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Oppo Customer Service contacts

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OPPO, since its foray into the global market of mobile technology has released highly innovative and impressive camera phones. OPPO is a brand that has captured the hearts of young and old people around the world and in 2016, the company was ranked as the 4th smartphone brand in the world in the IDC rankings. Products from OPPO are usually affordable while offering the latest and the most impressive features. The growth of the company is Australia is quite impressive and with the way it has captured the Australian mobile market, more customers are joining the train by the day.

There will be an increased need for customers to interact with the brand in form of requests, enquiries, complaints and so on. Hence, this article will be providing useful information on how OPPO Customer Service can be contacted. These pieces of information will contain phone numbers, email addresses, web links, etc.

OPPO Australia is the fastest growing smartphone brand. They have been working to give technology a new shape by developing the phones that will help you to capture high-quality selfies. The best thing is that you will find their products at the most affordable rates and upgraded with the latest features.


Oppo Contact Numbers

There might come a time when you will need to know more about their products or in case there is an issue with the phone that you have you must contact the OPPO Australia customer service. They have specially trained their team to ensure that they will meet all your requirements. You can connect with the OPPO Australia customer service team on the following platforms:

  • You can call the OPPO contact number at 1300 00 6776 from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm
  • You can send them an email at support@oppomobile.com.au
  • For general enquiries, you can use media@oppomobile.com.au
  • To get the answers for all your questions regarding OPPO Australia you can visit their FAQ page

Contact OPPO Australia customer team as soon as possible. They will ensure to never disappoint you.


OPPO Customer Service

There will be times when customers or prospective customers will be interested in knowing more about OPPO products and services. It could be an issue with a phone that was purchased and you will need to contact the OPPO Australia Customer Support. The customer support team has been specially trained to make sure that you get whatever issue you may have resolved properly and timely. To get in touch with OPPO customer support team on phone, call Oppo phone number at 1300 00 6776. The phone line is open from Monday to Sunday between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm.

To contact OPPO Australia customer service via email, write an email containing the details of your request or complaint to support@oppomobile.com.au.

For general enquiries, send an email to media@oppomobile.com.au. If you are a media house representative and you would like to know about the operations, latest announcements, latest news, latest products or any other enquiry that is related to the media, send an email to oppo@campaignlab.com.au.

If you are the type who does not make too much of phone calls and you would like other alternatives than phone calls, you can visit the Frequency Asked Questions page on the company’s website. On this page, you can get answers to questions that have been raised by other customers like yourself who probably have faced similar issues like you are facing.

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