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Jetstar customer service phone number

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Jetstar Australia is probably one of the biggest companies on Australia. It was founded in 2003 and is one of the most important low-cost airlines from Australia. At the beginning the company was headquartered on Avalon Airport and that was the place for many years, nevertheless some years later the new office was in Melbourne.

On 2011 Jetstar joined to one world alliance in order to improve quality and advantages to passengers in the world. At the beginning of June 2015, Jetstar has informed that will provide regional services in NZ, increasing the flights currently operates in the area.

If you want to join to Jetstar and work for them, contact Jetstar HR and send your application via email. Jetstar is offering open position regularly.




To contact Jetstar Airways Australia, all it takes is a phone call to Jetstar customer service phone number team, the staff team is available 24 hours for 7 days a week which gives customers opportunity to contact Jetstar at any time. Some clients have some booking and payment issues, for those cases you can contact Jetstar telephone number. Jetstar customer service team is trained to answer most of your questions about a duplicate booking, check refund, pay-back and much more People who have concerns related to the flights can contact Jetstar through a variety of methods. Jetstar customer support hotline is available within 24 hours of the day and people will be able to get instant responses for the queries that they have.

jetstar chat contact

There is a virtual assistant service available on the website as well. Customers who have concerns related to flights and other services offered by Jetstar can also get the support of the virtual assistant. It can also deliver quick responses for the visitors. Jetstar seems to have local offices in all the countries that they are operating. They have a local office in Australia as well and the Jetstar phone number has been displayed publicly on the website. As a result, the users in Australia will be able to call Jetstar helpline without going through any hassle. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a toll free phone number.

The email address of Jetstar has also been shown in the Customer Support page. Therefore, people who have concerns related to Jetstar services can also think of contacting them through the customer service email given on the website.

Please keep in mind Jetstar receives hundreds of calls every days and Jetstar customer service team sometimes cannot attend all of them, so here is our tip, it´s important you call to the “Jetstar contact us” team in the night or at first hours in the morning. You will have more chances to be attended.

There is a quick way to make a flight booking, to call Jetstar helpline and request to make a booking by phone, once you provide all passenger and payment info, it will be done. If you need more information about Jetstar company you can call to Jetstar headquarters to receive assistance.

Nevertheless the best tip we can provide you in order you have a great experience with Jetstar customer service, it is you should be friendly and compressive with the airline staff, it will make your duties easier!!.



You don´t have only one way to get a response from Jetstar. This airline offers different methods in order every user may choose their prefer way of contact. The most common ways to get in contact with Jetstar team are: by phone, by mail, by chat, by email o filling a form.

According to our experience, Jetstar call center agents provide a good service for Jetstar customers so we suggest you to contact Jetstar by phone. Jetstar Australia website offers many ways to contact with a customer representative, in case you need to change or cancel a booking (change flight dates or times, change name or destination) you can use Chat service, also known as Jess. You could chat with Jess and share with her your issues, Jess will always offer the best solution for customer incidences and belongs to Jetstar customer service team.

Also you can make some booking changes in “my account”. Customers also need to fill booking reference and email registered and then can manage their booking.

In case you have suffered a delay or cancellation you can claim through Jetstar website a refund, in that case you can fill a form and customer care team will contact you as soon as possible. There is also a Jetstar helpline for those clients need an urgent respond of the customer support, the line is operative every day.

Apart from calling Jetstar brisbane airport contact number in the following number 03 9645 5999, another way that a customer can reach them is by sending a mail to their email address which is customer.response@jetstar.com.



For lost, damaged and delayed baggage customer have an enquiry form in which they must fill all the information about the flight, name, dates and kind of luggage. In case you have not a successful end, you can reach Jetstar australia contact phone number and claim by phone you baggage.

On June 2016, and insurance company published than Jetstar was one of the airlines with more flights delayed, that is a negative point for Jetstar trademark. Nevertheless Jetstar is making many efforts to avoid flights delay and any passenger can reach Jetstar contact number in order to receive information about flight delays. In case your Jetstar flight is delayed you can contact Jetstar phone number sydney airport and request information about it and to ask for your rights as passenger.

For travel insurance, you can contact Emergency medical assistance in the following number: +603 2772 5593. For general Jetstar travel insurance enquiries you can call 1800 257 504 and finally for claims enquiries Jetstar phone no is 1800 257 504.

Also there are some customer service contact numbers for Jetstar MasterCard. The service is available 24 hours a day for lost card, you should call immediately if you realized your credit card has been lost or stolen. Customers should call Jetstar urgently at +612-8232-4677.



Call Jetstar Airlines helpline and enjoy of their fantastic customer care service offered by this airline. Also you can ask for information about "Jetstar birthday sale" and get a ticket for a low price, just call jetstar contact phone number 1800 257 504.

Calling Jetstar customer care you will realize all staff team is quite prepared and ready to attend customer calls, providing a great service and performance.

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I have purchased for check in luggage on 13/10/16 spore to KL yesterday. your customer service officer told me that , your side will sent me by email. Till today, I don't see any email on your side. MY confirmed from Jetstar was.... AHLV7H. Thank you with regards farida
Dear Farida, you take the right decision contacting with Jetstar customer service regarding your flight AHLV7H, we hope finally you have received the email requested. Regards
Ive been delayed becaused of some avoidable cicumtances, id have a flat tire .and I hoped that your good company will consider it coz it was an accident nor an exffected to happen. and I need to flight on weekday ,furthermore my booking is round trip.i want to re embierce or nor asking for rebooked once again... thankyou.
can I know your phone number in japan
If there was an earthquake and it not safe for children to travel to see their father (who is a local hero) why after years of using jet star won't they let him change flights etc etc to keep his children safe. This man has worked hard the last three weeks and should be seeing his children but the decision was made is unsafe but because the flights are to soon for a refund or change he looses out.he is not a lawyer or works for government so hasn't got money to pay for new flights. Can you please jet star contact him and give him some praise of some kind of deal. He is all over the news with all the work he has done in kaikoura. It's going to break a lot of hearts in kaikoura and also Australia where his children and their mother live. Thank you for your time
can you please assist me to change my booking ref number chg8hx departing perth 14th march 2017 to bali.I wish to bring my flight forward to the 8th march and still remain on same flight to perth on 21st march 2017.as my daughter who was travelling with me she will still fly on the 14th to return on 21st with myself.as I have waited on the phone for 25minutes can you please contact me on my mobile 0419967913 or email me on george.stobbs@optusnet.com.au regards George stobbs
booking numberYH2U5N flight to bali 19/2 2017 JQ127 return JQ128. 03/03 2017. these tickets for 2 passengers were purchased 24th may 2016.jetstar has been paid. and accepted the money. due to the people whom were flying having a death in the family overseas and funds were drained, they told us that we (adopted type parents) could have the tickets in return for helping them many times, on contacting Jetstar we were informed that the price to complete the passengers names change would cost us $1538.00. this is to pay for the flights, yet the return flights on this deal/sale were free, so how come they want to charge for something that was charge less, also that those seats were no longer available ??? none of us have cancelled the flights, yet they say that the seats are not available they are sold, I may not be the brightest man in the world but what the....., the deal with the tickets was only pay one way return was free, now they want us to pay more than the current price even though they said they have deducted what has already been paid. if this is how they treat people whom deal with them in good faith what is the future of Jetstar in Australia and how many of their staff will be out of employment, oh that's right its offshore. I honestly hope that someone in Jetstar management reads and addresses this issue, my feelings at this time are HEY TIGER do whatever you have to too resume these flights, I'm sure that after reading the comments about Jetstar, you would feel confident about returning to the skies
Hi there, I am travelling with my wife from GC to Sydney on Feb 14. She has to go down early by Qantas & I will still be travelling. We will both be coming back on the scheduled flight. Question, can I avail of her luggage allowance as I didn't book any & should I tell you in advance that she will not be on the flight. Rob 0401801401
Hi there, i lost my baggage yesterday on jetstar flight from sydney, please call me back
Hi I am traveling on 22/6/17 to Melbourne (JQ 513) and was wondering if I could avail off the services of the buggy to take me to the departure gate, my flight leaves at 12.45 noon and if there is a fee involved. My email address is cstephens1953@gmail.com. Please advise. Thanks Cheryl
I Have been trying For 2 Days to Change a Flight date by one day and just keep going around in circles can I just have a Contactable old fashion Phone Number.Thankyou
i wish to cancel my flight, can i be called by jetstar customer service?
missed my flight can I rebook flight
I have tried in vain to contact you by phone to no avail - I cannot get my ticket through on the computer which I booked 1 hour ago - please answer this email Booking No WH89TYZ
Wana change my flight date