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TAXIFY is a leading taxi service provider in the world, and gradually, this model of business is widely adopted around the world. Originally established with its headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, the company has branched out its services to about 20 countries and 30 cities all over the world. TAXIFY operates in Europe, Central America, The Middle East and Africa, and it has more than 3 million customers using its services worldwide every year. TAXIFY is growing and continues to grow every day, and Australia is one of the countries where TAXIFY operates as it was launched in Australia only about a month ago in two of the busiest cities in Australia; Melbourne and Sydney. The company intends to break grounds in Australia by making sure its customers are satisfied with its services. 

Now, TAXIFY is not only a platform for customers who would like to hitch a ride, but it is also a platform through which drivers can make money by driving TAXIFY Customers around. So, for existing drivers or intending drivers, there may be the need to contact TAXIFY customer service.

For customers on the other hand, in the process of serving them in Australia, TAXIFY Australia has put in place different means through which everyone can get in contact with the TAXIFY Australia customer support. This article will be highlighting the different ways in which TAXIFY Australia Customer Support can be contacted. Let's get started.


Contact TAXIFY Australia Customer Support via Phone

To contact TAXIFY Australia (Melbourne) customer service, use the ACN number, 622 746 267. This number can also be used to get in touch with TAXIFY Australia Sydney customer support.

To get in touch with the customer service department of TAXIFY Australia in any of the two cities by writing a mail detailing your complaint, request or inquiry to melbourne@taxify.eu (for TAXIFY Melbourne) or sydney@taxify.eu (For TAXIFY Sydney). A customer service representative will reply your email within 24 to 48 hours.