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John Hunter hospital admissions phone number

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The John Hunter Hospital Australia is the community center hospital that has been serving the humanity. They have been providing the best health care facilities to all their patients to make sure that the quality of life can be improved in the best possible way. 

The John Hunter Hospital Australia was founded in 1991 and since then the hospital has been developed into a proper into the largest hospital that you will find in that region. The reason is that they have been serving their patients with the latest treatment methods. Not only that they have been developed to 500 adult beds and 101 pediatric beds.


John Hunber Hospital telephone number

They know that most of the patients require the customer services team of the hospitals so that they can contact the doctors in case it is hard to bring the patients. This is the reason that John Hunter Hospital Australia has developed the quickly responsive customer service team. They have specially trained all their workers and this is the reason that is patient is never disappointed.

In case that you call the support team for any kind of information at john hunter hospital phone number at 2 4921 3000 they will help you to get connected with the require health service departments so that you can get the solution that you are looking for. In case that you are dealing with some kind of issue you can visit the John Hunter Hospital Australia at Lookout Road New Lambton Heights NSW 2305.

They are the leading hospital because they have been working to ensure that every patient returns home happily. This is the reason that their contact services are available 24/7 and the visiting hours are for 8 am to 8 pm and 1 pm to 3 pm to ensure that the staff will get some rest as well. So make sure that you contact the support team whenever you require the help from the specialists of John Hunter Hospital Australia.


Hospital assistance provided

Apart from the general facilities that you will get from the hospital, they have been serving the people with the best teaching hospitals.

  • Students from different states and even countries come to the John Hunter Hospital Australia for the best medical courses that they have been teaching
  • It has been noticed that John Hunter Hospital Australia is one of those hospitals were the technological treatments are introduced for the first time.
  • They have the busiest trauma and emergency center because of the quality services and treatment that they have been providing.
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