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Phone number

Phone number for Philips customer services

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Philips is a company that has been in existence for over a century meaning it survived both World War I and II which is something. It has its headquarters in Amsterdam in the Netherland and has operations across sixty countries in the world, with over one hundred thousand employees and the company is worth almost thirty billion Euros.

Philips is specialized in production of electrical appliances and anything that has to with lighting as well as health care products. While the company has experienced periods of near bankruptcy, it has grown bigger and larger with each passing and about two years ago, a profit of over twenty billion Euros was recorded.

Their coverage is worldwide as there are very few countries that you will get to in which you will not find the products from this company irrespective of whether they have a base of operations there or not. The operations of Philips Australia are characterized by technological innovation (which forms part of their slogan) in order to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of people. There is also a genuine passion to provide people with the appliance or product that best suits their needs.

You can contact Philips by phone, by mail or by chat. Keep in mind Philips has dedicate phone number for each product category:

Keep in mind customer service staff team are available from Monday to Friday

Why can't I talk to someone in Australia. ? Unbelievable.
Hi I bought my SHAVERIN S.A. NO PAK{STAN Why do i have to speak to someone outside who does not know all my answers & wants me to answer this that & the other NOT ON PHILLIPS.
I bought a philips universal tv remote and can't find the code for the tv that i have my tv is a BAUHN
Need a clame form
Where can a find a replacement charger for a Philips MP3 player GoGear ARIA 8GB SA1ARA08K/97
I'm in Thailand and would like to purchase shc5200/79 headphone if they are still available but can't contact anyone in Phillips Australia from here. Could some one please email me on pgangell@hotmail.com or ring on +66878421214