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NAB Contact Customer Service

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National Australian Bank, also known as Nab, is operating in different countries like, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, USA and Asia and is expanding their services
News 2017.

In 2015, NAB finally has ended the infrastructure upgrade process was involved, It´s something very important in order to have a better technology and a data centre. This new data centre, located in Melbourne, will allow to manage better resources and offer a best service to NAB´s clients.

NAB, an abbreviation for National Australia Bank, is a banking and financial services company founded in 1982 as National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Limited in Melbourne, Australia. NAB offers services such as business banking, consumer banking, wholesale banking, wealth banking, and insurance.



NAB Australia offers an excellent customer service through multiple channels and they make sure any customer can get in touch with them to get the concerns clarified without going through any hassle. Separate contact channels have been introduced by NAB Australia for customers with Personal Accounts and Business Accounts. Customers having Personal accounts can contact NAB through phone or email, whereas customers with Business Accounts will only be able to contact them through phone.

The opening hours are clearly mentioned in the official website. The National Australian Bank customers can also think about walking into NAB branches in order to get assistance related to their concerns. Separate phone lines have been provided for different concerns with the objective of providing the best level of customer support. People who have speech or hearing impairments don’t need to worry about anything before they contact NAB Australia customer support.

That’s because necessary facilities have been provided for them to contact through National Relay Service. Or else, they can simply request NAB Australia to give them a call. The multiple channels of customer support and allowing customers with disabilities to contact customer service has made NAB Australia one of the best customer care service providers in the country.



NAB is considered among the four large banks in Australia, they are famous because of the authentic services and best policies that they have been providing to their clients. This is the reason that people prefer to have their accounts in NAB Australia

However, there might come a time when you are having issues with the services that they are providing or you need more information about their policies.

NAB Customer care: in order to help you out, NAB Australia has the best support team. You can use the following methods to connect with a support team of the bank.

  • You can call NAB customer service at 00 61 3 8641 9083
  • Nab Australia has a special can do and cannot do page build for their customers where you can find the information to your questions
  • In case that you are not getting the best solutions you can visit their headquarters in Melbourne Australia
  • You can reach the customer service team on social media sites like facebook, Youtube channel, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

NAB customer services team is available to help you out with all the problems that you are facing. Make sure that you contact Nab Australia as soon as possible.



The National Australia Bank is one of the biggest financial institutions located in Australia. Its focus is on the market capitalization and its customers. It was ranked as the 21st largest bank in the world in the field of market capitalization.

Today the services provided to the customers are quite improved, so if you would ever need some service or assistance from the company call NAB Australia on the number 00 61 3 8641 9083 and they will meet your needs and requirements.

What are the services provided by NAB Australia?

  • Finalizing a deceased estate, NAB can provide you support in finalizing the deceased estate with the services and advices they offer.
  • Financial hardship assistance, they can offer help to the customers if they have any financial difficulty.
  • If you have any complaints or want to leave feedback on the services provided at the company, you can do that, there is a team that deals with feedbacks and complaints, call NAB at 13 13 80.
  • If happens some natural disaster, Nab Australia can provide you help in events like that.
  • NAB works in extended opening hours and provides support in public holidays and weekends. Contact NAB on the number +61 3 8641 9121 and get assistance in your Internet Banking issues, or 1300 651 656 if you are calling from overseas.
  • NAB can help you when you find some statements on your debit or credit card that you can’t recognize.
  • Getting updates and online services on the official website of the company, where the company itself has Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn accounts. The customers can also access these accounts and get the needed services.
  • They provide you with information on how to protect yourself from online fraud.
  • NAB help in restoring customer confidence and trust.
  • Anytime assistance and best services in home loan sales can be accessed on the NAB contact number +61 3 8641 9886.
  • Stolen or lost cards, you can contact NAB at the following phone number 13 22 65, or 1800 033 103 if you are an overseas customer. They work 24 hours every day.

You can send an online enquiry if you have some issues or concerns and get immediate answer.

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I want to lift my daily limit so I can transfer $25000.00
My nab account is locked and service has been stopped. Contact me
Have now wasted 30 minutes trying to contact NAB by Phone. can someone call me on 0403522653
Need help transfering funds from Australia to Cambodia have not got my Australian sim card I do not use it in Cambodia and cannot get my code number sent to me to be able to transfere funds to Cambodia while myself and my family are on holidays please assist ASAP Kind Regards John Popazzi
I want to find out about my reward saver rang in paris cant speak french
Hi I was in your branch at Stocklands, Caloundra this morning. There was 1 Teller providing service. At one stage there were 17 customers waiting. We were all complaining about the lack of assistance available, only to be told that HQ had reduced staff numbers permanently and customers would have to suffer the consequences. Astonishing, to say the least!!!!!!!!!! Many of those in line were making serious comments about changing banks, given that service at this branch had been going backwards for some time. Be assured, if you don't pick up your game you are going to lose many customers.