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Members Equity Bank, which is also known as the ME bank private and a direct bank located in Australia. ME headquarters of this bank can be found in Melbourne, Level 28, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC, 3000.

ME bank was established back in 1994 and it serves all corners of Australia at the moment. Members Equity Bank has now got offices in Darwin, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. The Members Equity Bank was initially established with the objective of offering home loans for the people in need and they have diversified their products along with time. In fact, Members Equity Bank now offers a variety of low cost banking products for the people in Australia.

ME includez transaction accounts, term deposits, credit cards, savings accounts and home loans. The ownership of Members Equity Bank is held by 29 industry super funds, which include HOSTPLUS, HESTA, CBus and Australian Super. Members Equity Bank is operating as a direct brand. Therefore, it doesn’t have a dedicated branch network.

ME Customer service is offered through a variety of channels including phone and online banking. Members Equity Bank has received much attention for their low cost home loans and if you want to get more information about their products, you can contact Members Equity Bank.

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