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Contact now with LightInTheBox Australia

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LightInTheBox is a China owned company, operating a worldwide online retail business serving its customers by delivering purchased products directly to them globally. The company was founded in 2007 with the promise to make online shopping a convenient experience.

LightInTheBox sells a broad range of lifestyle merchandise at affordable prices and offers three core categories of products including apparels, small accessories and gadgets, home and garden merchandise. It is a customer-needs sensitive company as it offers customised products to customers based on their available customer shopping data.

LightInTheBox partner with China’s best and trusted manufacturers to bring quality products based on the reputation of reliability and passion for excellent service to customers all over the world. It guarantees customers, trendy and affordable products to be delivered to them in the comfort of their homes. LightInTheBox is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It has more than 1000 new items in stock daily and leverage technology to serve its customers. With local warehouses in Europe and America, global shipping takes between 3 to 5 days to deliver at customer’s location.

It has a friendly customer service and native speakers in 27 languages and offers 30-day satisfaction guarantee free return policy. You can contact LightInTheBox through its phone number for more information.



Deliver services require special attention and care to make sure that the parcel will reach its destination on time safely. Light in the box Australia has been providing its customers with the best services. They want to make sure that all the packages will reach on time as well as they will provide you the status of your order so that you will know where it has reached.

LightInTheBox Customer service

There might come a time when you will require the customer support to know more about their services. Alternatively, you might be having issues with the delivery of the order. So you can contact the customer service at the following platforms:

  • You can call Light-in-the-box customer service team at 86 10 5908 0008
  • For general inquiries and information, you can visit their FAQ page
  • They are available at all social media platforms so you can join their community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel, pintrest, instagram and many others.

They have specially trained their customer support team to make sure that they will meet all your requirements. They are available 24/7 at your service.

Datos empresa
Please contact me urgent on (0116 2461168)
I am trying to make an order for 8 X Sricam SP0012 IP cams but the website is not letting me I have been trying for more than a week with no result6s please help me get the same price or better than $AU32.....
Placed order on order 1707162024130256 on he 27/7/17. Have tried to use tracking number but is invalid. Please contact me urgently on 0403412134.
I have tried contacting lightinthebox return and exchange and they tell me that they will get back to me in 1 working but don't. I ordered a basin and tapware x 2 and basically been a living nightmare first they sent it to the wrong address and finally got in touch with Australia post who assisted me more . I have ordered 2 basins and tap ware (Tempered Glass) however received 1 x tap ware plain which does not match the other basins or tapware. I have been dealing with this for a long time now and would like some satisfaction asap. You can contact me on 0438600349 I will be waiting your call or I will have to go to consumer affairs with this. I paid nearly 1000 Aus dollars for this.
Hi I have went into EBay and I have got three kids water washes for my kids but you are the sellers of the washer I have canceled my email that I you’d when I process my order it was jackleenscobie@iprimus.com.au now I can not get into to my Emile’s no more and I can not receive my order that I have got . Can you call me back on 0488787318 ..
Placed order on 18/12 received email stating it would be delivered by 27/12 has not come yet. Tried ringing you on the number on this page all I can get is this number is not connected. Can you call me back on (02) 63557863.
Please call me .0400438786 .light in box have taken $131.00 out of my bank account for a dress i did not order.i have sent 7 messages .have heard nothing.very upset.
I registered my email and password when I went to go to checkout 2seconds later it says either email or password is wrong. It’s not wrong I just registered. I can’t use FB my email is an old one so you can’t contact me on it. I want to pay for my goods $480+ worth. This is just ridiculous not being able to pay. Guess I’ll go else where if you do not email me back promptly. catrinamenzies@bigpond.com
i had waited so long for slippers from LIGHT IN THE BOX i decided to cancel all orders and unsubscribe as i am not satisfied with the company ,as i have ordered from another firm some slippers , i live in a retirement village ,all parcels are left at the office, as i am disabled they ring me if a parcel arrives and i can then get someone to collect for me ,i requested the office ,to not sign for any parcels from LIGHT IN THE BOX ,the staff asked the delivery man to take them back as there are 2 parcels in the office , he would not take them said i had to fill out a return form .please send me that form and i will gladly fill it in ,as i don't want to buy from them anymore, as i am a dissatisfied customer . pay pal will take over this matter , better to send me the form ,.6/20/2018 phone (07) 54744323 ,they have my visa card number ,they are not to use my card .
Can you contact me on 0431130444, thanks
I have located 5 products I wish to buy. That took 5 mins. I have tried for over 1 hr to find a contact number or email on their customer service page, in order to ask questions~ ensure the bathroom products will be suitable in Australia. I still cannot find any real customer service what so ever. Is this company for real? Do they take customer service seriously? I could not get through their overseas number~kept dialling out into an engaged tone. Couldn't find a suitable email for customer service either??? It's a real shame given I was prepared to place an order for over $500 AUD. Having read other peoples woes I am ultra reluctant to waste any more of time & most certainly will not be putting my money down~ no matter how good the products appear. If Light-i-the-box take their business seriously then perhaps be contactable VERY EASILY so we can gain TRUST in your service & products! If you read this & you value my patronage CALL ME SO I CAN ASK MY QUESTIONS & PLACE MY ORDER: 0417105110. I will not place any order without answers to my questions.