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Transwa Customer Service

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Transwa is the major transport company offering transport services to the Western region of Australia. The company offers its services to over 270 destinations in Australia which includes connecting from North Australia to the South and then from the west to the south east. Major economy hubs like Albany, Bunbury, Northam are all serviced by Transwa Australia. The company has customers all over Australia and its credibility has long been established since its inception in 2003. Customers can easily book transportation at the local branches of Transwa, via phone call or email.

In this article we will be discussing how to contact Transwa Customer Service, people may wish to contact Transwa to know about available routes, travel schedule and available transports. Any information that customers might need can be gotten by simply calling any of Transwa customer support help lines.


Transwa phone number

To book for transportation whether by rail or road, Transwa has designated phone numbers which customers can call to book a seat. For customers in Australia, to book a seat, call Transwa phone number at 130 066 2205. If you are overseas however, and you would like to book a seat ahead of your arrival in Australia, call their helpline on 61 893 262 600.

To get in touch with Transwa Australia Administration Services, call (08) 932 620 00, this Transwa contact number is helpful if you intend to hire Transwa Australia for business or long term hiring. The administration team is a well-trained, professional group of individuals that will attend to your requests professionally and efficiently.

To pass along a feedback or comment about services received from Transwa, customers can call 136 213. This phone line is available 24 hours and it is a medium through which customers can express any displeasure they may have with the company. The customer support team will do their best in resolving any issues the customer may have to make sure the customer is kept happy.


Contact Transwa Australia

If you are not someone who enjoys making a lot of calls, you can get in touch with Transwa Australia customer support through email, info@transwa.wa.gov.au. If you wish to book for a group transportation with your family and friends as long as they are more than ten people, send a mail to groupbooking@transwa.wa.gov.au.

Customers can also walk into Transwa Office located at this address, Public Transport Centre, West Parade, East Perth WA 6004. If you still make use of traditional mailing system, you can write a letter and post it to the following address; Transwa, P.O. Box 8125 Perth Business Centre WA 6849.

Listed below are the contact phone numbers for Transwa Australia

  • Transwa Customer Service General Queries: +61 (0) 292 559 200
  • Transwa Customer Service Booking Local: (0) 282 281 535
  • Customer Service Booking International: +44 203 320 2609
  • Transwa Customer Service Inquiry: 180 0058 744



Multiple channels have been offered to the customers who want to get in touch with Transwa Australia. It is up to you to go through all these specified channels on the Transwa contact us page and select the most convenient one out of the list.

People who live in Australia have been provided with a dedicated Transwa phone number to make all their booking related inquiries. It is possible for you to contact this number and get in touch with a Transwa customer service representative from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays from 8.30am to 4.30pm. On Sundays, Transwa customer support is available from 10am to 4pm.

If you want to get in touch with the administration, there is a specific Transwa contact number provided for you to get in touch. The other Transwa customer service contact numbers that have been mentioned on the Contact Us page of Transwa Australia include fax, transperth infoline, translation and interpretation and national relay service.

An email address has also been provided for the customers. If you want to get in touch with Transwa Australia in a non-working hour of the day, you can use this email address and a reply can be expected within 24 hours.



Transwa is a public transport system in Australia; Transwa was launched and also began operation on 28 May 2003, Transwa was launched and operate by the PTA (Public Transport Authority) in Western Australia to replace the Western Australian Government Railways Commission.

Public Transport Authority was established to provide road and rail passenger services to regional centers in the southern parts of Western Australia. Transwa was launched by PTA to provide their customer a safe and affordable means of transportation via rail for regional Western Australia.

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