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Synergy Customer Service Number

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Synergy Australia is a power company that provides residents and businesses across Australia with the power they require to live. They also help in adapting alternative energy solutions such as solar systems for your home. Should you have a problem with your service or have questions you will want to contact Synergy Australia. We have the best contact information for you here.

Those with Residential Enquiries can call Synergy phone number at 13 13 53. This phone number is available 7 am until 7 pm Monday through Friday. Those who have everyday questions about residential service should contact this number.

Business Enquiries happen too and to Synergy contact business customer service you can call 13 13 54. This number is available during business hours Monday through Friday.

Have a Electrical Emergency? Call 13 13 51. This number is available at all times. For Gas Emergencies you can call 13 13 52. It is also available at all times to address your emergency needs.

For calls from outside of Australia, you can call +61 86212 2222.



Synergy is held by the federal government of Western Australia and displayed by Minister for Energy. Synergy is state's most significant electricity generator and shop of gas and electricity with an increase almost one million domestic, industry and business customers.

Several million Western Australians rely on Synergy to make certain they get access to a reliable way to obtain energy every day. Their major power stations are in positioned in Kwinana, Pinjar, Collie and cockburn. Smaller power stations are available at West and Mungarra, Kalgoorlie and a jv power station to the Worsley Alumina refinery near Collie. Synergy Australia has wind flow farms at Esperance, Albany, kalbarri and Mumbida a solar plantation near Geraldton and wind diesel systems in Coral Bay, Bremer Bay, Denham and Hopetoun. Synergy Plus is Western Australians biggest energy dealer and provides gas and electricity.

Synergy Australia has one million residential, business and professional customers within the WEST Interconnected System of Western Australia.

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I have previously held a Centrelink Health Care Card for which I was receiving a small discount on my electricity bill from yourselves. I phoned you, last month, to inform you that I now had a Centrelink Pension Card and asked you to add it to my electricity account instead. After I spoke to the first caller who took down my information, I decided to phone you again to check if I would be receiving a larger discount with my new card - which is what I had been expecting. Your customer service office told me that he did not know and that I should look @ the back of my subsequent electricity bill. Today I was informed by another customer service officer that the discount was the same. I am annoyed because I feel that I should have been told that there was no difference in the discount for either the HCC Card or the Pension Card in the first telephone call I made & also the young gentleman in the 3rd phone call was unable to give me the information which I asked for. I have made 3 phone calls to you @40c a call which were all a waste of time and have written this email to you (more time wastage) when I could be doing something more constructive. I am feeling frustrated and cross. You should tell HCC/Pension Card Centrelink customers who move onto another card that the discount is the same, regardless of which type of card they are holding .
account number 590853830A question I wish to ask is the connection of an Oxygen machine which my wife needs for lung support as requested by the Lung Specialist It is installed now since last week. Are there any special rebates or the like for constant use of the machine? I am totally in the dark who to contact and what paperwork is involved or could be involved in this Matter??? Yours Brian hill 7 Tonkin Court Greenfields Phone 9534 9175