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Jacquie Lawson Customer Support Details

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Jacquie Lawson business started after a friendly gesture of sending an animated e-card in the year 2000 to a few friends for Christmas. The action went viral as those friends, and their friends began sending cards to more people who started demanding for more e-cards. In the year 2002, the Jacquie Lawson business began with support from a few friends and family.

What began as a way to amuse friends in 2000 has turned into an e-card collection of more than 369 e-cards and still growing. Jacquie Lawson grew from a picturesque village of Lurgashall in Southern England, 2002 to become a worldwide creative e-card business. The e-cards acceptance around the world was infectious, even in Australia.

The company helps its members send amusing e-cards for different personal occasions and holidays birthdays in cool themes. Jacquie Lawson Australia is a part of the Jacquie Lawson business located in Chicago, Illinois in the United States and operates the classiest e-cards website to render e-card services through membership offer.



Anyone in Australia wanting to personalize and send e-cards to a loved can join the online community for a yearly membership fee of $14 and $20 for 2 years. Contact Jacquie Lawson customer service through their phone number for more information. Jacquie Lawson can be considered as one of the most popular marketplaces in Australia among people who are looking for gifts and cards. It offers a variety of cards for the people who are in need within Australia.

Birthday cards have received much attention out of them. In addition to cards, Jacquie Lawson offers a wide range of gifts, which are suitable to be gifted for anyone. The company was started by Jacquie Lawson back in 2002. Initially it was started with just five e-cards and now it has evolved into one of the biggest online marketplaces for the sale of gifts and cards. Before starting the website, Jacquie Lawson was working as an illustrator.

She had more than 20 years of experience in illustrating cartoons, book illustrations and architectural perspectives. This experience contributed a lot towards the popularity of Jacquie Lawson. She also tries her best to offer an excellent customer service for all the people who come to Jacquie Lawson in search of gift cards. If you want more information about the Jacquie Lawson cards or gifts, you can contact us via the mentioned Jacquie Lawson phone number. Or else, you can directly purchase it from the official website.

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I cannot log in when I open up account it says I am logged in as Dolores Gabay- Bowyer. After that I am lost. What am I doing wrong?
I have just noticed that a sum of £9 was taken from my credit card in February payable to Jacquie Lawson. Last time I tried to send a card I was unable to as I was told I was told I was no longer a member. As you can imagine I am rather puzzled so would be grateful if you could clear things up for me. Could it be that I have changed my email address from nonnajones@brucecottage.plus.com to my present one? Either way I would be grateful if you would remove my account as I seldom send ecards these days. Thanks
I want to renew my membership but I have re-married and also have a new card.My previous married name was Parker.It is now Ludlow. I want to keep the same e-mail address and the same password.I am unable to renew my membership or find a phone number for you. Diane Ludlow
Maureen Prescott: I have been with you many years and wish to say a big THANK YOU! for excellent service and you are a God send when I can have ALL my cards set up in advance in some case months. It gives me peace of mind and I NEVER miss anyone ever!! Thank You! AT present I am having difficulties ain getting a constant message every time I log on regarding not having a certain Adoby on my account........I cannot get a icon so I can keep it at the bottom of my page? You do not show up on my download file? Please can you help me. My email is mprescott1@optusnet.com.au Thanking you in advance. Kindest Regards Maureen
Last week I ordered a "B" card to be sent to Alan Freeman. I do admit I gave you a wrong Email address. The next day I corrected the address, I have not heard from you or the party that the card was sent to. The correct address is (ajfreeman@ALUM.WPI.EDU) Please send the card and advise me at (hsfeldman@charter.net) I am not happy with your service. Herb Feldman
Some how my account has been messed up. My husband Lester L. Broyles also a client of yours . Started sending me card to and address that's not correct. when I went to respond to his card, we went to your site to find out why I had not received it, That's when I seen he had mixed up my address with another one. I signed up with you about 10 months ago I think , paid for 2 years. I have not been able to send 6 cards yet, for one reason or another. when I signed up I used janebroyles48@gmail.com. My husband sent my card to janebroyles21116@gmail.com... I have changed web sites and will keep it because I now have Windows MSN. so please change my Web Account to the following: daisyjanebroyles21116@outlook.com. Thank You Jane Broyles
about 1 month or so when your people contacted me to renew my subscription I decided not to and sent you an E mail (that I know you read) saying I did not want to renew it........now over 7 weeks have passed and you took it upon yourself to renew it anyway and billed my credit card. I want a 100 % refund ASAP What gives you the right to just renew a subscription when tou were notified NOT to ???
I am trying to renew my membership, but I have a new credit card number. How do I get my membership renewal if I cannot find a place to show the change of card numbers?
I am waiting for an E-mail verification that I cancelled my account on5/13/2018
Tried to send a card twice 23rd August and twice it came up I had to pay $9.95! I signed up in January for 2 years??? I sent emails twice to get help but haven't heard a thing. Not happy. Not particularly good customer service. Please help.