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Call Mazda and find a dealer

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Mazda is a Japanese automotive company. Founded in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda, the company is currently headquartered in Hiroshima, Japan. With Seita Kanai as chairman, Masamichi Kogai as president and CEO, and over 37, 745 employees, the company raked in over 2.3 trillion yen of revenue (23.42 billion in USD). Mazda serves worldwide but is owned by several different corporations including Japanese Trustee Services Bank and Ford Motor Company.



Mazda has an enormous number of solutions for customer service and customer inquiries. The Mazda website offers a FAQ page and a contact us page. Mazdacustomer service page includes a phone number to a 24/7 emergency roadside assistance team, 1800 034 411. A customer can also opt for an online chat to speak with a Mazda representative. In case this option is not available, and the customer’s question is not already in the FAQ Mazda recommends reaching them by phone, by email, or by mail at the Mazda Australia address. If you’d like to contact your local Mazda dealer, the page also has a mapping feature to help you locate a dealership.

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Hi, I want to speak to someone regarding my car. But no one picks up 1800 number. Please contact me on 0402350710. I will appreciate your earliest response.
Hi, I rang to speak to someone on the feed back on my case and have left two messages and not getting a reply. Can some one please reply back at your earliest response my Reference #1279682. Please contact me on 0414509157 or 0474738591.
Hi, Can't see if my message got send so sending this again! I rang today twice the 1800 number option 3 and have left two messages in regards to my car case number 1279682. Please ring me on 0410077383 or 047438591 with a follow up reply.
tried calling still no answer please call 0425 285 550