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RACQ Insurance Customer Care contacts

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First and foremost, RACQ also referred to as the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland has been running for over 110 years offering a broad range of services, such as:

  • Providing roadside assistance Cars and driving assistance
  • Car insurance assistance
  • Travel insurance assistance
  • Cars loans assistance
  • Home assistance
  • Pet insurance

Not only is RACQ Australia one of the members of the Australian Automobile Association, but it is also one of the largest insurance companies and provider in Queensland Additionally, its history goes way back after being formed in 1905 by twelve motorists at a meeting of ‘almost all the motorists in Brisbane’ in 1921 it received its first Royal Charter Further, RACQ’s primary goal is to adhere to the needs and wants of their clients so as to meet their expectations.

They have over 700 rescue vehicles 24/7 Queensland-based call center Sponsored rescue helicopters for mission Book traveling for either international or domestic holidays Offer discounts for movies and theme park tickets Ultimately, if you are a member of the Queensland’s largest club, rest assured your needs would be met

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Hello RACQ I have paid in full to RACQ motor vehicle insurance a total of $1686.14 on 4 January 2017 for the renewal of our motor vehicle insurance policy which was due on due to recommence on 20 January 2017. One of the three vehicles on the policy (Toyota Corolla) was involved in a crash on 18 January 2017 and RACQ assessors have written the vehicle off. I have been advised by a member from RACQ that the full value of the policy of $567.35 relating to the Corolla as it was prepaid before the policy due date of renewal and subsequently written off before the policy recommencement date, that the money $567.35 for this vehicle would be refunded in full back onto the Master Credit card from which the payment was originally made to RACQ for the full policy. To date this refund has not appeared on my credit card and I am requesting advice please as to when this refund will be completed. Claim MV07722789 Refers Many Thanks Tom Wilkinson
Hello....I am wondering who and how I can get hold of someone from RACQ to cancel my content and car insurances please. Do I need to go to a nearby office to do this or via email. If you could give me the information required it would be appreciated. Cheers, Gail Schurmann