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Phone number

Contact Pizza Hut by phone and start your order

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Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by brothers Frank and Dan Carney, Pizza Hut is a fast food chain that now operates about 15,000 locations worldwide, if you count those in China that are run by Yum! Brands. All told, Pizza Hut employs over 150,000 people worldwide, and have their main offices located in Plano, Texas.

While the chain started out with physical restaurants, the number in operation has been reduced over time, as the brand focuses more on pizza delivery services. The menu also features other Italian-based items, with roughly 50 Bistro locations operating in the US.

Pizza Hut Australia is a part of over 12,000 Pizza Hut Restaurants and delivery units worldwide. It is one of the first pizza home delivery companies in Australia in the early 1970s. The company operates as a fast food chain Pizza Hut, selling unique global pizza hut brand in the Australian market

Pizza Hut Australia has been serving its customers with the best quality pizza. Their flavors are unique and authentic. For the ease of their customer, they have been providing the services of free delivery. So you can enjoy the pizza anytime, anywhere.



You did not like the new flavor, you are not satisfied with the services or the employees misbehaved you can contact the customer support team of Pizza Hut Australia. Get connected with Pizza Hut Australia using the following services. You can contact Pizza Hut Australia at 1300 749 924.

You can get the services of Pizza Hut Australia until midnight and the best thing is most of their stores are available near you. Their customer service team will never make your wait. Do not forget to take advantage of the special Pizza Hut Australia coupons.

Which is you nearest pizza hut?

Find below the main stores and their contact numbers:

  • pizza hut kirra phone number is +61 1300 749 924
  • pizza hut edgeworth phone number is +61 1300749924
  • pizza hut carlingford phone number is 1300 749 924
  • pizza hut elanora phone number is 1300749924
  • pizza hut browns plains dine in phone number is 13 0074 9924
  • pizza hut windsor phone number is 1 300 PIZZA HUT



Customers looking to contact Pizza Hut customer service can do so by calling Pizza Hut phone number Australia 24 hours, they can make an order, make a complaint or just receive assistance.

Customers can contact Pizza Hut customer service for more inquiry on how to book or call them on their phone number to be guided. You can order for Pizza, Family Pan, Asian Fusion, Sides, Desserts and Deals on their website.

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From Ian Kirk, iankirk@optusnet.com.au A few months ago I applied for employment at Pizza Hut Footscray and I has just received this email. from Jennifer Bolton. I can sent the original email if you want. This email is wrong. Jennifer Bolton <jenniferbolton@diamondtravelus.com> Diamond Travel Hello Ian Kirk, First of all we would like to thank you for your attention to our company. The position Pizza Hut Driver closed. We have found the necessary employee. There is an open vacancy of Travel Assistant! You don't need to have any additional skills. We provide Probationary Period with full support. So you will receive needed skills while working. If you are interested in our offer, please write us back for more information. Regards, Jennifer Bolton Diamond Travel Warm Regards Ian Kirk
To whom it may concern I would like to say at first that I enjoy pizza hut pizza's. When the Baldivis store open we had no troubles with the hotline. The last few times we have rang the hotline to order a pizza for pick up. I ring the 1300 number (no worries) 23 Dec 2017. I place my order hubby and I go to pick the pizza up. We walk in to the store excepting our pizza to be there in the warmer. (well we were wrong). We asked for our order and the team member behind the counter said they didn't receive my order. The were dumbfounded that it was not the on their computer system, they had started to ring around the Rockingham are to see if it was place in one of the other stores. No it wasn't. We waited for at least 20 mins why are pizzas were being prepared. We did not want to wait that is why we rang. We order another pizza on the 12 Jan 2018 6.35 pm I asked the young fellow on the other end if this order will go through this time after I had told him what happen before. We placed our order. Again we went to collect our pizza, again NO PIZZA. We decided not to wait around because that is why we rang so we didn't have to. We walked out and grabbed something else. 7 Feb rang the hotline to place a complaint about the hotline. After trying to ring head office were nobody answered the phone. We order a pizza on the 21 March 2018. Your hotline was different this time. No worries. Placed my order. Went down to pick it up again. Well what do you know NO PIZZA. This time we did wait around. Due to the manager who was very understanding about the situation. He had given himself at least 7 mins to make the pizza so we could go home to enjoy it. While we were waiting he had told us that there were 4 customers before us that placed their pizza through the hotline and he didn't receive the info that was suppose to be sent through the hotline to his system. Also when we placed our orders, the ones that I had already mention and went to pick them up. We talked to other customers who had the same problem as we did. This poor fellow is trying to run a small business he is losing customers because of your so called HOTLINE has a vault. Kind Regards Debbie