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JUSTDIAL Contact Customer Service

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Justdial Australia is a subsidiary of JustDial India providing local search destination and related services in Australia. It is a global brand with presence in the leading countries like the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, UAE and the headquarters, India. The company was founded in 1993 by the trio of V. S. S. Mani, V. Krishnan, and Ramani Iyer.

JustDial Australia provides search services to customers requiring information about places, events and resources within the locality JustDial is available. It helps to locate restaurants, hotels, movies, doctors, clubs, hospitals, shopping, fitness, real estate, banks, travel agencies resorts, book stores, beauty and spa, taxi, chemist, consultants and much more.

JustDial provides its services through multiple platforms to offer its customers easy access. It uses telephone, internet, mobile internet, and SMS to get locations for its clients. It also provides online retail as well as administrative support services to desiring customers. The company also offers advertisement services supporting more than 145 thousand paid advertisers in India alone.

JustDial Australia serves more than 57 million customers in India in over 2000 towns and cities in the country. Similarly, it subsidiaries serves thousands of customers in their respective countries. The uniqueness of its service many people finds it useful to locate their point of destinations quickly. Customers can contact JustDial customer service team to the website contact us page or through the phone number provided. JustDial sometimes referred to as JD.



Just Dial is an Indian-based company which specialises in providing a number of pan-India services via: the web, mobile phones, and SMS. With its headquarters located in Mumbai, Just Dial provides exceptional customer service and contact us based services, so for enquires and complaints, all customers need to do is Just Dial the phone number listed on the website, and they can then find out what they need to know. Founded by V.S.S Mani, who is now the managing director of the company, just dial employs around 10,700 people as of this writing, which is extremely impressive when you consider that the company was launched from nothing, just two decades ago, back in 1996. The business serves areas all over the world, including: India, the UK, the US, Canada, and the UAE.

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