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Sendle Courier Customer service number

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Sendle Courier Australia has the experts that know more about the courier services then you do. Sendle Courier Australia is the award-winning Courier Company that has been providing the best services to their customers. In order to meet the requirements of their clients, they have developed special packages. They are the best alternative to the Australian Post.

The Sendle Courier Australia was introduced in 2014 and they are proud of the services that they have developed. The best thing about the Sendle Courier Australia is that they are the first service providers that have 100% carbon free services. Apart from that, it is the first organization that has been certified with the Technology B.

Sendle Courier Australia has been providing their customers with the following remarkable service:

  • All their rates are 40% cheaper than the other organizations which mean that they have the most affordable services
  • Sendle Courier Australia will pick up the parcels for your doorstep and they will efficiently deliver it to your customers
  • Within 2 minutes you can sign in and send the products to your clients
  • There are no hidden charges included all the services of Sendle Courier Australia are transparent
  • They have the best customer service team for help


Sendle Customer service

If you want to know more about their services or you are dealing with some kind of issue the customer support team of Sendle Courier Australia will be glad to help you out. You can contact them at:

  • You can contact the authorities of Sendle Courier Australia by using the online platform at their site or call Sendle phone number available 24 hours a day.
  • Sendle team will provide you the answers to all your questions at FAQ page. Sendle Courier Australia customer service team is available from 9 am to 5:30 pm from Monday to Friday. They have gained the trust and satisfaction of their clients by providing them the required guidance on the right time.

The customer service team of Sendle Courier Australia has been trained to maintain a supportive and friendly environment with the customers.

Datos empresa
I have a parcel sent from Debarah Banks in Sydney sending it to Townsville 4815.. Picked up last Wednesday she only messaged me a tracking no S4XCDV when I try to look it up on your site it tells me no page found. Can you tell me where it is??
I have a parcel that hasn't been delivered (shkndp) now it is being sent back to me why-- it has been marked as dangerous goods--it is glass . I emailed several times but as yet have no answers as to why it has been mark as dangerous goods when in fact it is a glass ornament as I have explained in my previous emails-----anne strickland
i urgently need to cancel a pick up today. It is impossible to find your telephone number or cancel it on your site. please URGENTLY CALL ME ON 0412 452 341 i am a business trying to use your service, but its all too hard. Julie Trace "Artista Coffee, West End
yeah very disgusting cant contact by phone for urgent enquiries
Please phone me ASAP as I’m waiting on a parcel and no card was left... need to arrange redelivery
Please call me as I have a pick up today and impossible to contact you re pick up time today as ? no number listed My mobile 0419915549 .WA
I have completed all your requirements and am expecting your courier as promised. Please get in touch. I begin to feel that your service is too good to be true. Mary Gillis 8/12/17 Reference SSFWKZ
Hi I have a parcel been delivered to 1/27 Alexandra road ulverstone Tasmania I have had courers had trouble finding this address so can I leave a note with the parcel the unit is be hind domino's pizza shop Alexander road thank you Rodney the tracking number is srkfmf
Call me on 0439339511
Please call me on 0415679884 about payment coming out 2 times this week
Please contact me asap. tracking says parcel delivered and signed by 'mail box'..!!??? Very strange have been home all day and no delivery please can someone ring me and tell me where my parcel is 0478925907
I want to talk to a service agent regarding SHXTVW. Call me on 0419333018
where is the contact number??? Could you please call me at 0283070761???
Please phone me on 0413344837 Urgently re my parcel. our gate is locked and I have been trying to find your phone number for ages … I am soo frustrated. Our parcel is due for delivery today.
Please call me on 0434019630. Forgot to leave my parcel out
Call me ASAP 0414664560
I have courier some goods to Nepal as it has seems to reach Nepal today. Please, confirm the time as soon as possible as per the discussion it has written as urgency in post.
Please call me on 0487299301. Need to send a parcel but I have a few questions.
Could you please call me on 0407851352 ASAP regarding delivery of a parcel it is urgent should have been here last week .
Been almost 2 weeks can I have ur phone number to contact u over my parcel as this is getting ridiculous..... Melbourne to Queensland should take no more than 2-4 days China is faster..
Please may I have your contact number i have question regarding sending things
Please call me regarding my pickup that was booked 3 days a go - 0412 472 835
I require someone to phone me urgently regarding the non delivery if ref SFYBJN. Courier states delivered on Sunday 13th. Sendle don’t deliver on Sunday’s????? Why is it so difficult to contact someone from Sendle? Really would appreciate some assistance with this please. Regards Margaret My mobile 0417283850.
Item supposed to have been delivered at 8pm last night. It wasn't. Is this company fraudulent? Please contact me immediately 0416442460
Pls call me now!!! ... says package delivered but i have nothing.. nothing was signed for!!! 0402590867
I want to know if my parcel was signed for and where it was delivered to? this is the rererence SM3MGZ
Parcel marked as delivered but no parcel arrived *or* delivery driver left in location different to what was specified which resulted in parcel getting stolen. No contact number available - absolute terrible courier. First and last time I will every use them in my life.