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TeleChoice contact numbers

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Telechoice Australia is a telecommunication company that was founded some 21 years ago and operates as a mobile virtual network operator. It provides 3G and 4G network to its customers and the first thing the company does is sign up its customers through its website and retail stores across the country after which they can have access to its mobile plans.

Currently, the company has more than 150 retail stores where customer service is provided to those that require it. Telechoice Australia also offers customers the opportunity to shop conveniently online while also ensuring that the retail stores are strategically located so that people can conveniently check in and make use of the available services. It works in conjunction with Telstra wholesale which enables it to provide 3G and 4G networks to its customers.

There is a TeleChoice contact us option on the website with phone numbers to attend to various needs that customers might have and the numbers are accessible five days of the week for 9 hours each day.

There is even an option to chat with Telechoice customer service representatives to make complaints and appropriate solutions will be provided.

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