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4 ways to contact Shoes of Pray Australia

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Shoes of Prey an Australian conceived technology enabled shoe retailing store founded by three friends in Sydney in 2009. The friends Jodie Fox, Michael Fox and Mike Knapp, people with diverse backgrounds co-founded the company, and all brought their skills to impact the company is different ways leading to what it becomes today. Shoes of Prey provide its customers the opportunity to customize their shoes with the choice of design template, colors, and materials.

Most of the shoes are usually handcrafted and customized with a touch of Australian feeling to it. Women thus have the chance to pick different shoes and decide on which one fits them the most as there are various choices to choose from. Shoes of prey Australia is concerned with making sure women are stylish in terms of their shoes without having to be limited to a particular trend.

The shoes vary from high heels to sandals to flat shoes with a variety of choices for any occasion be it casual, formal or events. The shop also has a 3D designer that customers can use to choose the shape, color, and height of their shoes. This design is then custom-made and shipped to the customer anywhere in the world within four weeks.



Shoes of Prey Australia provides both email and phone contact for customers who wish to contact the customer service for assistance, inquiries, or comments. Shoes of Prey Australia listed Australian contacts as well as its International contacts and physical address for appointment purposes only.

Shoes of Prey Australia also encourage its customers to use its question and answer facility on its website as a faster means for customers to get answers to their questions. The facility works by typing in the question in a search bar to search Shoes of Prey Australia database for an answer to the question. The best way to use this facility is to type a keyword that qualifies the type of inquiry you have in mind for Shoes of Prey Australia customer service.

A customer wanting to call Shoes of Prey Australia customer support service can use the following phone numbers:

  • To contact the Australian customer service of Shoes of Prey Australia, call the following telephone: +61 (2) 8766 0506, Mon to Fri, 7 am – 5 pm AEDT
  • To contact the US Customer Service (Toll-Free) number of Shoes of Prey Australia, call +1 855 979 8998; calls are from Mon to Fir between the hours of 7 am to 5 pm PST.
  • For customers wanting to use the Shoes of Prey Australia international head office physical address, for appointments only, the contact detail is Suite 300, 1221 2nd St, Santa Monica CA 90401, USA.



Shoes of prey Australia has online presence on the social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram where customers can follow and check out the latest products. There is a contact us option on their site that customers can make use of through a particular phone number to confirm certain information or make inquiry as the case may be. This then makes it possible for excellent Shoes of Prey customer service to be provided.

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i bought some shoes a week ago and still not delivered. I sent a complaint via website but not answer yet please call me at 02 9883 211 thx