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Paypal Australia Contact

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This is a call connection service and HE is not affiliated with the companies listed on this website. Paypal Australia, officially starting life in 1998 as Cofinity, a security option for handheld devices, PayPal is now known for its online payments system, which is now used by upwards of 170 million customers.

PayPal went public in 2002, and were quickly snapped up by eBay for around $1.5 billion. The online auction site saw PayPal as the ideal way for its users to pay for winning auctions, and it’s believed that roughly 70% of all transactions performed on eBay are completed using PayPal.



Paypal Australia offers a quick and a smooth assistance for the people who have questions related to all the services offered through Paypal contact numbers. Customers who have issues will need to log into their Paypal accounts before contacting Paypal customer service.

When they log in, a unique reference number will be provided, which the agent uses to figure out the exact account where the issue is with. Or else, they can locate the account using the Paypal phone number that you use to call Paypal Australia. Users who don’t have Paypal accounts have also been provided with required facilities to get in touch with Paypal customer support.

The exact hours that Paypal Australia customer care could be reached are mentioned on their official website. Paypal Australia offers an excellent support through social media as well.

contact us

Paypal helpline is available in the following hours, 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 8am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday, so, user with or with our accounts can call Paypal for matters like passwords locked, change password, how to open an account, question about One Touch and general queries.

For general queries you should call Paypal Australia phone number and staff team will be in charge of your concerns. For account openings, you can reach Paypal helpline which is available 24 hours a day



In some cases, users need to contact Paypal Australia resolution centre due to a potential fraud. In those cases, if users detects an unauthorized activity on their account there are some steps they must follow:

  • Login your Paypal account
  • Click the Resolution Centre Option
  • Click the button “Report a Problem”
  • Fill all fields with your transaction information
  • Select unauthorized transaction and go ahead

What happens if user does not receive item paid? The best solution is to use Paypal Australia contact through resolution centre.

In case you paid an item but you don´t received you can contact Paypal to report his issue and Paypal Customer Support will be in charge of it. How to report it? follow the following steps:

  • Login your Paypal account
  • Access to Resolution Centre section
  • Click “Report a Problem”
  • Select “Item Dispute” and go ahead



You always can contact Paypal Australia via email and support staff will respond you as soon as possible. This method of contact can be used to ask for information or queries and also to inform about an issue, a complaint or a fraud

In internet there are many fake websites or spoof email related to Paypal. In case you realized there is some fraud, please send that information quickly to phishing@paypal.com.au

Please keep in mind you always have to delete Spoof email and don´t follow instruction displayed, Paypal will never contact with you by email requesting your personal or account data.

You can always reach them through Paypal Australia phone number. This is most preferred of contacting PayPal Australia by customers if they would love to speak with a customer care agent, and properly communicate your difficulties across. The company's customer service team mainly help with issues focusing on the following: PayPal payments, PayPal receive money, PayPal send money and PayPal transfer.

PayPal Australia contact service hours are 6 am to 10 om from Monday to Friday, and 8 am to 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Paypal customer service department will usually get to you within 24 hours of sending an email if you choose to contact them that way. By being available to clients all through seven (7) days of a week, PayPal Australia ensure problem resolution for clients does not take so much time. Thereby preventing downtime, and making sure businesses depending on them don’t suffer.

Customers can also skip directly calling or sending an email to PayPal Australia customer service department. This is because they have simplified the manner by which clients can reach them, with the inclusion of already preferred solutions to frequently encountered difficulties on the "find quick answers" category displayed on their contact page, on their official company website.

Businesses and individuals who patronize PayPal Australia and have problems that need solving, can contact Paypal Australia through "call us" or "email us" option after they must have logged into their accounts using their password and registration email. It is noteworthy that PayPal Australia customer care contact number is toll free.

This is the Paypal helpline (1800073263) that you can call for any questions or concerns that you may have concerning PayPal Australia services.



This is the Paypal contact Australia number 1800073263 that you can call for any questions or concerns that you may have concerning PayPal Australia services.

Irrespective of your kind of transaction, type of business, or even magnitude of difficulty faced in using PayPal Australia services, you should contact Paypal helpline within the specified hours of operation. This will ensure speedy attention and resolution of your problem by their customer care department.

PayPal Australia customer care doesn't have a live Web presence for attending to clients like some other businesses do. So you either call or email the customer care team of PayPal Australia for them to resolve your problem and not really on having a chat.

The customer support department of PayPal Australia is also reached through customer feedback. The data they gather through this medium is used to analyze frequent problems faced by clients and properly structure their services to give customers better experience and boost businesses and transactions. PayPal Australia customer service department handles the company's Facebook page and respond to customers on that platform. This makes it easier for people to reach PayPal Australia and table their issues. As Facebook is a global village, it sure does fit being an avenue for contact for PayPal Australia.



If you are calling from abroad, there is a Paypal Australia contact which allow to reach without any issues and put you through with Paypal staff.

Keep in mind if you reach Paypal phone number, you must be the account owner, Paypal cannot discuss with if you are not the owner. If you shake your telephone while your are using Paypal app, Paypal contact us button will be displayed

Datos empresa
please ring me 03 52647707 Victoria australia not able to ring you ???
This is THIRD time I have told you I do NOT have a pay pal account yet I keep receiving emails about my account; twice now I have talked to your legal department which has said they will deal with the fraudulent account in my name with my email account. The last time this happened (about three months ago) your representative promised this would not happen again. What do I have to do? I was promised that this WOULD NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. Could you please call me and assure me this matter has been dealt with. Sharne Wheeler 0435912771 doccaroon@gmail.com
cant change pay pal my address despite following required steps please contact me as we cant ph numbers with 1902 at start
I close my a/c, and on the 2-12-17 Paypal got $135.99 from my a/c. I cant log in, but it looks like ither people can, please put a stop on it. thanks
Having problems with frued. Have had $1200 worth of unauthorised transactions. Need this to be delt with immediately. Please call 0414540852
Hi I bought a phone cover for $39.95 and have discovered it’s a scam! How can I get my money back please?
Please see copy of email attached From: Ian Lamont <ijlspm70@gmail.com> Date: 16 July 2018 at 3:15:44 pm AEST To: info@crazysales.com.au Subject: Defective Bird Repellent returned by your customer and then sold to me as a new item Please see copy of LTR found in box No batteries in the box Even with new Batteries it does not work I tested the unit using an Audio Spectrum Analyser and there is no signal at the stated frequency or any frequency Please either send me a new working unit or refund my money within 7 days or I will contact Pay Pal If you want this old unit back please arrange a return post doc. Ian Lamont 48 Palm Street Belgian Gardens Townsville QLD 4810 Phone 0418778917 IMG_2138.JPG
shut my account please
need to change my email contact unable to do this change from avis.clift@gmail.com to avisclift8@gmail.com
what is the split this under a paymnnet on my statement
I have been trying to put my new debit card in, but you saying that it wrong. I have just found out they change the numbers on the card because of fraud
I can not login at any of your sites and I do have an account HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!