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Isuzu Australia Contact Customer Service

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It is one of the most famous automotive companies. Isuzu Australia has been providing their customers with the best services and products so that they will never have to go anywhere else. They have the top quality automotive and this is the reason that customers have trusted them since ages.

However, there might come a time when you have to get in contact with the customer services.

Isuzu Australia Customer service: the company has specially trained their customer’s services to make sure that they will meet all your requirements. Here we have some of the authentic methods that you can use to get in contact with Isuzu customer services:

  • You can call Isuzu contact number at 1800 035 640, this helpline is available from 8:30 am to 5 pm.
  • In case that you have some questions make sure to visit Isuzu contact us page. because you can find several answers or you can ask the support team as well.
  • In case that you have some major issues make sure that you visit the head office or send Isuzu Australia a mail at Port Melbourne, VIC.

Make sure that contact Isuzu Australia customer support of Isuzu Australia as soon as possible. They will make sure to meet all your requirements.



Isuzu is a Japanese automaker that has been in business since 1934, and which has its main offices located in Tokyo. Over the years, Isuzu has extended their business operations to several different countries across the globe. In Australia, they became one of the major suppliers of light commercial and domestic vehicles to Holden.

Isuzu's most important market concentration is on commercial diesel-pored pick-up truck construction and buses. In Australia, Isuzu was for quite some time a significant supplier of light commercial and domestic vehicles. Isuzu Trucks have been market leaders of the Australian truck market for many years. The way of measuring our dedication is mirrored in the amount of pickup trucks on the highway that tolerate our marque, and the amount of successful companies counting on Isuzu vehicles every day.

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Hi VIn No is JALFTR34TC7000057. Please check that it is still under warranty and would like to transfer warranty on Gill Brothers PTY Ltd name . Or contact for details 0425011213 Thanks Mandy Sent from my iPhone
What oil is used in the 2007 NPS 2 speed transfer gearbox? Is it the same oil as the 5 speed MYY5Y gearbox? VIN JAANPS75L67100098
we purchased our car through you in September 2016 through Isuzu Gold Coast. Was treated well and given we were told that we are eligible for capped servicing. We have never owner a new car and are a single income family. So as you can imagine we were very excited on purchase of our vehicle. In January of 2017 we booked our first 10,000 service through Northstar Kippa ring and wanted to book first week after new year they were booked out so closest appt was 11.1.17 After they spoke to us about this new driving report and said to us that we will see you at 20,000 service. Yesturday 23-1-17 we had our second service at Keystar Rothwell as they no longer did service at northstar, while I was there I asked the man if I could please have a print out of capped price servicing so I can budget for them. That was all good the man that served me was very nice. When I came to collect vehicle he had printed out capped servicing and informed me I have been kicked out of capped program.This shocked me and he explained that I had missed 2 services. That there was a cut of date you needed to have services done within these dates and because I had missed service I was kicked out of program. I am so angry as none of this had been explained to me at all by Northstar or Gold Coast. The gentlemen explained they have had a few issues with similar circumstances from Northstar. How could this happen! I would never intentionally miss a service.I spoke to lady in customer support that basically said there is nothing I can do. I am discusted that I have not been informed. How can send me mail about changes to Isuzu gold coast or latest competition but cannot inform us about services been due or nearly due or out of date. Optometist, dentist etc send you reminders. I feel like I was not informed and when I spoke to customer care I felt like well it was your fault.Were is Northstar fault lady. How about this change overs fault. I feel like this is a bloody scam to get to buy car then weasel out of commitments. I should have been informed. I should still eligible and I feel youve wronged me and it was you mistakes that should be rectified. I bought this car with capped servicing to benefit our family with cheaper services and so it was affordable for us. You know that saying the customer always right well this time it is. So Isuzu how about you contact Northstar and fix this please. Awaiting action on your behalf.
Bought a new 2017 Isuzu D-Max, had it less than 1 year and the CV joint has ceased. During routine service at an Isuzu dealership the mechanic filled in a form whereby he ticked the box where an aftermarket product (2in lift) was purchased from a reputable company and installed by a reputable company, not Isuzu, the warranty department refused our claim. No one from Isuzu investigate this matter any further. I have been in touch with ACCC where they say it is covered by ACL warranty - This is our first time dealing with Isuzu as we always had Toyotas, what a big difference. I find this totally unacceptable. The service department has moved twice within 1 year without notifying us and have not signed off on the service in the service book. Could someone from head office please respond. D Donovan
I have a 2014 Isuzu the front wheel studs keep picking up a thread up when you take the wheels off the left and right one have both done it. The back are fine is it because the wheel nuts are to short I sick paying to get them replaced it is still under warranty I think I took it to a dealership they probably say that it been crossed threaded which it hasn’t
Hi got iszuz giga max amt I should take off from 4 th fear when got a trailer on but does not sometimes and kept taking on 9th gear.
In brief. This Dmax had only done 17000 klms at this stage. Had contacted my local dealer in cairns regarding turbo noise . Origanally service manager told me to spray lubricant on belts which will eliminate whistle noise. ???? NOT! Booked in on the 31st 0ct then tells me it requires new turbo and will be in touch. (Go figure as I told him it wasn't a fan belt. )Haven't heard anything. Email service department 26 th Dec regarding this and added extra response as i now have a passenger floor pan full of water after rain. I have now found this has been doing this for sometime ! Clearly a leak somewhere! Said they will get back to me again by auto response from there service center. Still no contact. Now the 5th of January. Does anyone actually work there or look at service requests ????? Are they purposely trying to miss my scheduled service . Never had this problem at Toyota.