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Tips to get flight tickets cheaper


Unless you are an occasional traveler, frequent traveling around Australia can mean huge expenses that may leave a deep and wider hole in your wallet. But, if you are reading this, I guess you are looking for ways to cut down on your airfare expenses, while you still meet your travel needs in comfort and safety.


What is the best way to get good prices for flight tickets?

If you haven't noticed, almost all airlines do give some kinds of rewards for passengers who use their flight at a budget saving plan as outlined by the airline. The ways you can save more money flying around Australia are as follows.

•    Book ahead. Booking ahead of your travel time at least 2 or 3 months for all your domestic travel is a secure way for a cheaper price. You won’t get last minutes deal for local travel flights, and it's best you search and book your ticket ahead of time to give you the cheaper option to the costly, last minutes booking.

•    Book all peak season flights ahead. Peak seasons like Christmas, Public holidays, and Easter and school holidays from busy routes require early booking. It means to enjoy a cheaper flight; you need first to get a good grip on your time and plan ahead to have all your activities under strict control.

•    Off peak periods. Identify off-peak periods and schedule most of your travel time to fit during off-peak times.


Is there any weekday for cheaper domestic flight?

A way for you to get lower local flight price for any weekday is to explore the Australia Day flight sales. With this arrangement, you can narrow down to the best day to schedule your travel when you are likely to get some dollars off the regular ticket fee and save more for other flights needs.

For this year, the Australia Day flight sales fall on Thursday, and you can plan your travel time around this period for more savings on a trip. It is important to note that the rate you pay may not be fixed as differences do occur depending on your travel date and place of processing. However, the price is still lower compare to the regular cost for the same flight if not processed via Australia Day flight plan.


To get the best prize, how long in advance should you buy them?

As a rule of the thumb, booking your flight about 2 to 3 months ahead of your travel time will bring some savings compared to what you will pay if you book a few days to your trip. However, you can search for the specific destination flight to know what offer the airlines have regarding advance booking.

I found a site where Australia Day Sales for domestic routes discounted information was published. It treats flights savings from Sydney to Melbourne; you may want to look at it for your trip savings as well, here. They compare different airlines companies, like Virgin Australia Airlines to find the cheapest flights available.


Use of available cheap flight finders

Another excellent way you can get a cheap flight across Australia is to use available cheap flight finder resources. I have collected a few you will find handy whenever you are planning on traveling around the country by flight.

•    Flight Centre: you can use flight centre resource to search for a cheap flight across Australia. The site is simple to use and offers a great deal of cheap domestic flights. Just go to its website, here. Fill the cheap flight form and click find a flight; look through the list to find which flight is best for you.

•    Skyscanner: another website you will find useful to find cheap flight is Skyscanner. It compares hundreds of flights in your specified country and gives you the best deal available. Just fill the flights' finder form and hit the search flight button and wait for your result. Go here to try Skyscanner search.

•    Cheapflights: You will find this website useful for quickly finding cheap flights information across Australia. Just enter your city or airport of departure and supply the destination city or airport and specify your departure and arrival date and fill in other details and hit the search flights button for Cheapflights to do the search for you. Go here to access the website.

•    Airfaresflights: another cheap flights finder I find useful is Airfaresflights that compares cheap flights and airlines both for domestic and international flights. The facility allows you to narrow down to the airlines that are pocket-friendly and gives you something to work on within your means. You can access the website here.

•    BudgetAir Australia: This site provides handy cheap flights search to give you the right flight airfare information to quickly decide on the best course of action. You can access the website here, complete the search form and hit the search flights button to get the information you need.

•    Jetcost: This is a flight comparison site to give you an overview of different flight prices for domestic and international flights once you fill in your travel details. Having such information gives you the benefit of knowing how to make your plan and the airlines to select for your journey. Please access Jetcost website here.


Using the above resources is free and does not constitute additional cost on your part other than the time to do the search and plan your trip. Information is powerful and getting the right information at the right time is even more powerful considering the split second decision you can make that will make all the difference in your journey plan.

Getting the best flight tickets price for moving around Australia is possible with a little work on your part to be able to narrow down to the specifics of your needs. However, learning to schedule your trip ahead to save substantial cost on your domestic flight is the best approach to saving more money on the flight budget. Doing otherwise may save you a few dollars, but it won’t measure up to booking your flight in advance.