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Kogan.com Customer Service contact numbers

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Kogan can be considered as the biggest online retailer that can be found in Australia. It was established back in 2006 and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout. Kogan has received much attention among people in Australia for selling the best quality products for the people at lowest possible prices.

Kogan.com is the most significant online division store in Australia advertising thousands of products through its online direct to customer store. The Kogan.com business design is focused on you, the client. That is the reason; when you click around their website you shall find and find out all the merchandise that you would like and need. Kogan.com is most beneficial known for their impressive selection of consumer electronics such as Television sets, phones and tablets, but they likewise have an ever before growing selection of products in categories such as Home, Kitchen, Gardening, Fitness, Light and more.


Contact Kogan phone number

Contacting Kogan does not take much effort. If you want to manage your order instantly, you can do this easily by visiting the Kogan website. Here you will come across the Manage Your Order link which allows you to easily manage your order, including order tracking and progress. You can also use this link to change your order by taking a look at the Order History page in your customer account. After logging into your account, you can look at your order history.

kogan customer phone number

You can also visit the Kogan help center to get instant answers to your questions. Here, there are a number of answers to the many hundreds of questions that people normally ask. The help center has a number of sections including sales and orders, product support, and hot topics. Chances are you will find an answer to your question here. If you do not find an answer to your question, you can click on the link Get In Touch With Us.

Next, you will need to pick a department, which could be one related to your Order, product support and care claims or you can also ask about Kogan Travels or Kogan Mobile. In case you have an enquiry related to your order, you can then fill out an online form in which you will need to provide your full name, email address, phone number. After providing this information, you must provide your question and next specify what your enquiry is about.

It could be about a product, delivery, ordering and payments or just a general enquiry. The next piece of information required is the details of your query. If you want to attach a file, you can do so by clicking on the ATTACH FILE button. After that, you can submit your enquiry by clicking on the SUBMIT QUESTION button. Once your enquiry reaches Kogan, they will get back to you at the earliest.

call kogan.com

The last option available to you when wanting to contact Kogan is to send them an email message. Since Kogan is in the online business, its email support service is the best and will provide you with efficient and expert assistance. Simply click on the Email Us button and then choose a department for which your enquiry is about. An online form will be displayed and you can enter all the same pieces of information you did when submitting an online request.

Finally, if you want to speak with a customer care representative, simply pick up the phone and dial Kogan contact number 1300 304 292 from anywhere in Australia. If you are calling from New Zealand, then dial 098876952.

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i ordered 3 items on konga.com on the 10th of April but i have not received them yet. I have tried to contact help center but they told me the item are coming. I´m still waiting....anyone with the same problem?
I have accidently clicked on to the subscribe and am inundated with emails from Kogan,Tandy and Dick Smith and can't unsubscribe; I have tried to find ways and cannot even find a phone number. Kogan if you see this please do the right thing and take fakubaptyltd@bigpond.com off your list.
Kogan, customer service is terrible. No phone contact to accounts department. Have been waiting since 12th Jan for a reversing of a order that was charged twice for and the 2nd delivery/ order came in 2 parts last part arrived 5th Feb 2018. Despite numerous emails re charge/s and I didnt place the 2nd order + being charged interest on a visa card no one will contact by phone - only emails 3 days ago. Not happy Jan.
Yes I have the same problem my order was "accidentally" submitted twice for the one item I have contacted the help desk and have numerous emails from the but have not received the email regarding the info needed to send the items back. Kogan won't refund the money as the say it is change of mind and now I have sent emails asking for a manager to contact me regarding this and have not had a response. Tried the phone number and it is not manned I think this is disgusting service to the public which with out our patronage there would not be a Kogan business let alone a Kogan site.
I have been trying to find a telephone number to speak to a customer service rep about a return authority number so I can return Kogan goods which are due to arrive today, but not only is there no number in existence where you can actually speak to a Kogan Consultant - but the Help/Support will not furnish me with a Return Authority Number, nor an address for the product to be returned to? They are so amazing at taking your $300, and I have been an excellent customer, but this is so UnAustralian!!
please cancel my order TXMbVBYQ
Please advise delivery date of my last order. Set of queen size white sheets and packet of electric toothbrush replacements, medium bristle. I'm surprised at the delay, you are usually much mor prompt than this. Is there a problem with your stock ? Neville Faggotter
I have been trying to get active response and action regarding a TV purchased via Kogan in April of 2018 (2mths ago) - that worked initially and then suddenly stopped; never to work again. I was lucky enough to receive prompt response at first via email and was given the number: #6561211. We have had NO RESPONSE since June 21st - despite several further emails from me to Kogan. I have explained that my daughter with special needs has been without her TV, which she relies upon heavily. I have explained that I would like a replacement as a matter of urgency - and are happy to return the other non-working product upon receipt of a new one. STILL NO RESPONSE. Feeling extremely frustrated and am inclined now to resort to voicing my disappointment on Social Media. PLEASE HELP!!!
I have been trying to find a phone number to ring to speak t a real person from Kogan when I find a number a recorded voice goes through a list of unrelated contacts. I just want t have someone t help me with my NeoFit watch. So frastrating will now & go eat chocalate. :(
I purchaced a tv on Saturday 28\7\2018 order no.2m7j69x3i have recived no comfermation of order being sent as yet could you please update me on status of my order A.S.A.P
I ordered a smart tv on Monday 20/08/2018 I think I put in the incorrect email address as there is no items in my cart, the amount was $942.95 which included warranty and delivery charge, Would you be able to check for me if you have received order Name John Colligan 7 Manning ave Encounter Bay SA5211 Email johncolligan@hotmail.com. (New email address Regards John Coligan
I contacted Kogan a week ago to notify them that I was sent the incorrect size when I purchased a pair of UGG boots. I received a reply stating that I would be sent a link to return them reply paid. I'm still waiting for the link despite forwarding photographs of my invoice, the boots, all relevant tags and the label on the box. I also have no idea whether the correct size will still be available and if not I'm hoping my refund will be processed promptly. I'm extremely disappointed with the poor customer service and will be very unlikely to purchase from this company again if the problem is not addressed soon.
I want to purchase SIM card for I pad I am already a customer
I have been trying to contact Kogan... but they obviously don't want to be contacted. so, the faulty product they sent me (tv) is on display to everyone, boasting its fault and the Kogan name. I am always available to tell people that its over... find a new retailer, one with customer contacts.
Please cancel my order No.DFX7PQ2N I made the mistake of purchasing a Monitor when I was looking to buy a 4K Television set,I apologise for the mistake or any inconvenience I have caused