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Direct ways to contact QBE insurance Australia

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QBE insurance is the largest insurance company providing global services in all of Australia. QBE sells insurance and insurance services to countries and locations including: Australia, America, Europe, and parts of Asia. Currently there are over 17000 people working for QBE insurance, and that number will have increased even more by this time next year.

Founded more than 130 years ago, QBE insurance has acquired a number of companies and it continues to increase its assets every single year. Marty Becker is the chairman, whilst the CEO is John Neal. QBE Insurance Australia is one of the leading business insurance service providers that operate within the country.



Need to get an insurance plan? Do you wish to cancel a plan? Need to up your coverage? We show you the best tips to contact QBE insurance Australia here. Then you need to speak to the QBE customer service team or sales team at QBE Insurance. This team is available Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm. And Saturday 8 am to 5pm. QBE phone number is 133 723.

Have a claim? Then there is 24 hour access to a live agent available for you. The claims department can be reached at the same number 133 723.

This one number serves as both the claims and customer service. An operator or automated system will help you to get ahold of the individual that you need.

For those that have a business account with a broker, you can contact that broker to make changes to your account or to process a claim. However, business accounts that used a broker can also call 1800 023 387 to get claims service.

If you want to leave feedback in the form of a comment or complaint you can do so by the phone but it is much quicker to look for the appropriate section on their site, also in the same section you can find information for what to do if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Members of the press can find information on QBE Insurance here, Media can contact QBE at the same phone number 133 723 and they will be directed to the appropriate party.



The staff are friendly and efficiently, and the contact us details and customer service for the company and website itself, are second to none. You can speak to a broker directly, or you can simply call the phone number on the website and find your nearest branch if you would prefer.

People who are interested in getting more details about the offered products, want to get a quote or purchase insurance can think about contacting them through the general customer service number. QBE contact number is mentioned on the official website and the team can easily be contacted between 8am to 8pm on every weekday. The service is also available on Saturdays from 8am to 5pm. The customers can request for a call back from the support team as well.

On the other hand, a separate QBE helpline has been specified for the customers who want to get their claims. In case if you got into an insurance policy of QBE Insurance through a broker, you will need to get in touch with them through a different phone number, which is also mentioned on their website. Or else, it is possible for the customers to request for claims through the online portal. The addresses of all the QBE Insurance Australia branches and offices have also been specified on the official website and people can think about visiting them as well.

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