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TIGERAIR Contact Customer Service

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Tiger Air is the leader company when you are flying in Australia. They have routes to the most popular destinations like Sydney or Melbourne, and some other not so familiar places. Here is a full list of the places you can get using Tiger Air: Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne and more.

Tigerair offices are open from 5 am in the morning to 11 pm, considering the local time in Sydney. You can contact Tigerair by any of the means we are about to tell you, and you will receive a promptly and fast response. The phone numbers to contact Tiger Air’s customer care center are:

  • 1300 174 266 When you dial from inside Australia
  • +61 7 3295 2104 When you are calling Tigerair from another country

Although you could call Tiger-air call center for any inquiry, there are certain things you can solve faster with the particular procedure. That is the case of contacting TigerAir if you want to get a holiday package. In that case, it is best to get in touch to the specialized area by mail or through Tiger-Air web page.

Tigerair Australia works just from Monday to Saturday (except during a public Holiday). From Monday to Friday you can find them from 7 am to 5 pm. If you are trying to reach on Saturday, then do it between 7 am and 3 pm. They have special offers and all the information to make the most of your vacation with Tiger Air’s convenient packages.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of having to make a baggage claim, you must send a written request by postal mail, e-mail or fax. Here is the contact information: tigerclaims@ctplc.com



TigerAir Australia provides the platform to ask questions and gets faster answer. The FAQ page is an essential part of its customer service and troubleshooting facility customers should check out in the bid to get inquiries. TigerAir Australia promises to investigate customer inquiries and provide a reply within 3 business days.

Provide the following useful information to clients who want to make changes to and existing booking urging them to visit Manage My Booking facility on its website to select

  • Change flights
  • Resend your flight confirmation email
  • Add extras such as checked baggage, seat selection, travel insurance and more. Following this directive will save customers enormous time and resources instead of using another contact medium.

TigerAir Australia provides contact us page form for filing relevant inquiries. The form is in 3 parts including Booking Detail where the customer is expected to enter their contact details and proceed to the next form Booking Details where the customer will enter their flight booking details to facilitate their submission.

Upon completing the booking details, the client needs to select the type of submission to indicate whether it’s a Query/request, Compliment, Complaint or General matters and also indicate what the submission chosen relates to in the next selection item.

Customers can contact Tigerair customer service center on the phone number 1300 174 266 during office hours between 5 am to 11 pm Sydney/Melbourne local time. Other phone numbers available for callers outside Australia is +61 7 3295 2104 during business hours between 5 am to 11 pm Sydney/Melbourne local time.



Tiger Airways is an Australian airways company which was founded in 2003 and headquarters are located on Singapore. Tiger Airways provide services in Southeast Asia with great success. Lee Lik Hsin is Managing Director. Tiger airways phone number is provided in this website and you can use it to call customer service department.
Tiger Airways Australia is better known as TigerAir, a budget airline company that is based in Melbourne. TigerAir are a relatively small fish in the commercial airline pond, and currently have a fleet of 14 aircraft serving 17 destinations.

Tiger Airways commenced operations in 2007, and were soon partially taken over by Virgin Australia Holdings, with total ownership completed in 2014. TigerAir have had some issues in the past, including being grounded for a short period of time, but they are making a strong recovery under the Virgin umbrella. Any questions or concerns about the company should be addressed by customer service at TigerAir Phone Number

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Trying to speak to someone is as hard as winning the lottery. Your airline during this Indonesian debacle has acted inappropriately, staff are given a generic spiel to give customers and this approach leaves us even angrier. I have pleaded to speak to someone in senior management and have been refused every time this is requested. Why is it so hard for your airline to take responsibility and have common courtesy to talk to customers when requested to do so? I want to speak to someone in authority who has the ability to resolve my problems created by YOU not ME. There are easy ways to do this and I urgently want to speak to someone TODAY. My telephone number is 0400 007148
Trying to speak with someone within Australia is impossible. Our problem has been created by your Airline not us the Church Family. We would like our Money Back Sooner than 3 Weeks and a Email stating that this is happening,not just by a voice on the end of a phone from another country. Booking Reference AYJ4UQ for 4 People. Contact Direct Today: Email: brianjeannette.church@gmail.com Phone:0416895125 ""PLEASE"" Regards Brian K.Church
On 21st Feb., We left Sydney to Adelaide via TigerAir. That was my (one of the 6 persons traveling group) first trip to SA since we migrated to OZ and lived in Sydney for 25 years. Upon arrival Adelaide Air Port, my luggage never shown up on carousel and lost. I had to hand wash my salted underwear every night because no more clothes since spares gone with the lost luggage. However, we were all excited to drive to Port Augusta, Woomera and melting oven heat in Coober Pedy, experiencing underground cave motel, sparkling opal colour, etc. Tiger Air Adelaide kept contact with me to inform searching progress of the bag. 4 days later, a luggage delivered to our motel in Victor Harbour but was wrong one. What a feeling to receive a wrong bag after desperate waitings for 4 days !!! On 2nd of Mar., I received a call from Tiger Air Adelaide this morning at home in Sydney to cross check characteristics of my luggage and is right one this time. She said someone picked up a wrong one but returned it back to Tiger Air Adeliade. Much appreciated to Tiger Air Adelaide Staffs who kept searching my bag and never gave up to tracking it. I admire their tireless efforts to find it. I do hope to see my bag again soon. I love Tiger Air Adelaide Staffs. Thank You my Dears !!!