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KFC Australia Customer Service contacts

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KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) began operations in Australia in the year 1968 when its first restaurant opened in Guildford, Sydney, New South Wales. At that time, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) represented a real change of client from the long-haired hippies who with their flower crowns and lava lamps were nevertheless cool and groovy people.

Today, Kentucky Fried Chicken is proud to say that it serves more than two million customers every week across its over 640 restaurants in Australia. KFC prides itself on using the very best quality of chicken and to that is added local ingredients sourced from the most reliable suppliers.

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KFC Contact Phone Numbers

Contacting Kentucky Fried Chicken is easy. Whether you have a complaint or even if you want to leave your feedback, you can easily get in touch with KFC. If there is problem with the food items provided by Kentucky Fried Chicken, then you can simply pick up the phone and dial 1300 553 899. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with Kentucky Fried Chicken via email by sending your email to customer.service.hotline@yum.com.

If you would like to visit the Kentucky Fried Chicken Australia head office, then you can walk in at 32-36 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East, VIC 3123. However, you can also walk into other Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in Australia.

If you would like to get in touch with KFC, then pay a visit to the Kentucky Fried Chicken website. There, you will need to provide your name after which you are directed to provide a reason for contacting Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are several options available to you in a drop-down menu including but not limited to general enquiry, suggestion, complaint, compliment, product enquiry, employment, media enquiry and KFC app.

Once you have entered the reason for contacting Kentucky Fried Chicken, you are then asked to select the subject of your enquiry. There are several options available including franchising, other, store enquiry, KFC delivery and sponsorship. After you specify the nature of your enquiry, you are then asked to be more specific.

This means you have to pick from another dropdown menu which in this case may be store enquiry. You can choose from options like contact details or store address or trading hours. If you chose contact details, then a link is provided that you can click on to find out more about the store.


KFC Stores Contact Numbers

To contact a Kentucky Fried Chicken store, you can call KFC contact numbers at 03 9650 3133 for stores in Melbourne. For Brisbane, you can dial 07 3356 3009 and for Perth, dial 08 9328 8142. If you are trying to contact a store in Sydney, then you can dial 02 9386 0248 and for customers calling a store in Adelaide, the contact number to be dialed is 08 8344 7370.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken contact numbers are operational during working hours. These dedicated phone numbers can be called whenever you have a question related to a Kentucky Fried Chicken food item.

Datos empresa
I'm very disappointed that your advertising does not say that the 9.95 / 9 piece deal is not available at all stores. This is not in the best interests of the company.
service at KFC Dapto is pathetic most of my orders have to be returned as they are wrong..they are all kids ,they have no customer service at all.complained to manager but just got attitude..i will never step back into this shop again.. shame on you KFC..
Absolutely disgusting experience and service at the Port Adelaide store. Waited over 30 minutes through drive through only to be told to wait some more in the waiting bay and then to be given a completely wrong order. The staff member who brought the food also told us he was too busy to get our actual order as his shift had ended. All this while it was pouring with rain and a screaming baby/kids in the back make for a great night out. Will never visit another KFC as long as I live.
15/09/2018- incident at approximately 1350hrs Everton Park QLD Just bought an Ultimate box to be told (after) I paid that there was no chicken pieces and that I would have to wait 8 minutes for fresh chicken to be cooked. I had one option, hot & spicy or wait. I asked to speak to the manager to ask if the single chicken piece could be substituted for something else but the drive through cashier was adamant that the manager wouldn’t budge. Annoyed, I parked in the heat and began my 8 minute wait for one piece of chicken. My partner is usually very quiet and patient but on this occasion she surprised me by going inside to raise the manager to achieve a better customer focussed result.. My partner returns about a minute later saying the manager refused to see her and used a cashier as a messenger once again to advise that there was nothing the manager could do. I think we all know this is absolutely not true and it was obvious to me that the manager on duty had allowed KFC Everton Park to run out of cooked chicken and went on to make the customers pay for her mistake.. This manager clearly needs retraining, if in fact they are even a manager at all.. When the food finally came, the KFC worker had no idea what car we were in and appeared to be wandering in the carpark for some time before I noticed her and waved her over. We checked to see that we had in fact received the one original piece of chicken, expecting to see a drumstick which seems to be the norm for this type of meal but instead received a oily breast piece which isn’t my personal preference. We had also ordered nuggets and I asked for Aioli sauce but when we got home we discovered we had been given four sweet & sour sauces instead. Unfortunately for us, neither of us like that particular sauce. Really unhappy! My partner doesn’t want us to go back there now. This is a management issue KFC! Please fix this as this makes you guys look bad and makes McDonalds the front runner for the next fastfood stop at Everton Park.
Nobody seems to Know how much the Tuesday order is It can be 14.95 or 15.95 and 16.95. That 9 piece originals and 2 large chips and I never know if it's hot, warm or cold So you will understand why we call it lucky dip night. I would suggest that the owners of the store put a bit more effort into training their staff and put reliable signs in their stores for customers to see not up for a week and take them down. Your business rely's on your customers without them your finished so show some respect to them. They pay your wages.
Tuesday special is 9.95 dollars everywhere..... Only at Inala is 10.95 dollars..... Why is that?
The store in Ballina NSW is horrible, the staff are rude and the meals are always wrong. Last night we went through drive thru and after waiting for about 5 minutes for someone to even speak to us through the order speaker we were told they were out of chicken and out of buns.... Again!!! (not the first time this has happened to me) We were then told there is some chicken but only available in a wrap and that we would have to pay extra for it to be a substitute for a burger that we ordered. The manager wasn't interested in talking to us when we asked to speak to them, you and the staff said " look mate, take it or leave it, cause it's all I'm gonna do for you" So we drove straight through and went somewhere else for dinner.
Keysborough KFC - WORST Customer service i have ever come across in my life - each and every time we go something is forgotten or an order is incorrect and to be told by the Manager on site - That i should CHECK my own order as they're too busy to deal with this and i can AVOID this is a terrible attitude by your staff let along a young inexperienced Manager! Terrible Keysborough KFC! In the meantime whilst there we heard her argue and refuse service to someone in the drive thru and she also laughed in their faces! Coming from a background in Customer Service i think your Managers need to be taught how to handle irrate customers and not just laugh in their faces! This agitates people more!
Wallan store manager and staff are hopeless, undercooked and greasiest chicken ever KFC YOU HAVE LOST OUR FAMILY.
KFC Warner’s bay NSW I’m sick of being a constant nag but how many times can they get your order wrong zinger burger without lettuce and extra mayo well every time we order and I repeat the order to them I’ve gone in I’ve drove through doesn’t make a difference busy or only customer around also chips never fresh buns stale . I’m all for young ones having a go as my daughters worked at hungry jacks but maybe teach them to listen and also give customer what they have ordered I shouldn’t have to sound like a bitch ringing up every time I get home or walking the food back in after going through drive thru .
Went to the KFC store at Thrift Park in Mentone at 630pm on Sunday to order 2 Filler up boxes, only to be told that they're not available after 4 pm. Went home and turned on the TV only to have the ad for the Filler up box advertised. It seems stupid to advertise something that's not available