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Mitsubishi customer care helpline

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First and foremost, Mitsubishi goes back to 1870 founded by Yataro Iwasaki, a Japanese Entrepreneur who also started a shipping company with three steamships. Additionally, in 1914, Mitsubishi gained its three-diamond trademark, which was developed over 130 years ago and it is a well known tradition in the business world. Mitsubishi Australia is under the global Mitsubishi Motors organization and a primary member of the Mitsubishi Group companies.

Further, over 11 million people around the world are driving their vehicles, which have inspired them to up their game and keep on developing new technology and a safety system that is out of the norm. Consequently, In Australia the Mitsubishi Group offers the following features to their customers, which include:

  • Information technology
  • Petroleum and LPG
  • Mining
  • Shipping
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Textiles
  • Food production
  • Construction and Car

The Mitsubishi Group has a wide dealer network and that includes 200 sites across Australia. Mitsubishi Australia customer care services are fully trained and professionals, rest assured your car is always looked out for by professionals by using genuine Mitsubishi parts. They always put the following to consideration All in all, the Mitsubishi group has been booming the world for a long time and in case of further inquires feel free to contact them as soon as possible.

In 2013 I purchased a Mitsubishi Triton dual cab from Leigh MILLS of Australian Motors WAYVILLE. His service was excellent, so this year I decided to purchase another Triton from WAYVILLE. I sent numerous emails to MILLS with no reply. At the same time my mother purchased a new Mazda (21/6/17) from Brendan DONELLEY of Australian Motors Mazda EDWARDSTOWN. His service was also excellent. I explained to him I had been unable to contact MILLS. He put me in contact with Jody from Australian Motors at WAYVILLE. At about 3.20pm on the 28/6/17, I had a phone conversation with Jody from WAYVILLE. I told her that I wanted to buy a brand new Triton before the end of the financial year. I said that I didn’t care if it wasn’t available for delivery immediately, I just wanted to the deal by the end of the financial year. She advised me that she was unable to deliver a new Triton by the end of the financial year, so therefore could not guarantee an EOFY deal. She did tell me that she had a demo model, white in colour that had done 500+kms. She said that there was no way I could get a new Triton at the EOFY price and that they had sold out. She told me that I could get one after July but could not guarantee this financial year’s price. Again she pushed the demo model which wasn’t the colour that I wanted and I wanted a brand new one. At the time I was at work and asked for some time to think about the demo. At about 4.55pm on the 28/6/17, I had another conversation with Jody where I agreed to come and have a look at the demo Triton. She asked for a deposit of $500 to hold the Triton. I advised her that I wanted it subject to finance and viewing the car. I was still unhappy as I wanted a new vehicle, but apparently this was my only option. I provided my credit card details for the $500 deposit. At about 12.29pm, on the 30/6/17, I rang Jody to advise her that I was not interested in the demo Triton. She didn’t answer so I left a voice mail message advising her, on advice from my accountant he told me that it’s more beneficial to my business to purchase a new vehicle. At about 1.09pm on the 30/6/17, I had a message left on my phone by Alex from Australian Motors to call him back. At some point I called Alex and left a message as there was no answer. I asked Alex to call me back. I am unsure of who or what role Alex has at the WAYVILLE dealership. The credit card I used for the deposit is one I rarely use. On the 4/8/17, I received my credit card statement. I was irate to find that a $1000 deposit was taken on the 28/6/17 and that it had not since been returned. Also irate as I had been charged a $25 default payment. This was due to not making a repayment as I thought the deposit had been returned to my credit card. I was unaware of the $1000 as I was told it would be $500. I was under the impression that once I stated that I no longer wanted the demo model the deposit would have been returned to my credit card. Obviously this didn’t and has still not happened. On the 7/8/17, I checked my online statement for my credit card and found the money has still not been returned. Before this incident Australian Motors at WAYVILLE was the first place I looked to purchase a new vehicle. I also recommended friends to WAYVILLE as I received a great deal on my last Triton. This has really turned me off any future dealings with Australian Motors at WAYVILLE. This is not good enough and is bordering on deception as $1000 has been removed from my account without permission and has not been returned. I would like this money returned to my credit card account without delay to avoid me taking further action. Tony SMITH amatonpho@bigpond.com 0412018123 Note: During business hours (7.00am – 5.00pm) I am rarely able to answer my phone, but regularly check emails throughout this time.