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Speak with Pokemon Go customer support team

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An app that has taken the world by storm is Pokemon Go that has been developed by Niantic. Thousands of people have flocked to their respective app stores to make sure they do not miss out on the action and Niantic has only just released the Beta version of the game. Influenced by the TV hit show, Pokemon, fans can now catch their favourite characters in their area.

This app uses your GPS settings and gains access to your camera so that you can catch them all wherever you are. Create your own profile, find PokeStops to power up, and hit the gym so that you can be very best. Once you have levelled up your character, you can battle it out with other trainers in your area to win Pokemon and other awesome benefits, too.

Pokemon Go has support services that you can contact via their website. Here you will find a long list of FAQs that many players have asked as well as different articles to help you enjoy the game to its full potential. You can also contact Pokemon Go Customer Service team submiting a request online if you have any other queries that are not covered by the Pokemon Go website.


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