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Metcash Australia Contact Channels

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Metcash is Australia's leading general circulation and marketing company specializing in grocery store, fresh food, hardware and liquor.

Metcash is innovator and pioneer in warehousing and circulation logistics, encouraging a network of self-employed vendors across several industry areas. They have three types of brands:

  • retail
  • inexpensive
  • syndication brands

Metcash is a leading wholesale distribution and marketing company founded by Joe David, a Lebanese, in 1927 at Woolloomooloo, Australia. The company’s founding mission was to become the marketing and distribution leader in food and other fast moving consumer items; it seeks to empower its public including investors, customers, workers and served communities.

Metcash operates fast moving consumer items including grocery, fresh produce, liquor, cash and carry warehouses and hardware that serve retailers and businesses in the grocery, liquor, food services and convenience stores. Metcash traced its history to 1920s as a family business before its founder, David, migrated to Australia.



Metcash Australia provides different channels of contacting its customer services for resolving customer complaints and inquiries. It encourages customers to send their queries to the most appropriate contact.

One of the contact channels provided by Metcash Australia is inquiry form. A client is expected to complete the form by entering their details including names and physical contact address, email and phone number as well as enter detailed message.

For general inquiries, customers and the members of public are provided contact phone and fax numbers as follows: For a phone call, callers can use +61 2 9741 3000 and fax can be sent to +61 2 9741 3399.

For sending mail through the postal service, the following address is provided: Metcash Limited, 1 Thomas Holt Drive, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia. Metcash Australia also provides contact information for Media Enquiries; interested media person can call or send an email to jack.hopma@metcashfg.com.

Metcash Australia also provided ethics hotline for whistleblowers who may want to register confidential report on cases of fraud, corruption and illegal conducts without fear of retribution or reprisal. It offers three means of ethnic hotlines for phone call for Australia callers.

For postal message, the address to use is RISQ, Suite 402, 65 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000. For more inquiries, contact the customer service on Metcash contact number.



In this age of technology, people are looking for the one-stop shop that will provide them with all the services they require. Metcash Australia has been providing their customers with the fresh groceries and other household items. You can also get the beverages and hardware items as well.

Helpline: there might come a time when you will require the customer service of the Metcash Australia. They are available on all platforms so that their customers can easily contact them. So you can use the following methods.

Contact information: you can call the support team of Metcash Australia at 61 2 9741 3000

Fax: send the am fax at 61 2 9741 3399

Address: you can visit the head office of Metcash Australia at Metcash Limited 1 Thomas Holt Drive Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia

Mailing address: you can send them a letter for the enquiries at PO Box 557 Macquarie Park NSW 1670 Australia.

Email: for the quick response, you can send them an Email at cait.tynan@metcash.com

Make sure that you contact the customer services as soon as possible so that they will never disappoint you. They are available 24/7 at your service to provide you the best solutions.

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Re: Product not available in several IGA stores Perth Hi there, I am a regular customer of IGA Wembley and IGA Wembley Downs, Perth, WA. Just want to find out why shredded low fat cheese - Devondale & Coon brands are no longer available. They have asked me to contact Metcash, being the supplier. Surely you have customers (seniors) like me, who have health issues who would have like low fat cheese (shredded) product put back on the shelf. I now await response. Thank you. Mrs. Epstein (as well Metcash stockholder)
Are you trying to close down your Campbells Cash Carry in Clayton because it is a disgrace. Beautiful new freezers & fridges empty