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Rinnai customer service phone number

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Rinnai is a plumbing and heating company founded in 1920 by Kenkichi Hayashi and Hidejiro Naito. They offer services including water heaters, furnaces, and gas appliances. Rinnai also has websites designated for Japanese, American, Korean, New Zealand, Italian, Brazilian, and Indonesian audiences respectively, as well as a worldwide website as 86 sales offices across the globe



Rinnai is a company that provides lifestyle supplies to those in Australia. You can get equipment for your home such as water heaters, cooling appliances, and hot water. They also service commercial customers. Should you have a problem with your devices, you will probably want to contact their customer service. We have gathered some of their best contact information so you can get the help that you need.

For phone support you can contact Rinnai at 1300 555 545. This number can help you with sales and service, along with product help and ordering spare parts. They are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

If you have an after hours emergency where you have no hot water, you can contact the Emergency Line for Rinnai at 1800 000 340. This number should be contacted as soon as the problem arises.

Rinnai allows customers to make inquiries online at their contact us page. Rinnai´s Australia’s head office is located in Keysborough, and can be reached by mail at Rinnai Pty Ltd, P.O. Box 460 Braeside, VIC 3195.

Rinnai also has a FAQ page on their website, a news section can also be located on their website and frequently offers promotions, such as a “gas log fire promotion” and coupons for up to $25 off certain supplies. Rinnai also has career opportunities in finance, sales, marketing, and many other categories.

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where is a rinnai store in sydney?
Complaint to Senior Management My solar hot water system just over 1 year old when solar panel explode. Tried to ring Rinnai from 1 July but could no get through. Lines cut out after over 1 hour on hold. After trying to get through every day got through on 5 July . Rang rinnai 5 July ref 157208, lady ring say someone ring me in 2 weeks. From John b Robinson Plumbing. Rang Rinnai 14 July for update , Rinnai will ask plumber to ring me as have not come out yet. Chris rang 17 July and said weeks maybe a month beside someone come come out. 1 August Rinnai and plumber come out, say it panel and will order one. Office to ring me to organise plumber to come out and change panel. 26 August Chris from plumber ring me, say delay 1 month again. Me ring Rinnai 28 August complain want evac tubes panels. Passed on to Nicola in customer relations. Nicola to ring me. Me ring Rinnai 29 August was told Nicola not on and Nicola ring me tomorrow 30 August. Me ring 30 August was told Nicola on training back Thursday 31 August. Oliver rang 31 August Me complain again Oliver say will ring me in 20 mins. Oliver no ring me back. Because could no get through to Rinnai me had to pay plumber $250 plus gas bill very big but me no use heater or oven because no solar hot water. Me sick with kidney transplant plus stroke and need solar hot water. Me want Rinnai to upgrade me to evac tubes panels and frost area valve as all this too much for me. Too much wait, all solar panels in area explosion from frost, me no want this problem every cold frost night. It expensive, me wait ages, it too much stress and me very sick Oliver ring back 1 September and say Rinnai no pay for anything. Him raise voice and talk over me. Me explain no have plumber receipt because him demand cash and wait for me to go bank. Me tell Oliver me have special exceptional circumstances because have kidney transplant plus stroke, no one else have this medical problems. Me ask Oliver to check with Manager for Rinnai pay cost of evac tubes. Him rude, raise voice and talk over me. Oliver eventually say him check with Manager and him ring me back this afternoon. Oliver no ring me. The broken solar panel together with how Oliver treated me because Oliver raise his voice and talk over me cause me chronic stress and anxiety. Me want Rinnai to pay for evac tubes Joy Benias 0438002897 5 Orton Crescent, Maddingley 3340