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Telstra customer service 24 hours

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Telstra, they are now a completely privatized company, and as of late, have undergone some vast changes in order for them to place a better emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. The company recently has a new CEO in Andy Penn, who has a huge vision for the company. Founded way back in 1975, Telstra currently employs more than 37,000 people.



Mobile and the internet are the basic necessities of the present age. However, Telstra has to make sure to get the economic plans that will meet our budget and requirements. This is the reason that Telstra Australia has been providing their customers with the best mobile and internet plans for the homes and business organizations.

In case that you are, facing some issues or changing your location it is important that you get in contact with Telstra customer service number Australia.

Telstra has trained a special support team that you can contact by following means:

  • Call Telstra: they have the calling services available for all languages. All you have to do is call Telstra phone number
  • Telstra Technical Support phone number: in case that you want some help or information regarding the services, plans, or you have any technical problem with your line, coverage or device, you can visit the support page of Telstra Australia and select your topic.
  • Telstra Social media contacts: they are available on the social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google+ and YouTube to meet all your requirements.

Telstra boost customer service number team is always at your services, remember 24 hours a day to resolve your problems with your phone, line or internet service as soon as possible.

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Telstra Australia offers an excellent support related to all their products and services. The Telstra contact us page of the website could be used to get answers to all the specific questions, also, the company offers a Telstra contact number 24-7 which could be used to get answers to the specific questions.

Therefore, people who has issues related to billing, payments, service offered, plans, moving homes and order tracking can think about selecting the appropriate channel and then directing their concerns. There is a separate channel available for the customers to give their feedback and complaints as well.

Also, there is available a Telstra phone number for multicultural service so that client can speak in other language than english.

Telstra Australia promotes self-help through their website. However, customers who cannot find answers to the questions they have, also can think about contacting one of the Telstra customer service representatives at Telstra Australia over the phone. All the important Telstra phone numbers, which could be used to get in touch with the team, are mentioned on the official website for your convenience.

Therefore, you will not find it as a difficult task to get in touch with a helpful representative when you are in need of help. Telstra Customer support over phone is available on business hours of working days.

For corporations customers there is a dedicated Telstra business contact to offer assistance to all the companies which need internet, mobility solutions and customized products.

For residential another specific line is provided, Telstra white pages residential phone numbers is 125 111 and individual can use this service for any kind of queries of any issue suffered in their lines



Telstra is a telecommunications company of Australia that also provides technology services. Telstra Australia offers its services worldwide, and those could be accessed via the number +61 2 9242 0213 if you are calling from overseas.

For the Telstra SIMs and devices you can call Telstra helpline at +61 439 125 109, but you should never store a copy of the PIN in your mobile. You can also call the Roaming service provider and get help without paying any fees.

Telstra Australia considers that if people are more connected they will have more opportunities, so that’s why the company operates in this field in order to create better future for its clients.

The services, the content solutions and the technology they build are easy to use and one of the fastest in Australia. You call Telstra customer care number 800 856 0000 and get the needed assistance in your issues.

If you had some problems with your online billing, then contact Telstra on the number 1800 834 273 and get their services.

The strategy of the company meets the customer’s needs and includes 3 pillars: to deliver great customer experience by providing the best services or products, to build the growth in the business close to the core, to drive growth and value to the core with directing the focus on the revenue and customer growth. These services can also be accessed via the social media accounts of the company on Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Facebook. You can see their services there also and look for some information.

There is also a live chat where you can contact some of the support members of Telstra and you will be provided the required services. There will be a member who will answer instantly your questions, so maybe this is the fastest way to get your service.

Telstra provides a wide range of contacting options; choose the one which is the best for you. Users can send a complaint to Telstra by:

  • Mail: you need to send a letter to Telstra Corporation, Locked Bag 20026 and Melbourne VIC 3001
  • Fax: you could send a fax with a description of your complaint in the following number: 1800 753 949.
  • Online: you could send your complaint to Telstra filling the following form

Phone: if you want to communicate your complaint to Telstra by phone, you should call Telstra phone number which is dedicated for this matter



Due to is one of the biggest enterprise of Australia, Telstra support team offer many way to contact with Telstra customer service 24 hours, via phone, via social media, via chat, via email or via mail. Customer will select their preferred method of contact and Telstra staff will provide an immediate solution for their queries and doubts.

Help Center is available from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm from Mondays to Fridays for any assistance that you need, once you ring Telstra contact number you could ask for the product or service desired or request to contact with one of the many Telstra departments, free contact number is 1800 753 949.

There are other ways of contacting Telstra customer service aside from giving them a call, and some of the ways is by completing their email contact form or making use of their live chat option.

Any customer who is trying to contact BigPond directly can do so via the main Telstra website. Customer can easily contact Telstra BigPond through Telstra BigPond phone number and get support and assistance for any queries

Telstra probably is the largest telecommunication company from Australia and is due to at the beginning it was a public company instead of private one. Its headquarters is in Melbourne and Telstra can offer different services like fixed lines and mobile telephony and much more services to all Telstra´s customers within Australia.

BigPond is a Sydney, Australia based internet service provider that falls under the Telstra umbrella. Telstra started operations in 1996, and created BigPond to deliver ISP services to all of the major cities across Australia. Where they have really cornered the market is in the area of mobile broadband, as it is estimated that BigPond delivers network coverage that is accessible by 99% of the total population. Telstra employees roughly 10,000 people and offer a few services outside of their ISP, the most notable of which is their music service

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