been using the car and the car has all ready been inspected by uber, i was wondering if you can find the documents required in the uber archives, i would be using the car for bouth uber eats and uber x so my app needs to be up dated as well , thank you ron
I received an email saying my Uber account was used in China. I am not in China how do I contact them. I have changed my password. Cheers
hi i have a taxi voucher for wheelchair user can i use them on uber thanks my email is otman@optusnet.com.au
hi am just shocked to receive a cancellation charge's in the morning was their and the drive never came I tried calling he but he laid that he was their.After waiting that long the time was 9minutes but he responded 7 mins after. The same point is where the second Uber that I order came and picked me.
You charged me a Cancellation fee of $1 and yet I took the ride and was charged for the trip???? Can you reimburse me because Im finding it difficult to conract you?
I am an Uber x DRIVER does that mean i am also an Uber eats Driver
Uber has taken money out of my account every month for the last 2 months. And I have only used uber 1 time. Never using them again if they are going to charge me a monthly fee for there service. Michw200@ bigpond.com
I placed an order the driver picked it up but has not delivered it asyet
I have a new phone number and can't access my account.could you please help my e mail is ranjitjohn47@gmail.com and phone 0410411325 Ranjit
i am unhappy with your services. i have problem with singing and no one can look after. i have problem with singing and document . who can i contact. no contact number provided.
I got in a cab Sunday morning from Chapel St to home ...... looked at my email today and was charged to Dandenong South .... which is almost another 20 minute drive from where i got out !!!!!!! How can you trust the drivers! When i booked the uber it told me it would cost $70 something. Not only that you book an uber they say they cant find you and cancel your uber then your charged $10 when your standing exactly in the address you requested from!!!! People get ubers because you think you save money ..... cabs are the same price with all the scamming that goes on.
Hello.. I have one important inquiry regrading uber driving. I have got a heavy licence of truck that is HR. So, m I eligible to drive uber? If no, then how long I have to wait or there's any special requirements which needs to be fulfilled? Thanks
I want to delete my credit card number from my UBER account and add my new credit card number to my account. How do I do this?
HI , i contacted your office in Gold coast to apply for job, they refused me because my driving license less than 1 year old. few days later i found out they hire people who have the same condition . Any Advice
I already have an Uber account. I have recently purchased a new handset (Samsung S7). I have just tried to use the Uber app on my new phone and it looks like I have to put all the information in again. When I get to adding my email address it tells me it's already in use. (Of course it's in use, it's mine) I can't go any further with it. What do I do. My email is casa.registrar@optunet.com.au Thanks PS : I have tried phoning you and have now been on hold for 95 minutes.
Just made my first trip with Uber and I have been charged $6 extra on top of my $73.40 trip. Is there anything I should know?
I have set up my Uber account and forwarded all requested documentation. When I sign in a message comes up...."You're All Signed Up!" Also tells me I have completed the signup process and will be notified shortly. It has been over a month. Is this normal? Do I have to do anything else? Should I ring someone about this matter?
My email address is aob1955@hotmail.com For my inquiry regarding my how long it is taking for notification after completing my signup process.
I am unable to book uber as every time it ask me to enter clarification code
I have new Australian driving license, and i have old driving license from oman and bahrain 6 years old. can i start driving uber in Australia
Hi I have recently changed phones but still have the same phone number, I try to use the app on my new phone but the Uber app is failing to send me the 4 digit confirmation code to activate uber on my new phone. It sends the code but I receive nothing??? I would pay more for service you lot actually provided any. Thanks 0456796037
COMPLAINT - how to contact Uber regarding item left in car. Tried every suggestion on web page to no avail???? jhalliday3193@outlook.com PLEASE REPLY.
Can you please contact me re my son lost his phone on sat night the 2 nd from Essendon and dropped off at thomastown he left it in the uber but it was booked under Lawrence Hanna please contact me on 0418353614 Australia
Lost phone in uber in cairns. Cant verify my login details with out it,so cant get details of driver to contact them about lost phone. Please contact me on 0438818594.
My phone number is on the uber app and I can't use it I want to get it removed please
My son ordered an Uber on 12th December when the driver arrived he took someone else and the trip ended up going to the city resulting in $82.66 been deducted from my account. We disputed it and received a refund so thank you, however today another $82,66 has been deducted again, obviously by the driver A3XTG - can you please refund this again and contact the driver to stop trying to deduct the fare from my account, i have now had to cancel my card THANKS ALOT ........a week before Xmas so probably won't get a new one until after Xmas - perhaps a tip for drivers to double check the pickup person and location before taking off.....
Hi I caught an Uber Christmas Day for the first time. I registered online and it wouldn’t allow me to put the promo code. I was charged full fare from my account. Can this be refunded to my account please of 40% total off. Any details please contact me. Thankyou
Hi, How much earlier than I need a car should I phone if I will need on in Edithvale at 4.30am?
My daughter got picked up by a Uber driver called Mark West in Melbourne and he took $450 cash from her, with the promise that he will return the Money. My daughter gave him the money in good faith If you do not do anything by Tuesday close of Business day about this I will call the TV Station and Current Affair. Please call me on 0431440463 to discuss this issue.
After reading the above problems that people have had with Uber & their drivers I am not sure that I should sign on as a rider! I have spent many hours, however after completing your form "Sign Up to Ride" pressing the SIGN UP button, the following message comes up in RED "Phone number is in use". Please log in or contact Support. YOU SHOULD TRY TO "CONTACT" SUPPORT. It's impossible! Why do you need copy of someone's Passport of Driver Licence? So that you can sell the information gained, I can understand that you need a credit card detail, but why would you need to see ones photo on a passport of licence is beyond me. I think I better forget about signing up with UBER and stick to reputable taxi companies.
I am trying to update my new expiry date from my new credit card but i cant edit on the app or PC. I tried to create a new payment method but it recognized the card number and wouldnt let me progress. How can I fix this?
I left the phone on the uber last night and I can't sign in to my account on the laptop. Please help 0426921606
Please advise why I am getting charges taken out of my account when I DONT HAVE AN UBER account !!!
We used Uber in Londonat a cost of 55.01Uk pounds and on arival home in Australia find I have been charged TWICE 2 diferent values. Please rectify this asap. 0401817029. Heinz
On the 11th of May I made an order through Uber Eats and my credit card was charged AUD 15.00 at 15:33. I found this odd as my order actually costs me AUD 13.80. And later at 16:34 my card was charged AUD 13.80. Why was I charged AUD 15.00 in the first transaction? Please contact me at 04 2192 2234. And I hope to get a refund as I was wrongfully charged.