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Toys R Us Contact Customer Service

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Toys R US Australia is a store that caters for all the toy needs of babies and it is the leading retailer of toy products in Australia. Originally established in the United States of America, Australia is one of the many countries the company has stores in and there are more than 30 Toys R US stores in Australia alone. Toys R US Australia has a large number of customers who on a daily basis want to know how to go about patronizing the company, knowing more about the services the company offers and even lodging complaints either about services rendered or product purchase. Whatever reason it is, that a customer may be looking to get in touch with Toys R US Australia, the customer service department is active, responsive and efficient.

This article will list out different contact options through which Toys R US Customer service can be contacted.


Contact Toys R US customer service via Phone Call

This is the fastest way to speak with a customer service representative and get any issues resolved within a short period of time. The phone number to call is 1300 TOYS R US (1300 869 7 78). This phone number is available from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30am and 5:00pm Sydney Time.

Contact Toys R US customer Service via Email and Online Contact Form: If you do not want to call the Toys R US Australia customer service phone number to make your enquiries or lodge your compliant, you can instead visit their website’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get answer to your questions or solution to whatever issue you may be facing. These FAQs are questions that have been asked in the past by other customers and answers to the questions have been provided on the website. There is the possibility that your issue has been encountered in the past and is listed in the Frequently Asked Questions

Alternatively, you can contact Toys R US Australia via contact form by visiting ToysRus website and choosing the most suitable option to sort out your issues. You will then be taken to fill out a contact form in which you will enter details like Email Address, Type of Enquiry, Phone number, Full name, Online order number, Description of enquiry or complaint. A customer service representative will respond within 24 to 72 hours.

If you still make use of postal mailing system, you can write your enquiry in a letter and send it by post to the following postal address; Toys "R" Us Customer Service, Locked Bag, 2007 Chester Hill, NSW 2162.

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