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Queensland Motorways customer service centre

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Queensland Motorways began operations in Australia in the year 1980. It has been managing a seventy kilometer stretch of toiled roads. Queensland Motorways has its headquarters in Brisbane and is responsible for managing many toll areas whose main purpose was to aid motorists get around the Brisbane CBD.

Later, in 2009, Queensland Motorways introduced the go via electronic system whose main aim was to speed up the tolling process. Another goal of the new tolling process was to do away with the lines of vehicles stopping to pay at the number tolling booths located along a seventy kilometer stretch of managed roads.

Queensland Motorways was founded around 1980 and is an Australia company focused in transportation services. Address: 1051 Lytton Rd, Murarrie QLD 4172, Australia


Contact Queensland Motorways phone numbers

If you want to contact Queensland Motorways, then there are several options available to you. If you have a general enquiry, then you can get in touch with Queensland Motorways customer service center from seven in the morning till seven in the evening every day. All you need to do is pick up the phone and reach Queensland Motorways helpline 13 33 31. If you wish to contact the Queensland Motorways office, then you can send them a letter which should be addressed to PO Box 2125 Mansfield QLD 4122.

contact helpline

Customers who are calling Queensland Motorways from outside Australia will need to dial +61 3182 2700. For interpreter service, you can call 13 14 50. If you would like to contact Queensland Motorways via email, then you can do so by clicking on All Email Enquiry Forms at the Queensland Motorways website. If you have a question you want answered or if you want to leave feedback, you can use the appropriate contact form to send your email after filling out the required form, you can wait for a quick response from the Queensland Motorways customer care team.

It is also possible to write a letter to Queensland Motorways. If this is what you want to do, then be sure to address your letter to LINKT, ReplyPaid 87288, VIRGINIA BC QLD 4014. Queensland Motorways is also there to help you in any way it can. Towards this end, the company also continuously watches its social media channels from Monday to Friday between half past eight in the morning till five in the evening AEST. If you have a question, then Queensland Motorways will do its best to answer it within an hour. For posts posted after five in the evening, Queensland Motorways will get back to you at the earliest the following day.

Customers who wish to make a complaint to Queensland Motorways can send their complaint via the website’s contact us page. There, there is a COMPLAINTS link that you can click in order to submit your complaint. Simply click on SUBMIT A COMPLAINT and a form will be displayed that you will need to complete. Be sure to mention your name, preferred method of contact which could be email or phone and also provide your email address.

You also need to provide your daytime contact number, account number, License Plate Number and after that be sure to provide complete details regarding your enquiry. Finally, after providing your feedback about how the matter could be resolved, you should click on the SUBMIT button and your complaint will be received by the company who will then get back to you at the earliest.

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Hi me, hubby and our 2 boys were travelling on the gateway lastnight around 7:30pm, we were in the left lane about 10-20mtrs after mt gravatt turn off and a 4WD was in the far left lane with a long silver trailer, he ran over something metal snd then it flew backwards and hit our car and hit our windscreen, our widscreen is now terribly cracked and we need a new one asap. we were lucky it didnt cause a serious accident. SInce then because of the sound it made when hitting our vehicle i have had a throbbing headache and my boys woke up twice lastnight having a nightmare about it. my hubby had a car accident 3yrs ago with a old lady running a red light and its caused him to get flashbacks again.. we cannot afford a new windscreen.. i didnt know who to contact as the number 32330000 gives 2 numbers that doesnt deal with matters like this then hangs up. MY number is 0490247114 Im available all day today 31st Oct 2016, from 8am to 11am then 3pm to 10pm tomoro 1st oct 2016, all day Wednesday 2nd oct & all day friday 4th oct 2016. i have copied this message for my own reference.
Hi I received a text on my mobile last night 23.06.17 @ 1844hrs saying that I owed $861.88. I have a Go Via account and it is in credit. I was wondering if you could follow up for me? My mobile is 0413001 292 Thanks heaps, Jeanette
Hello received an email from Collection House file no. 3171101 customer ref. 2581223710807893103 for an amount of $55.38 for using toll. I have emailed them as I have been living in Indonesia since April 2018 and even when in Australia never use tolls as I live on the Gold Coast and if I come to Brisbane to North side use Bypass. This is the first Email I have received and no mention of date or which toll I was supposed To have used , have emailed them twice but no return mail as yet. Would be pleased for more information re this situation. Regards Antonio Antolini