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Contact with Prince Charles Hospital now

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The Prince Charles Hospital serves a lot of patients each and every day. With both an emergency department and specialties, you can get all of the medical services you need. Sometimes you need to contact a hospital to find out information, ask questions about billing, and more. Here are the best contact methods.

A hospital operator can be reached at Prince Charles hospital phone number 07 3139 4000. This number is available around the clock for your assistance.

Prince Charles Hospital is flexible on visiting hours. Most procedures are performed in the morning however. This means that you might have to wait in order to visit. The address is:

If you need to contact with General patient enquiries service, can be phoned in at 61 3139 4799.

For specialist outpatient services, both public and private, you can contact Prince Charles Hospital at 61 07 3139 4207. Regular outpatient services can be contacted at 61 07 3138 4280.

Finally, if you need to access your medical records you can call the records department at 61 07 3139 4883.

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