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State Debt Recovery Office SDRO Contacts

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There are several government agencies in Australia that issues fines, and it is up to the State Debt Recovery Office (SDRO) to ensure that all those fines are paid in a timely fashion. SDRO agency is able to go after those who are late in paying fines, and their practices are clearly outlined in the Fines Act 1996.

The State Debt Recovery Office is a department of the state government which focuses on recovering money from a variety of tickets and fines. You can pay your tickets on the website or look up camera photos. You can also request a review to help keep the roads safer.

The State Debt recovery Office exists to make sure that every fine issued in Australia is paid on time. The SDRO does not in any way interfere with government agencies that issue fines, the function of the SDRO is only to make sure the fines are paid timely and at when due. The SDRO can go after fine defaulters and make sure they pay all the fines they are supposed to pay. For every individual who has a fine to pay, they can pay on the SDRO website and if there is any reason why they might want to get in touch with the agency, this article will highlight different means through which Sdro customer support team can be contacted. To get all the necessary information about the State Debt Recovery Office, visit their website



To call the Office Of State Revenue, SDRO department, you can call Sdro contact number at 1300 138 118. This phone number is available on business days from 7:30 am to 8 pm. Enforcement orders can be phoned in at Sdro helpline at1300 655 805. For those looking to speak about unpaid ambulance fees, you can call 1300 655 805.

To get in touch with the SDRO customer support department for enquiries or questions on penalty notices, call 1300 138 118. The phone line is open on week days between 7:30am and 8pm. As easy as it is to make your enquiries by simply filling a form, it may take days to get a response to your question.

To complain about unpaid ambulance fees, you can call the customer support team in charge of ambulance fees on 1300 65 5805. If you want to make enquiries about enforcement orders, you can call Sdro phone number 1300 655 805

You can as well walk into the SDRO physical office at the following addresses;

  • Parramatta Office: 132 Marsden Street, Parramatta NSW 2150.
  • Newcastle Office: Level 2, 97 Scott Street, Newcastle NSW 2300.

If you are someone who still uses the traditional mailing system, you can write a letter and mail it to the following address, State Debt Recovery Office PO Box 786 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012 to lodge whatever complaint or make any enquiries you might have.

Datos empresa
hi, may i contact with sdro via email?
I already pay my fine
How do I email or upload documents lady on phone said on right hand side it’s not there
My fines have been paid but money still continues to come out of my account????
l already paid my fines but my licence still suspended what I have tho do now
I have a unpaid parking penalty ticket, but unfortunately I can’t find out the ticket, can I provide my details and get back the penalty number and date then I can pay online. My details as below Registration plante number:xsa657 Type of vehicle: Toyota Corolla hatchback blue colour Name of the registration: lemiao YAN
I have a compensation claim im paying back to state debt recovery and i am wanting a balance on what i owe ?I have just been paying it for years and i think its done .Who do i call ?
Hi, RMS Customer Number 14430148 On the 28th June 2018, I wrote to Revenue NSW requesting reimbursement of Stamp Duty which was inadvertently paid. As of yet I have not received a reply or any feedback. Can someone contact me ASAP please. Jude Camilleri 0417887588 jude@jcmotors,.com.au