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Ticketmaster customer service number Australia

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Ticketmaster is a US based provider of tickets for a wide variety of different events. The company was founded in Arizona in 1976, and has since grown into a massive entity that provides tickets for most major concert events in the United States.

Ticketmaster does the majority of their business out of their two main offices in West Virginia and Texas, but they also operate on a global scale. Their business operations really took off in 2009 when they merged with Live Nation in a deal that effectively allowed them to dominate the ticket industry in the US. Ticketmaster customer service department can be contacted at Ticketmaster phone number



Ticketmaster Australia offers an efficient service to all their customers. The main contact point that the customers will have to use in order to get in touch with one of the Ticketmaster customer support representatives is the Ticketmaster Contact us page in the official website.

From the web portal, they are looking forward to provide an enhanced customer experience and make the ticket buying process more informative, convenient and easy for the users. Ticketmaster Australia encourages the customers to take a look at the FAQ page in order to get answers to the questions and doubts that they have, alternatively, clients may call to Ticketmaster Australia phone number to speak with customer service sales team

The FAQ section consists of updated answers to the most common questions that are being faced by customers. In case if you cannot find the answer you expect from the FAQ page, you can think about contacting them through the customer support number, which is mentioned on the Ticketmaster contact us page. Ticketmaster customer service number is connected to an automated answering machine and you will have to follow the relevant steps in order to get in touch with a customer support representative with ease. Then you can proceed to get the required assistance from a customer care representative.



Ticketmaster Australia helpline can also be reached via their contact us tab on their website as well as their help page which provides a lot of already tackled possible problems. The help page is categorized to help you simplify finding solution to your difficulty in using their service or help you speedily find answers to questions you have to ask.

The Ticketmaster Australia customer service number is toll free for those calling from inside Australia meaning no charge is attracted. But this is otherwise when calling from abroad. In order to ensure easy accessibility by customers who need being attended to, Ticketmaster Australia customer service is open from 9am to 9pm on Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 8pm on Saturdays and 9am to 6pm on Sundays.



Ticketmaster Australia can be contacted through several means as the nature of their business demands that they constantly will have to attend to customers on a daily basis. You can call Ticketmaster Australia customer care to solve any of your problems which could range from purchasing of a Ticketmaster ticket to getting a Ticketmaster refund or even getting Ticketmaster Australia customer service number to cancel your ticket.

You can also call Ticketmaster Australia customer support if you have questions and seek to enquire about anything. You can reach them through their customer service phone number at 136100.



Ticketmaster Australia assistance team uses the social media to attend to their numerous customers. This is one of the ways you can contact Ticketmaster if you want to. They complement their presence on Facebook with being on Twitter. Ticketmaster.com.au phone number handle attend to questions posted by customers on a daily basis. So if you are a twitter user, you can reach Ticketmaster helpline from wherever you are through their twitter handle.

Whether you are based abroad or within Australia, you can reach Ticketmaster Australia through their Facebook account under the customer service zone and get solutions. They have a presence on Facebook for addressing customer problems and proffering solutions.

They have a session for top ten (10) issues faced by customers and solutions to them, a frequently asked questions section where you can get value information on how to overcome your difficulties without having to put a call across to the customer service number. Ticketmaster Australia Facebook customer service zone equally features a contact us form where they capture necessary details including your question.



Ticketmaster is a top world live entertainment company. They inform you of popular events near your location. Ticketmaster has existed for over four (4) decades having been established in 1976. Their business is centered on ticket sales, distribution of event tickets, providing information on events, ticket resale and marketing. Ticketmaster operates in Australia as Ticketmaster Australia. They provide avenue for you to purchase tickets online. Whichever events you want to attend are sure to be covered by Ticketmaster.

Ticketmaster also have local offices in Australian cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide for attending to customers, offline.

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Hi, I purchased 4 tickets for the Elvis concert. They are resale tickets. I just would like to know if they're seated together please. Antoinette 0438600301