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Road Transport Authority services is a body that is based in South Australia which is concerned about the use of roads and vehicles in the region. It’s a government agency that served the region of South Australia and it was responsible for registering vehicles, issuing license to drivers, coming up with parking rules as well as dealing with any form of infringement that might occur in the use of road.

Rego rules however were not limited to just vehicles but extended to cyclists as well all in a bid to ensure proper maintenance of road rules. This maintenance will help to reduce accidents and all forms of automobile crashes on the road. The Road Transport Authority services also carries out regular inspection of vehicles to determine if such vehicles should still be plying the roads or not; apart from that, structures on the various roads in the Southern region are checked regularly to determine if repair needs to be carried out or maybe an expansion of the road is what is required.

Service centers are now available across the region that will provide people with the necessary answers to questions or inquiries thus giving people effective customer service. There is also a Road Transport Authority contact us option on their page which is accessible through a Road Transport Authority phone number that one can call for any information that might be needed.