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Tinder Australia Contact Customer Service

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Tinder Australia has maintained a solid reputation throughout the past by offering the best support for customers throughout the past. People who have issues related to the services offered by Tinder Australia can get in touch with them through two channels.

Either they can request for one of a customer support expert to sort out the issue. Or else, they can find the contact information of Tinder Australia and get in touch with them. When the customers select the first option, they will have to enter specific information about the concern they have in order to get the best possible assistance. While entering the details, customers will also be asked to enter personal information such as their credit card number for assistance.

If the customers wish to directly contact customer support, they can get access to Tinder Australia contact information. The working hours are specifically mentioned on their official website as well. Apart from these two options, people who are looking for customer support offered by Tinder Australia can get GetHuman for assistance.

However, they will be asked to make a payment of $20 to get this service and satisfaction is guaranteed from it. . For users of the platform, there is a customer service team in place to attend to problems that users might be facing. The helpline number for Tinder Australia customer is 34348 and this is the number that is reserved for users to call in order to make enquiries, complaints and give feedback about their experience.

This means that users can call from wherever they are located and have the guarantee that they will be listened to and well attended to by a customer service representative. The customer service of Tinder Australia is available like round the clock which means 7 days a week and 24 hours each day. As such, anytime a user has any complaints or queries, there is always a customer service representative available to respond to users at any time of the day. Tinder Australia customer service has also set up another means by which users can contact them apart from calling the helpline number and it is through completing the contact form that is available on their website.



Tinder is a social networking app that allows users to meet and “hook up” with like-minded individuals. The app was officially launched in 2012, and very quickly took off. Potential matches are rated using a swipe system, and by 2014, the app was averaging roughly 1 billion swipes per day.

The Tinder app uses Facebook and Instagram profiles to get user pictures for sharing, and has recently launched a paid option that allows upgraded users to have an unlimited number of swipes per day. Tinder is available for both Android and iOS systems, and customer support for both versions can be found by going directly to the Tinder website. If you have a Tinder account and you need assistance you can reach Tinder phone number and contact with a Tinder representative to receive help and support.

Call now and enjoy with Tinder app. Tinder Australia is an online dating platform where singles meet up with one another and see if they are compatible enough to go on a date and maybe build something together



Tinder Australia provided some contact information for customers to reach its customer service. Customers can use the available email contacts to reach Tinder customer service for inquiry, comments, and complaint.

For help and support regarding technical and app-related issues, customers can visit its Tinder contact us page here to resolve whatever issue involved. The customer wanting to use this channel will need to complete the online form by selecting pre-defined form format that defines the type of support need and the kind of phone owned and including the detail of the phone. Tinder Australia also wants the customer using this option will also be required to supply their email detail and state the detail of their problem and click the submit button to send the completed form.

Tinder also listed contact detail for people interested in partnering with it to forward their email to register such interest. The email provided by Tinder is as follows: partners@gotinder.com

The media interested in media activities with Tinder are to use the press contact email to establish contact. The press email for media houses and personnel interested in featuring Tinder in their articles or blog may contact them using the following email: press@gotinder.com.  

For ad-sales and advertisement needs, Tinder listed the following email contact: adsales@gotinder.com

For comment and sharing of interesting stories on your experience with Tinder, the following email is provided for use: swipedright@gotinder.com.

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I'm frustrated to find my subscription has for some reason cancelled itself without my consent. My credit card expired and when I found this out and went to update the credit cards details nothing happens. Has tinder malfunctioned? Please email me back at anotherpassing@gmail.com@gmail.com
This is in regards to contacting me after previously sent message my email is anotherpassing@gmail.com Thank you
Can you be charged if you send a code to someone on tinder app. That send a code to ou?
Hi I wanted to have a tinder account. I did not want to go thru my normal facebook account due to safety reasons. I set up another facebook. However I logged out of my tinder account not realising I would lose it. Then when I tapped to go back into tinder it had automatically opened up an account for me under my other facebook account. I panicked as I do not want my other facebook associated with tinder for safety reasons. I deleted that account, and I deactivated my official facebook as I definitely don't want tinder hooked up to that one. I then went back into the tinder app and made sure the facebook I wanted open was only active. However it just says it can't log me in or something. Please help My gmail is. suzlevin3@gmail.com
I cannot up load my photos I do not have any photos on my profile But I am still being charged for membership please get back ASAP thank you.
Hi i am having troule for the last for days trying to upload and get on Tinder through facebook. Can you please help i wish to become a paying member. 0427280172 martinburch1@gmail.com
I want to close my tinder profile Please contact me and help me delete my profile Pennygale@me.com Or 0438012522 ASAP
Can you please contact me on 0437374970 today please as I have just found out that a Tinder account has been created with my phone number and my picture. I do not wish for this to be put on your website as well in the submissions. Thank you Chris
Can someone please contact me ASAP - I have just found out someone created a tinder account with my profile. I HAVE NEVER been on tinder. I am extremely UPSET. Could someone please contact me now on 0451 408 600.
Not happy people are liking my tinder account that I though was deactived not happy at all I'm in a happy relationship please contact me on 0438914248 want this problem solved thanks rebecca PS if the account isn't closed could you please help me closed it
I added tinder gold upgrade and instead of charging me the 5dollars a month extra you’ve charged me 210dollars. Please advise
You did a site update which swapped contact photos and made me think i as messaging the wrong person when i actually wasn't. She laughed at me apologising for no reason and then stopped talking. A good convo sabotaged by your update and swapping photos/messages around!
Hi, I’m trying to delete my profile from the website. Please contact me on 0421806182. Thanks