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Target Australia is a Wesfarmers subsidiary and Australia’s largest department store chain. The company was formerly known as Empororama and Lindsay’s and operates a total of 308 stores of 183 Target stores and 125 Target Country stores across Australia. Target.com.au sells branded clothing, homewares, cosmetics, fitness equipment and kits, electrical gadgets, toys and consumer electronics.

Established in 1926 in Geelong, Victoria by George Lindsay and Alex McKenzie, Target Australia became successful with its sales strategy and policy of “half the profit, twice the turnover” and grew progressively. It evolved with various name changing until 1973 when it took the name Target Australia. Target Australia offers its customers a diverse range of products such as underwear, clothing, footwear, and cosmetics and accessories, the latest designs in home wares, including Manchester and a full range of toys, games and entertainment. Target.com.au is headquartered in Geelong Victoria with 308 sales operation outlets across Australia. It has over 23,000 personnel in its employment with annual revenue for 2015 put at AUD 1,972 million. For more inquiry, contact the company customer service through its phone number or on their email.

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