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Contact with Macquarie Bank Australia

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Macquarie Bank Australia is part of the Macquarie Group. They are one of the largest providers of financial services in Australia. You can call Macquarie Bank during working hours for assistance on any personal bank product. For example, you can ask for information about credit cards, home loans, transaction accounts, car loans, and other financial advice. Macquarie Bank are expert financial advisors and can give you valuable information.

You can start an inquiry online, or call Macquarie Bank customer service number. Depending on the type of demand, you can call the following numbers:

  • For customer service assistance on banking and financial services like transactions, general accounts, credit card accounts, and home loans, call 1 800 806 310.
  • For customer care assistance in case you want to lease a car, call 1 800 269 682

Use these numbers if you want to fill a complaint. In such case, ask for the Complaints Officer related to the service you are experiencing issues. Also, you can send the complaint in writing via postal mail or email at:

Complaints sent by postal mail: The Complaints Officer. Macquarie Group Limited. Level 2. 50 Martin Place. SYDNEY NSW 2000, complaints issued by e-mail: complaints@macquarie.com

Depending on the product you want to get support, a particular executive from Macquarie Bank will take care of your needs in a prompt manner.



Macquarie bank phone number can be found in this website in order you can speak with macquarie bank customer service

Macquarie bank has a good reputation in Banking market due to are focused to keep a good relationship with customer. Please don´t heasitate to contact Macquarie bank in case you need help with your account or you need to get information about services Macquarie provides

Macquarie offers services for personal, corporate, business, and adviser use. As a result, macquarie bank contact has a large number of contact numbers available. Macquarie can be reached online or through their phone number for banking services. For car loans, they may be contacted with the phone number, or an inquiry can be made online. General inquiries may be made to their switchboard. People involved with media may be emailed at mgmediarelations@macquarie.com and Potential investors may contact them at investorrelations@macquarie.com.

Macquarie can also be found on a variety of social media sites, such as on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Macquarie offers an online feedback form for Australia and New Zealand under personal and business banking.

Macquarie Bank requires its customers having complaint or inquiries to contact the client service specialist to discuss their personal banking needs such as transaction account, credit card issues and matters revolving around home loans and financial services with the bank.
Customers for banking and financial services inquiries or complaint can call the bank’s inquiry phone number.

For car loans inquiries online, customers can call the telephone. For the car loans, a customer can also log in to Your Lease customer services to use the website facility provided for car leases.

Macquarie Bank also provided additional contact details for customers making inquiries on other matters should use the general inquiries contact information provided on the bank’s website to reach the bank’s switchboard for customer service phone number, and its other general inquiries phone number

Macquarie Bank also listed other contact details for various categories of customers including email contacts and phone numbers. It listed contacts for media inquiries using the email address: mgmediarelations@macquarie.com as well as contact for investor relations at the email address: investorrelations@macquarie.com.



Macquarie corporation is an investment bank of Australia. The Macquarie Group, founded 46 years ago in 1970 in Sydney, Australia and headquartered in the same place, specializes in diversified financials and offers financial services.

Since 2012 the group has employed 14,200 people, and rakes in a net income of $2.06 billion since 2016. Macquarie is the largest Australian investment bank. Nicholas W. Moore is the CEO, and Kevin McCann is the chairman. Macquarie Group has also been involved in controversy previously, such as a suspected Telco finance scam.

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