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Contact with JJsHouse Customer Service

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JJsHouse Australia is an online shop that deals with the sale of fashion items ranging from bags to shoes and dresses particularly wedding dresses no matter the kind of design that a person needs. When it comes to wedding dresses, then JJsHouse is the place to shop because they have the most sleek and beautiful of wedding dresses with different varieties to choose from.

They are the largest wholesaler in China already and when it comes to shipping of products out to customers, the shipping money is reduced depending on the distance and quantity of products being purchased. Their mantra is ‘Your fashion. Our passion’. This shows the level of dedication and commitment by the company to delivering high quality products to its customers which has helped with its expansion and building of a large customer base.


JJsHouse Customer Service contacts

In case you need to contact JJsHouse for general queries or to track your order, please call JJsHouse phone number and a customer service representative will help you with your concerns. Another contact option is to send you queries by email or filling online form, JJsHouse support team will review your message and reply as soon as possible

Your last method of contact is by email, the official account is service@jjshouse.com.au you can ask for information about their clothes, information about deliveries, issues with your billing and payments and any doubt you could have about JJsHouse services

JJsHouse is not difficult to access or use when shopping for a product of your choice and irrespective of the size of your wallet, you can be guaranteed of getting a product that will suit your wallet. There is a contact us option on JJsHouse website which can be accessed by making use of a phone number. This allows people to call and find out more information about the available products thus providing clients with adequate customer service.

You can make your inquiry through a phone call. You can call JJSHouse helpline on +8 528 199 0571 or +852 81990571. They will be ready as always to render assistance to any form of inquiry you want to make. Maybe you want the newest style of dress, and you want it delivered to your doorstep. Or you have made your order, and you want to ask some questions, simply dial the contact, and the response will be swift and prompt.


JJSHouse Customer Service

JJS House does its business online. It deals with the sale of fashion products and items. On their website, there is a wide range of shoes, dresses, wedding dresses and bags. Their products are beautiful and unique; they are undeniably gorgeous. Their head office is in Hong Kong. When you want something sparkling and radiant, then JJS house is the place to make your contact. How does one contact them? They have professionals handling customers’ inquiries. You can contact them using many methods, and they would answer to you promptly and professionally.

The alternative, if you are the type that calls rarely and you will prefer to make your request in another form. Then, the process will be easier if you can contact their website at https:/jjshouse.com.au. On their website, you will see their beautiful products on display.

For those that will like to mail in their complaint or any inquiry, you can send them a mail at service@jjshouse.com.au or Email: service@jjshouse.co.uk. They will be glad to have you and to strengthen their business; they will attend to you professionally. They attend to all forms of inquiry, such as billing, payment or delivery.

To contact JJS House Australia using the Contact form, visit their website at jjhouse.co.uk/about/help. On this website scroll down to find many helpful links that are available. Once you click the link, you will arrive at a page where other links that are specific will be available.

'My order' is used to monitor the product you have purchased. 'My order' will help to keep track of things, so you will not be left in the dark. Select your order number and wait for the page. On the new page, you can review order details, see the status or ask for help. Once you make your request, representatives will respond in the next 24 hours via email.

Do you have any request or question about a product before you make an order? 'Online form' is available for you to fill. This can also be used to keep track of the status of your order. Also, on this page, you can use 'My inquiries' to seek further assistance.

Datos empresa
Hello. I need to find out if tailoring time for a dress is 27-29 days business or normal days please advise ASAP. Also is there a way I could get this done express? Thank you
I need to return wedding shoes that I no longer need. How do I go about it?
Hi we received our bridesmaid dresses which was a size 14, but it was to small. So I was wondering if you do exchanges so that we can get a size 16? And if so how long will it take to send the new dress? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
I bought from JJscomp. It didn’t fit I need To return it back ca you call me and tell what to Do. Thank you.
I received my order and it was not what I ordered I would like a refund. Please advise Regards Christine McIvor
Dress dose not fit dissappointed in dress how do in get a refund?
Hi I received my dress,unfortunately, the dress fits, but I cannot wear it , as the neck is far far too wide.please advice.I am really disappointed, as I was hoping to wear this dress for a special occasion
I have had such bad experience with your company on the purchase of a rug, which is not knitted but raw scane of wool/ acrylic twisted together, in this country Australia it is illegal to misrepresent the customer. My back ground is owning top fashion boutiques in Australia also in my Chinese experience I was a knitwear designer for the Australian market under a Chinese company. I hope you will take notice of this as our laws a very serious in this country, you can not sell in this manner what a buyer seen on your ad she must receive exactly as advertised. I hope this is of some help to you.
I have been trying to unsubscribe to your emails/advertising but you keep contacting me please delete the following email address from your contacts martel_head@talktalk.net Thank you frustrated previous customer
Very disappointed in outfit I ordered. I am a normal Australian 12 . The outfit is more like a size 8. How do I return.
the number doesn't work does anyone know what number to call