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Nokia Customer Service contacts

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Nokia is a telecommunications and computer software company founded in 1865, founded by Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin, and Eduard Polon. In 2015, Nokia made a total profit of 1.68 billion euros. At its conception, Nokia mostly existed as a pulp mill, specializing in the power industry.

However, after the popularity of its mobile phones, Nokia began to focus on telecommunications. Nokia is an enormous benefactor to the mobile phone industry, especially in its early stage.



To contact Nokia in Sydney, call their contact numbers. Nokia’s address in Melbourne is Level 3 – 215 Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. To contact Nokia in Melbourne. Nokia Australia also hosts a Facebook page, which redirects to Nokia’s general global page.

If you desire to contact Nokia customer service for business, media or technical purposes, it provides various contact both phone numbers and emails to reach them. These phone numbers and emails are provided on its website as follows:

  • For global media contacts, callers can either send an email to tech.press@nokia.com. The phone numbers to call is +1 408 203 5906.
  • For support on products and services, customers should visit its support page on the website to resolve their complaints or send their inquiries. The support page is a website solution that addresses customer problems with their type of Nokia phones. The support page is self-directing, and a client is expected to follow through to get served. Each support question is designed like a question and answer system to get information on what to do to resolve a given problem. For other inquiries such as career, government relations, patent licensing, the website provides useful contact information.

In case you can’t get what you need, you can use the contact form link located on the support page to forward your inquiry to Nokia for a solution. When you click the link “Please fill in the full contact form,” you will be taken to the inquiry form.



Nokia is the world famous brand that has been providing the customer with the technological and reliable cell phones and smartphones. This is the reason that people trust Nokia Australia when they want to buy a new phone. However, there might come a time when you having issues with your phone or you want information about the latest cell phone that Nokia Australia will be launching.

Nokia Customer service: in order to contact the customer service of Nokia Australia you can utilize the following methods:

  • Nokia Contact information: you can call the customer service of Nokia Australia at 1300 366 733.
  • Nokia Head office: you can visit the head office or send them a mail at Level 21, 1 Market St Sydney, and NSW 2000 Australia.

Make sure that you keep sharing your issues with the support team of Nokia Australia so that you will get the best possible solutions. The support tea, will make sure that you never get disappointed as well as Nokia customer service is available 24/7 to provide you with every service that you require.

Datos empresa
i want to by a battery Bl-5C 1020mAh 3.7 Where can i get one please answer 0412203116 i am in Greenacre NSW Thanks
Hello, I have a Nokia Lumia 610 and after trying 6 new batteries it just keeps draining the batteries in a half a day with no use so can you look at the phone for me? You may contact me email mischum2@optusnet.com.au
Can you please send me operations guide for Nokia n2-05 to Thatnhdanielphaam@gmail.com. Thank you for your tme.
Is the Nokia 6300 compatible with the 3G network in Australia?
Every time I try to edit my contacts details by either adding or changing information it is deleting the whole contact from the phone all together. This has only just started to happen for no apparent reason. Please help as this is very frustrating. many thanks.
Hi Iv had a Nokia 6300 for a number of years, its been very reliable 2G, Now I need to upgrade to 3G. To keep with this style [candybar] I'm looking for a Nokia 515 model, are they available in aust as 3G???? thankyou cheers. Ian
i have a nokia mobile c2 03 model will 3g work on this phone
I am having trouble with my Nokia 653, I can send messages, But I can't send pics. I have tried to sort it out with the instructions but can't fix the problem Can you help please.
Hi Alex, this mobile is crap. I also have a Nokia Lumia 635 since January 2016 and I have never been able to send or receive mms (photos via sms). I have ask for tech support Microsoft and it went even worse. The kernel settings are stuffed up. At the store they don't want to refund the money and they cannot change it because it is not for sale anymore have you found a solution? federica.polegri@gmail.com
Hi, I have a Nokia Lumia 950XL. One thing that is bothering me is that the screen goes dark when I get a phone call and struggle to get it to light up again (unlock) so that I could answer the phone. It seems to be a software/sensor issue. I've reset the phone twice and it has not worked. Can you please email me with your response as soon as you can. I like the phone, but I just hate this bug. Email me on tbeekphone@gmail.com
I have just purchased a Nokia C2-01 3G phone as the old 2g has ended 3G works in Hervey Bay township but dose not work in my home were the old 2 G worked well in my home. Aldi/Telstra says I have to contact you on how to select manual network selection to change the phone settings on my phone so I can use it in my house. So how do I do this? Brian
I purchased a Nokia Mobile a few months ago, but I am unable to download photos from the phone to my computer, despite many attempts over the past few months. There just doesn't seem to be any programe that will support the task. It seems a lot of others have the same problem Please advise how I can accomplish this.
HELP!! I work up this morning to find all my non Facebook email and phone contacts erased, all my photos gone, all my SMS messages gone and recent phone numbers called also gone. I am a real luddite but presume I have been hacked. No Nokia store in Adelaide,. What can I do??
I brought a Nokia Lumia 830 The does NOY come on
My 2.5 year old Nokia mobile will not charge. Needed a $50 part NOT AVAILABLE ANY LONGER. I HAVE VERY VITAL INFORMATION ON THIS MOBILE I NEED TO RECOVER. WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE?? EMAIL pacealfed@hotmail.com Alf
I am contacting you in regards to the issues I have had concerningNOKIA products that I have purchased. I have always bought Nokia phones. However, have just realized that all the problems I have been having are due to NOKIA technoligy. I have verification of all the Nokia phones I have bought and am wondering why these problems are reoccuring with each phone. Here is a list of the following Nokia phones that I have purchased. * Nokia Lumia 530 unlocked Windows Phone- Purchased on 27 June 2015 for $77.00. * Brand new Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Mobile Phone Unlocked Purchased 30 June 2015 for $76.00. * Brand new Nokia Lumia 530 Windows Mobile Phone Purchased 20 Aug 2015 for $79.99 * Unlocked Nokia Lumia 530 Windows 8.1 WIFI Purchased 25 Aug 2015 for $84.95 * Unlocked Nokia Lumia 522 +3GWIFI +8GB Windows S.! Purchased on 8 April 2016 *Nokia Lumia 520 8GB unlocked Smartphone Microsoft Windows Phone Purchased 10 Jul 2016 for $79.00 * Microsoft Nokia Lumia 640 84B LTE Windows unlocked Smartphone Purchased 5 Dec 2016 for $107.99. I have purchased every Nokia phone off Ebay from different repitable sellers. It was not until this last phone did not work that I realised the amount of phones I have had to purchase and every time, the same thing goes wrong with them. For no apparent reason, the phone just stops working. When I plug it in to a charger it just will not charge. I have swapped batteries overthinking that it was an issue with batteries. However, it still will not work. I have been on a prepaid sim service with Lebara for 2 Years and unfortunately. You must recharge your sim within 12 days of its usage, otherwise, your phone number is terminated. Therefore, even though at many times I have not had a working phone. I have still been required to pay for credit to keep my number. I am once again without a working phone and I am curious to know who should be responsible for this as it just seems by the history of phone purchases that there seems to be a definate problem as every phone stops working in the same way. I am hoping you can help me with this problem and I look forward to hearing a positive response from you soon. I can be contacted by phone 0413710363 or Email; 6.ali.m.s@gmail.com. Thankyou
My xperia c5 won't open Why????
i am trying to get Nokia customer service. i got through to a microsoft call centre in the phillipineswho hadn't heard of you
Nokia does not have any customer support in Australia it would appear. The advertised number is Microsoft support and provides no menu options that refer to nokia products at all. This does not even about to 'inadequate' support. It amounts to no support at all. I am disgusted.
I bought a Nokia Ta 1047 single sim a month or so back. The phone rings for only 15 seconds. I wish to extend it to the maximum 30 seconds but any persons I have consulted says they are blocked from doing this with an "incorrect MMI" code. I have consulted local persons in this field and Telstra who all agree that it cannot be done and that Nokia is the culprit. Any ideas??
I have a Nokia E71 that I have used for many years and it works great, however after I entered a code to find out what software version I had I lost all my Messages/Contacts/Notes/etc and I tried Nokia Suite and found most of the missing files but I have been unable to update the missing information to my Nokia E71 Is there any other way to recover missing files and data? Regards Don Henry vk2dw@yahoo.com
I purchased a Nokia 2.1 for my wife 6 weeks ago and returned it to the Telstra store from where i bought it yesterday,it is ony a few weeks old and will not work at all.I asked Telstra for a replacement or refund and they refused on both accounts, said it is not comany policy and the phone must go back to Nokia for repair.So now my wife is without a phone until the phone is repaired or replaced and heaven knows how long it will take.Not good enough Nokia,my recommendation is to by another product other than Nokia!
just brought a Nokia phone a couple of months ago and they charge port is not working properly if at all I need to bring it in to get it fixed there still I've got a said I could do so could you please call me on 0420 247 579 thank you
I have just purchased yout Nokia 2.1 ....I have a QUESTION???? Can an alarm be set on the Calendar for items that I place in each day. My E/Mail ADDRESS IS: graemeleigh100@gmail.com Waiting for your reply Regards Graeme Allen 0402404788
Hi . I have just purchased a Nokia 1 handset and have a question regarding a pop up message saying google play messages keeps stopping which pops up every three seconds . This is very frustrating firstly not allowing me to become offay with this new handset or use it and secondly because I have had no success in being able to contact anyone from Nokia apart from an overseas representative. Tried various numbers including head office and 1300366733. If someone could please assist me .