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IOOF Helpline Contacts

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Securing your future is very important to make sure that you will not have to depend on anyone. This is the reason that IOOF Australia has been providing the best services to their customers. IOOF has specially planned services and packages to make sure that your future will be financially secured. 

IOOF customer care 

In case that you have to know more about their services or you are dealing with some of the issues make sure that you contact IOOF customer service number. Here are a few methods that you can use:

  • IOOF contact number for general queries 1800 062 963
  • IOOF fax number at 1800 558 539

Email: you can send an email to the customer support at clientservices@ioof.com.au

Address: you can write to the IOOF Australia at IOOF Investment Management Limited GPO Box 264 MELBOURNE VIC 3001.

Make sure that you contact IOOF customer service as soon as possible.



IOOF Holding Limited is an Australia financial services organization with the aim of securing the future of their clients. The company offers a range of four divisions which includes Platform Management and Administration, Financial Advice and Distribution, Investment Management and Trustee Services; they also promote a variety of brands within each division.

IOOF was founded in 1846 in Melbourne as the Victoria Grand Lodge branch of Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which is also an international friendly society, then its origins are in the provision of sickness and benefits of funeral prior to the high availability of government-funded welfare services. In the late 1980s, the Australian Grand Lodges of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows join together were the biggest friendly society in Australia with up to 200,000 members. In 2002, The Victoria Grand Lodge demutualized and formed IOOF Holdings Limited; they later acquired Sydney-based financial services company AM Corporation; this lead to their listing on the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2003.

Late 2006, IOOF acquired the remaining equity in Perennial Investment Partners Limited (PIPL), this, however, strengthening the company's foothold in the fund's management industry. IOOF also acquired the Australian Skandia Operation in 2009 and merged with the Australian Wealth Management Limited. For more details about IOOF, please visit their website of call their Ioof Phone Number.

Datos empresa
hi, i´m trying to contact maketing department of ioof. I have a business proposal for you and i would like to have a meeting with any ioof manager. please contact me on 02 3443 113. thanks
have been trying to ring you on the 1800. no.to no avail since monday would apppreciate if you would ring me on 0353524433