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Phone number

Contact now with Steam Games

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Steam Games is surely the most well-known platforms for buying and downloading computer games. It allows you to access all of your games in one place. Contacting Steam Support has always been an issue in its own right for customers around the world. When you are outside of the United States it becomes even harder. We have created a guide to help you better get support from Steam.

Getting support from Steam involves going to their help website, you will be required to log into Steam with your credentials that you use for the desktop application. Then, you will need to use an authentication code to get into the help site.

From there you select the game and problem you are having. You will have the option to see common support problems and then be given options such as viewing related articles. Steam does not provide phone support but will respond to your support requests on their website within a few days.

If you are looking for a problem that you think someone else may have experienced before or another gamer might be able to help you with, you can visit to the Steam Community

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